This is a notice to all my fellow bloggers who seem to have become terribly busy busy that they have NO time to update…I wonder if they’re actually reading this..
If you are..u moron
GO and UPDATE now!

17 thoughts on “Hmph.

  1. I am ticking still right? so I am still optimistic – for her to come – my daughter!

    gambler has played the bet of his life – optimism or not, if he wins he will have full or be a pauper for life…

  2. This is a
    notice to my fellow blogger sups who seems to have become terribly busy busy that she has NO time to update…I wonder if she\’s
    actually reading this..!!
    If you are ..u moron
    GO and UPDATE now!Β :D:D

  3. Β 
    Remember you are born to live;
    Don\’t live because you are born!
    Don\’t go the way life takes you.
    Take life the way you go!
    Take life your way…. hello I am cruising by in my white limo and I am in the back seat with my laptop writting this message to my pineapple, I have a truck full of pineapples just for you dear…….you know on the computer highway you can drive as fast as you like and there are no rules…….so I am in the computer lane speed over here to say hi! and then I am off like the poof of smoke………………..blogging blogging whats that when the sun is shining and fun is all about …hehehe winter is time to blog when we are cold and thirst for some adventure.
    When will I be added to your friends list..I know I am old lady, but I can be very friendly.Β  Hehehe best to you from Linda in California

  4. omg…haha…i updated…soo sorry…been away 4 quite awhile..will blog more often..
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  5. hi hopes..waise do i still fall into the category of fellow blogger? at any rate i had no idea ud blooged so much..sumthings wrong with my msn

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