Alright Alright..Life’s on a move right now..
I’ve been busy with stuff (not studies obviously)
Common Statements when you ask people to speak in front of the camera (as if the entire world is going to watch you):
No No No..I’m very camera shy.. (How common)
Camera OMG Nooo..I can’t do it. (What you dont have to operate the camera do you? neither do a dance number. hmph)
My husband doesn’t want me to.. (what???…)
Hamare ghar mein pasand nahi hai (Theek hai aap ghar jayiye aur ghar se bahar mat aaiye)
What do I have to say?? (Bravo Bravo!)
Is this Chupa Rustam?  (takes the cake hehehee)
More later! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Crrrrazyyyy

  1. France 1 Portugal 0 at half time…Portugal\’s still a dark horse in my calculation but they better show one half of pulsating soccer!

  2. get a camera and stand in front of it urself and see what u tell….

    u want more… u will get more… its just the first episode – isnt it?

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