Happpy budaaaayyyyy 12165 till last count.

This one deserves an entry!
Today is my Blog’s Budaaayy!!
hAPPY bIRTHDAAAYY tooo ewwwwwwwwwwwyouuuuuuu
Today I complete one yr of blogging cool huh!
My first entry was about the harry potter book i read last yr..Snape kills dumbledore.lol
Feel all great to know that i’ve been blogging since a year while soo many ppl are joining the bandwagon now ("as everyone’s into it" or its the "in thing"..wat a sad reason to blog jeez)
Thank you to all the people on my StopOvers list..they been really sweet to Sar-cas-tic first and Now to Bittersweet.
Also thanks to everyone else not on the list. You’ve tolerated a headache quite a bit 😀
and all those waiitng for your challenges Please wait (ap katar mein hain :P)
I will personally respond to each once am done with books and studies.

22 thoughts on “Happpy budaaaayyyyy 12165 till last count.

  1. Hey thats just gr8….N wot a coincidence …i happened to visit your page on this day itsef….
    Keep up the good work going Sups…U really write amazingly well….Its a pleasure to read your articles although i may not be so regular….
    N sorry i couldnt visit ur space earlier as my compu had gone kaput….I updated jus yest….Try to drop by sometime…!!
    till then,

  2. Congrats on the determination n dedication to keep everyone in thrall! Hope u don\’t get buried in an avalanche of books going by the volume of studies being done 🙂

  3. & what was in May?? That month too I suppose this blog celebrated its B\’day or is it like mine – came into existence without any entry..Hmm.harry Potter first entry..so tell me how much u have grown up (mentally, of course) since then ?? as nw u have graduated to Hundred Days in Solitude, The Fountainhead..great journey Sups!! But did u finish them?? *winks*
    & of course I shall be assuming things abt u..no escape from this psychologist..& u were right abt those 2.
    Keep writing
    love & enjoy!

  4. 1. You are such a sweet girl…alws trying to study! haha
    2. I challenge you to hold urself back and not ask me the SECRET..lol!
    3. happy vibrant colors are for you
    4. you wanted a sibling like me ..that touched a chord in me and yes, of course ur comment abt me not icy at all
    5. Hmm..alws read ur comments on Krit & Viking\’s and found nothing sarcastic abt you..lol!
    6. well, i wrote that yesterday..no animal for u; not even a rabbit but you are a caged bird beating against the bars trying to break free or u still a fledgling on the verge of developing wings and then soar high untamed
    7. Have you felt infatuated with anyone on spaces??
    8. no need to post as u hv been thru\’ the torture once..& I cant trouble my darling little girl again.. but tell me how were my assumptions

  5. O cool! Happy bdaaaaaaaay! 😀 What a journey! The best of yr entries have been the ones in which you posted yr wonderful ponderings about some stupid things :)Btw, that\’s quite an interesting topic for you to write.. "how you love sex".. how abt writing a sar-cas-tic one? 😀

  6. Happy bday sisters blog..May you go a long way(That does not imply to the blogger alias sister) :PWell congo on a year and im gonna do that shit again..yeah that tag thing..Okay here it goes..
    1.Your Dumb..Naah you help alot..You know those long explainations you give on msn…
    2.I challange you to gimme your cellphone number..:P
    3.Umm lue,green,red,orange,yellow,viotel,purple etc etc etc..AND POTTY COLOUR 😛
    4.Your a bit impatient..But thats like me..SO I LIKE THAT..
    5.That you were the 1st kolkattan or calcuttan blogger i met on spaces..
    7.Umm yeah sis i never asked you WHOS YOUR BF?Typical LMB question i know but still..:P
    8.Youve already done it so…

  7. yippee yippee yippee!! no headache..its been fun..n u have some capacity…i stopped bloggin loooooooooong back often wondered how u manage to keep at it. neways rock on (y)..n happy budday once more lol

  8. Oops! I wonder if I can write one on sex lol D:  Umm.. awrite, let\’s think abt it.. the topic doesn\’t interest me at all though :p

  9. Arre say na.Whos your bf?Your cell phone number is to a dare..If you dont give it it wont afffect me…But you\’ll be a coward..For not accepting such a dumb thing…Anyway buck teeth catch you later..:P 😀 bye

  10. I meant that sex as a topic for writing a poem doesn\’t interest me 😀 What I\’ve written about is just the foreplay :p
    Good luck fr yr exams.. may they end soon and you get time for writing poems 😀

  11. appy budday to ur blog…

    appy budday to ur blog…
    lez raise a toast to ur lasting blogging and interesting (as always) blogs 😉

  12. Happy Budday!!!! woohoo….& even Happy Dent!! hahaa…lurrvee tat ad!!
    Cheers 2 ur blog!! \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  13. Blogs have birthdays???I\’m a few days late.. So belated wishes.. I guess..?!? :P& let me remind you… You were NEVER sarcastic!! 😛 Just a tad too sweet to be so.. :)Pardon me, for the affection is very generous today & flowing endlessly… I shall be back to my mean self pretty soon.. :P& Part 2 of the short story is up if you\’d care to check.. :)Till then, good luck with the studying & take care..Cheers!

  14. lol!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And May your blog celebrate many more such birthdays with the blogger still blogging though!

    😛 Size is a big problem too if you fall between two standard sizes, you can grow fat or thin depending on the future, so choose your size now!! AHH! I hate it!

    AND Young Lady with exams… you are supposed to complete the challenge at a stretch 😛 😛 no discounts! no instalments!

  15. Hey how r ya-hey how r ya-hey how r ya

    And now for the most polite one – hello! Yeah i did try that one and it worked for me! Wats wrong with that one.

    So wats the challenge? And im the first one to comment on your blog 🙂

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