When I say I am trying to study…

I’m trying Not to do this…

13 thoughts on “When I say I am trying to study…

  1. aaaaaaaaaah i knew you were a doodler…you hve send many of us screaming and not to mention running away in sheer horror when you doodle on msn…
    so apart from being a buzzer i have to entitle you witht he title doodler?? hmmmmm neahhhh buzzer beast is enough for you…..:p
    how did the shoot go?? did you kiss the models and make them cry?? wait that was georgie porgie….i keep getting confused with my ryhmes…hmmmm
    anyways i hve updated only to show off..:p hehe
    i will update soon properly…once i am over the heart break…yep still humg over the world cup…sighhh

  2. a chance for my coming here ,happy here because of many contents.my English is not very good ,so stop here ,long to see you again.Bye!

  3. hey im jst a random person i jst wanna comment on ur space if thats ok loll… u seem to be an open bright person so wots wif the background of this page! its so dull so colourless! put sum life in2 this thing lol
    jst thought id tell u that.. lol i hope u dnt mind

  4. sadly I had to give up on my talents n art practices…. onlyyyy coz al our assignments turned computer based ! damn it !!

  5. hahahah!! i guess vr soul sisters wen it comes 2 hittin d books…cuz i cud b doin stuff lik tat all day…in fact ive found \’my lifes calling\’ in notebook graffiti & m specializing at it…so my point is..keep doin such stuff..:P hehehe…
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  6. Fellow doodler, huh? I like the modified \’R\’ you\’ve used for your name.
    Guh…in all my hurry, I thought this was your photo album and not a blog entry, so I responded in the post below this…
    Blog on.

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