The problem with my life is that I can’t do anything without being reluctant about it. If its something that I want to do, then I am made to feel the reluctance because someone else is reluctant. This has made me reluctant about things I probably would not be reluctant about. Maybe I am easily influenced. Or another way of putting it could be -that i consider others quite a bit. Maybe I don’t know how to prioritise.

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  1. Hmmmmmm reluctance to give a title….how about" reluctantly reluctant?\’ hi, was pulling your leg, maybe its fear of the unknown or your conscience/inner voice/6th sense guiding you…..maybe there were better options that time…..!We all face this dilemma at various stages of life!!

  2. we sail in the same boat..we will rock..reach the worries..
    but from my own experiences with life I wud recommend that you learn to prioritize..
    heed to others but listen to ur own heart..ur gut feelings abt things coz you are the only one most connected with urself

  3. taking forward what Sonia might be trying to say… cant you try to be reluctant towards being reluctant?

    cant think about it…. am too much positive….

  4. Ah well, all i can say is to learn how to prioritise. There is no hard and fast rule on how to but we all learned it form our hindsight. I know what I shud have done 8 yrs back when I was wasting my time after school, etc.

    Its a dog but hey everyone rides it some point of time.

  5. we\’ve all been there done that!!
    reluctance… some people might call it "something to help u being safe than sorry" while others might just label it "being a complete coward!" … hate it when ppl do that .. bt some of us do get influenced by others easily, i hate it wen i do!

  6. maybe u shud stop thinking. maybe u should chill out more.. maybe u need to say get lost to the whole world…maybe i should follow my own suggestions

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