7 habits of highly effective/uneffective people which i Hate!

1) Blaming others for your own faults. So much so that they actually blame their parents for their own existence.
2) Pouting in front of the mirror. Raising eyebrows n pouting your lips..how girly..*feel like punching them*
3) Forcing your opinion on others.
4) Excessive cost cutting *kanjooos*
5) Lying.
6) Dogs barking at you every time they see you! hmph (ok thats a dumb habit..Dumb dogs)
7) Joblessness and Tiresome work. Yes both together- I hate them both equally.

10 thoughts on “7 habits of highly effective/uneffective people which i Hate!

  1. Hmmm… I can add a lot more to this list :p tht too, a lot of stuff abt the stupid \’girly\’ girls.. they get on to yr nerves at times.. dunno how their BFs tolerate them! :Dbtw, thnx fr appreciating my pic.. obviously tht is my pic.. 😀

  2. Update haazir hai mohtarama :DYe, sm BF stuff is gng on.. my BF n my best friend\’s BF..kya poochhna hai poocho poocho.. lol 😀

  3. can i add one more ???????
    the pinky ones …pink pink n more pink …just cant handle too much of it
    and the ones with that high frequency voices and  dont know when to shut up

  4. how can u be jobless and tired due to work at the same time?????  u don believe in god?? *raised eyebrows* but no pouting 😛

  5. Tiresome work is much much more better than joblessness… once u r too tired u dont get to think about anything or do anything else…

    for Dogs – try to love one for at least once – and then see! All the dogs can feel you from 100 ft and wont bark ever…

    Rest I guess u can manage…

  6. i think its equally wrong to blame urself for things that are not ur fault.
    err..u know somebody who does that?
    it never works for me…how do other people manage this?
    i should be doin that..have been splurging too much on unnecessary stuff
    its essential sometimes
    hate dogs
    hate em too 😦

  7. .. yeah I read one book (I didn\’t finish it ) by Sean Covey- it was "7 habits of highly effective teens"- …
    Anyways, effective people are good for a nation or this world.. oH MY GOD!
    Anyways, so, what u upto?
    all good at my end!:-)
    See u laterz

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