Once upon a time there was Big Bad and highly amusing world where everyone liked to pass it.
Like a ball in the football world cup, like a small little table tennis ball, like a shuttlecock in badminton, like a round yellow frisbee which is a part of many a picnics…The world is like a picnic and all of us on a so called picnic looking for adventure or peace or love or dreams or missions or goals or even death are constantly passing the Blame.
We get it from someone who has passed it, we pass it to someone who may not deserve it, but we justify it by saying that -hey i didn’t deserve it?
Who Cares??
The one half that is passing it, is also obviously getting a lot of flak. And the other half, the fools- the sensitive ones, feel bad when they are blamed.They feel bad because they are made to believe that its their fault, They feel responsible for somthing they might not have done, They feel accused of what might not even be a reason to blame them… Its not you sweetie, its the game..its the pass it on game. Just pass it and you’ll be fine. You’ll be fine?
Will you?
Wont you?
Do you Care?
So you want to be good at the blame game? Just grow a big ego, toughen up the walls of your heart. Don’t listen to anyone. Don’t feel bad. Refuse to accept your faults. Be stubborn. And voila! you’re a pro at the game!

11 thoughts on “Untitled.

  1. its tough being both – the maste and the slave in the game… most are the lil bitsy one – a bit of both. Very few end up on the top positions…

    thoda biji biji khel raha hoon yaar… just that…

  2. obv u never taake the blame , the ego has to be high, dats why im ALWAYS right , who gives a damn bout being wrong anyway…
    n i wasnt thinking , had gone for my brother\’s graduation

  3. whoa..being blame game pro is kinda sad…neway…even this will \’pass\’…
    Hw are you? long time..well, u tink Italy were the underdogs? neaaah..bt neway, congrats, hmm…sum1 had 2 win..
    y did Zizou do that?? 😦 why is all this happenin?? bad things..u kno nah? 7 blasts around here :((…neway l8rz..
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  4. we are on this blaming trip..that\’s right..we blame others for our faults, weaknesses, failures and so much else.. & then others blame us for many things in their lives…so its fair & square so let us tighten our souls and keep playing the game..voila! and you are a pro & so is me!
    But are we??  *hearts beat, minds tick & it hurts deep deep*
    but keep trying ….

  5. oh so production team mein blame karna and "passing the blame" bhi sikhate kya? and u r learning or at the receiving end?? cho chad!!

  6. pray at home or pray in temples… its the same.. the real concept as Ekta pointed out, temples are no more the peaceful places where one goes for a peace of mind.. nevermind, i do share some part of wat u said… strange but i never go to a local temple unless its somethin really important!! and I mean REALLY important! 🙂

  7. You\’ve been thinking too much sups 🙂 Blame game is on everywhere and everytime. At some or the other point of time, we tend to blame some or the other person for some or the other thing; at times, we blame ourselves for a lot of things, or we may just end up blaming God for our existence at times. Depends on the kind of \’player\’ one is!

  8. I found your blog through a bit of browsing (I was basically looking for people who didn\’t type like they have dyslexia!), and I\’m impressed! Well, I\’m glad to see at least one fellow Bong who thinks it\’s retarded to change Calcutta to the politically correct(?) Kolkata!
    The blame game in life is inevitable I suppose, we\’re all either pass-ons or pass-towards at somne point in our life. But to blame someone else for your mistakes all the time would make you either the biggest hypocrite on Earth…or George Bush (which I suppose are one and the same anyway!)
    Anyway, drop by my blog sometime too,
    ~The Third and Final Beast

  9. Ha ha…I suppose I do act a tad  too sarcastic for my age, eh? I assure you, it\’s not a \’Mumbai\’ thing…many of my peers are far  less sarcastic than me.
    I don\’t deny that the Government keeps proposing all sorts of things for Mumbai, I would just like to see them reach some semblance of fruition sometime in my life!
    And it\’s not the Government that made Mumbai the Financial or the \’Page 3\’ capital (I honestly can\’t stand Page 3, another stupid fad), Mumbai made itself that for the simple reason that it\’s a port city. Mumbai was considered a financial capital even during the British Raj. I doubt our Government had much to do with that then…
    And I apologise for automatically assuming that you\’re Bengali. I guess it shows that Mumbai isn\’t all that broad-minded after all, eh 😉 ?
    And yes, I\’m 15…is that a problem ;)?
    ~The Third and Final Beast

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