Happpy dentttt


10 thoughts on “Happpy dentttt

  1. 1. i think ur vaey lazy
    2. i challenge u to write a post about how u love sex 😀
    3. red
    4. ur lazy, careless attitude which is hilarious
    5. ur blog, landed up on it coz of the comments n yes, bittersweet,dats y
    7.y dont u tell me something bout u, anything

  2. :D:D I\’m all teeth teeth after watching it.. lolO btw, I\’ll do what you dared me to soon :p (without taking his permission) 😉 abt yr question on marraige, I dunno 😀

  3. 1. positvity & Nidhi walk hand in hand..
    2. actually its no secret; dunno how it escaped telling you..so no burdens on ur little heart coz I will unravel it soonest..
    3. seems I hv been bestowed white color..am I that pure; puritan?? girl! I m bindaas..lol! But anyways its surely my color & off-white too
    4. hmm..thank u
    5. I remember ur first comment that how come my URL is ICY while I appear not at all icy
    6. no animals for u; not even the rabbit but yes, you are a bird who wants to soar high but feel caged or maybe is still a fledgling
    7.Ok I will tell u on MSN
    8. u hv already posted so comment on so that I can assume things abt u.
    P.S. Hope u doing exams well! Nw go back to books..haha

  4. hey chotu would b a nice model for happy dent naa…LOL..with his bright shining teeth..oh n i hav started blogging…HEHE

  5. what an error…haha! did u find in my comment?? point no.6 got it mixed – its my assumption abt u not the answer to urs abt me..hehe
    even I cant think of an animal for myself but have alws wanted to be bird so bird me – any will do; predatory; evil, as long it flies

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