when the moon comes out.

Woke up at 11 pm….half an earlier than i normally do. Watched a bit of Television. Logged onto the internet. The table was set for dinner, Dad was about to leave for work. He gave me a his usual complaining yet calm look- Learn to wake up early beta. I’ll try -my usual reply..It just doesn’t happen Dad..i somehow oversleep.
Dinner consisted of my favourie dishes- Its nice to wake up to your favourite smells. Post dinner it was time to return from my job. I don’t mind returning, especially when i haven’t even left for work! My cellphone beeped to its usual ringtone..No No No No don’t phunk with my heart…It was mum she wanted me to return home on time, as she had my favourite dinner ready for me. Rajma and Rice with mixed vegetables and raita as accompaniment. Heaven. Thank god the phone beeped. My Boss seemed to be in a mood to grill me. He wanted to assign additional work to me. ‘Akshay-come in for a bit..need to discuss something’ The word discuss  generally means -work –on the accounts of this company or check that or tally something..or go for some meeting. Now i don’t mind meetings. Especially the lunch meetings, like i had today.
Now who would complain, if you have a pretty looking female executive sitting across you, sharing your meals at one of the rows of tasty but reasonable joints. The sad part comes in when the start discussing work, the minute the orders have been taken. Those were two hours spent, wondering if we’d have any other conversation.. at the same time trying to actively participate in the discussion.
I looked at my watch- it was 11 am, an hour to go before I had my lunch meeting. My day was going slow.Had to cover a few audit reports. Handed the accounts of Mecca Shippings to my pal..I owe him one for this one. He gave me a ride to office, my bike failed to start up in the morning today.
Its 8 am now. Time for my workout. The gym is my favourite hangout. I was quite skinny earlier..now I like it when my female friends compliment me.
My sister’s birthday today..hurriedly wished her, she was elated when she saw the new perfume..6 am now..lights out at home..The sun is coming up..its getting hotter and harsher.. I’ll read a bit and then crash out.
Life begins when the moon comes out.

Psst… Please dont even TRY linking this with my life…I’m not involved anywhere in this story (apart frm thinking of it ofcourse hehe )

13 thoughts on “when the moon comes out.

  1. "Life begins when the moon comes out".. cool! 🙂 btw, where d\’u work sups?
    rajma rice is my faaaaaav!! *drooling*
    m skinny even now.. dunno when I\’d gain weight!! :(:(

  2. wo sups! verrry nice try yaar!
    Trying to sleep upside down? or doing lots of hand stand?

    Believe me, just luch with team or colleagues are fun, but it isnt if its a luncheon meeting, especially if its with a difficult client, or a consultant, even if she is a gorgeous looking female". More often than not, they will just cream you if you get lost in their beauty and charm!

  3. keep up the  imaginations fly higher & higher…very make-believe sort of spin it was!
    My life begins when the sun comes out and continues till I see the moon high up ..
    I have sent u a mail..ponder deep!

  4. lists are fun..the positive ones generally…try making one of things you hate an you recall all the negetiive shit people try an avoid thinking of..another good one is wierd things you like..think my blogger account has something along those lines..
    must try an finish the damned lists..or at least make some attempts to
    ..damn..everythings coming in red now..an im too lazy to figure out how to undo it.,.

  5. whoevers daily routine this is he or she is a sad person…man im confused..wake up at 11,dad goes for work..and that even 11pm huh

  6. amazing write-up, must say….
    Workin out ur day in reverse…wasnt it all bout that??
    Gr8 effort….wot if 1 really wakes up 2 find dat things r wrkin upside down??Sounds pretty exciting….he he…
    till then,


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