Firstly That ad is the new HAPPY DENT ad..its brilliant its brilliant. even i have seen it just once.

Aksha’s tag..

If you comment on this post (saying anything at all):
1. I’ll respond with something random about you
2. I’ll challenge you to try something
3. I’ll pick a color that i associate with you
4. I’ll tell you something i like about you
5. I’ll tell you my first/clearest memory of you
6. I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of
7. I’ll ask you something i’ve always wanted to ask you
8. If i do this for you, you must post this on yours

Now for what i do when i doodle too much…


….And the city lights up

To the merriment, to activities

To work, to pleasure..

To ambitions, to crossroads

Riding on an endless journey..

Searching for the unknown light.

It sails through the showers,

It rockets through the clutters,

Trailing the quests, surrounded by endless flutters.


The city lights up-

As the darkness rises

When the sun comes down, and the birds flock around.

And the clock ticks away..

…as life prepares to end the day.

A silent glance towards the silver stars..

Brings a solitary moment of hope and calm.

Till the restless heart gallops away..

Into the world of betrayal, love and pain.

….Then the city lights up, once again

As life prepares to begin a brand new day.

Ok i best go and study or i’ll lose my head! Damn english does this to me..even though its rubbish 50 marks paper!



15 thoughts on “baaaaaaaaaah

  1. wow its really nice..ur the poet now…its really really nice
    didnt get the first part tho..oh well some other time

  2. The damn english does great things to you sups! It made you a poet see! :):) Hey btw, I saw the happydent ad :p amazing amazing!Abt noname, I\’d have to tk his permission to put up his pic.. lol :p

  3. that was real nice sups! seems another poet budding on spaces!
    do well in ur exam..all the very best my girl!

  4. ok since i commented you must at least tell me what animal i remind you off…..perhaps a pink bunny rabbit? or maybe arip roaring lion with the head of a falcon…???
    nice poem..and you do that when you doodle?? oh my…imagine if you actually sat down to write…we would have to then tell the people…i once knew a sups..who had do pups…but wrote damn good lines….that left us in sighs….
    ok terrible limerick i know…hell i cant write like you oh majesty of great lines…hmmm a new name for you cookie….
    mis youuu….so i leave a muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,,,,
    sorry but drowning partially got me all sentimental…sniff snif…

  5. tat ad is just brilliant!!! too gud!!!and… i din argue.. i used to argue.. but then i stop when i realise my facts are not facts but just opinions. and that friend of yours who shares my birthday…. say "hi" :Pshoo go study!!!

  6. its written there only na , they\’re pics of an international air show , called the ROYAL INTERNATIONAL AIR TATTOO…was held at a plce about an hour from here (n im studying here in bath, uk) and 7 years , not with the same person…2 …and dont even know if they can be called 7 coz i was never OFFICIALLY going out 🙂 🙂

  7. only one animal comes to my head rainbow bee! I am sure no-one has seen it, how can neone; its one piece only!saw a theatre and Superman returns on Imax screen with 3d Scenes – yeeeeeey!

  8. 1. You have this strange bubbly attitude online. (strange cos, i don\’t suppose you agree with it)
    2. Challenge you to…… stay away from internet for two whole days 😛 😛
    3. Pink… 😛 😛
    4. Your photography skills and yes, for lending help while i am confused. 😀
    5. Fellow DAPO-iite.
    6. The most easiet – RABBIT!!!!!!!!
    7. How can you visit all the SPACES in a day! and yes, comment too?????

    OK reply to ur challenge, I ll try my best! And that cannot tolerate spaces, don remember the names but some "wannabe-bloggers" spacers who blog cos they think its cool and use the most horrendous slangs and sms language. phew!

    Ah.. first one was right, but person 3 is not Saan (but he can qualify too), and 2 is faraway…..

  9. 1. hmm. sumthing random abt me…..ya of course im a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet gurl na….lolz
    2. tell me na wat 2 do …coz im very generous so watever i get i giv u 2 means we \’ ll share watever i get..hehhee
    3. \’GIV ME RED\’ coz im short tempered
    5. oooooooooooooh *blushin* plz no more swipps..enuf butterin me up
    6.awwww *blushin* i know i remind u of a cute bunny
    8.will try
    oye swippy hwz life?
    gtg now lil busy ..k c ya..:)tc

  10. just giggling unnecessarily  <<giggles..>> and .. nothing..
    ting tong.. kaun hai?? helloo…. lol..
    above one- doesn\’t make sense, why r u reading? are ur senses alright?
    good night! have a "hopefully-okay-sort-of-day" tomorrow!

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