Breaks Breaks and more Breaks.

Unsuccesful attempts at studies brings me back to Spaces.. I don’t understand how I can watch DDLJ any number of times. I think all those love- story tyically candy floss movies made later were copies of this movie. Probably one or two of the only movies where SRK is tolerable..I cant stand him anymore especially THAT one pose of his when he stands with his hands stretched wide, head up, crooning a song (its funny u can actually insert any song when he’s doing’ll match perfectly haha)
Two ads that i noticed off late..left me totally impressed..
I wont name the first one, cause revealing the name would probably spoil the surprise. I just have one word to describe this ad. ..BRILLIANT! It takes us back to another period, an old haveli and lots and lots of men..more like slaves who are stuck in unusual positions..and then the grand finale…super
Another brilliant ad which is everywhere these days is the World Space ad..with A.R.Rahman lending his tunes..also the lines provided to him are very apt-there is so much to hear. The last time A.R.Rahman gave a tune for airtel..was equally good…created waves..As a brand ambassador he is perfect for World Space-there’s a kind of honesty in him which reflects..just like it does in his music..Here’s the tune ..
Alright back to books now.

20 thoughts on “Breaks Breaks and more Breaks.

  1. haha! struggle with the books!!
    Hey Sups even I love that Rehman ad – very suitable indeed! I like this ad even in print..u know beautiful words & somehow coz of him I am thinking of getting world space for myself.. you study…read the comment na! lol!

  2. ooooooooo!! ………………………….
    and well ..the omlette is indonesian special … i made it with soya sauce .. lol .. and it tastes like heaven …. 😀 …me happy .. got my eggs back (err….took the eggs .. ) .. lol

  3. SRK..eeeps!! can\’t stand him anymore.. not anymore.. no no nooooooo! :phaveli, slaves, ppl in unusual positions.. i remember smone described me smthing similar n i remember tht he was describing me an ad.. is it THAT? 😀 confused :pso studying huh? :):)

  4. Ads are definitely better with the right people like Rehman adding credibility to them. Not sure I\’ve seen the slaves n the haveli one? Doodling used to come pretty quick to me and before one knew it there would be a scenery out there if not a rash of cricket scoreboard as I took up book criket 🙂 Best way I studied was when I inserted play time into my personal time table…45 mins study, 15 mins play used to work for me.
    Also…a call to arms for the detectives 🙂

  5. 1. You\’re whack! And I like it!2. I challenge you to.. um.. tell us who is the most doable boy on msn spaces :P3. Red.4. I liked that PINK post on diwali you wrote.5. You told me "please dont stop blogging and alost gace me a lecture…and then you took a break yourself within a week ;)6. Rabbit.7. How tall are you?8. Now POSTTTTTTT.

  6. Hey sups…luks like u made good use of ur break…!!!
    Not too sure whether i have seen the haveli wala add….Could you please please tell me what its about….
    Yep…even i liked the worldspace add with rehman…Guess he\’s the apt brand ambassador for them…
    I like the videocon multinational add….where people from all over the world sing "aum bhur bhuva swaha"….Somehow instills a sense of pride in me for being an Indian….Guess their add has already worked on me!!!….I\’ll end up buying more videocon products now…he he he…..
    p.s: Drop by my blog too…..
    till then,

  7. religion can never lead to peace… its the spiritual tat can.. which ofcourse if overthrown by overzeal (is tat ryt??), power corruption etc etc., most of the wars have a religious angle to it.. doesn it??

  8. religion can never lead to peace… its the spiritual tat can.. which ofcourse if overthrown by overzeal (is tat ryt??), power corruption etc etc., most of the wars have a religious angle to it.. don they??

  9. Hey… I missed those adverts… hmmmph! Now I am jealous… hmm I saw one on Ford Fiesta here… tht one is superb too… nya nya – nya nya – na na!!

  10. der is somethin about religion, probably. insecurity. or may be our interpretation of religion is wrong. I wrote sometime back as to how the "gods" came into being. it came out of fear of the unknown and to befriend it. or to strengthen oneself in finding a guide. fear, insecurity, faith all rolled into one.

  11. Do some spadework. dig thru spaces…and ditch that inky pinky ponky kinda guesses 🙂 Hope the studies are going along well.

  12. yea….totally agree…AR Rehman & even SRK *hehehe*….arrey whts this ad ur tokin bout now?? kk….study hard…& keep the graffiti/sketchin comin…taadaa…& take care!
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  13. seee….
    time for the break = double the time studied (if time of studies <15 mins)
    for time of studies > 15 mins ,
    ur an idiot , who told u to study so much

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