Frsutrated Nothings and Somethings about everything.

Guys are highly contradictory.
Love the phrase–You’ve lost weight 😀
Someday i will color my hair purple or brown..chocolate brown.
People like attention..but they dont want to show it.
Frustration stems out of things not happening your way. Does that mean control freaks are the most frustrated?
Does quest for power arise out of insecurity? Mister Citizen Kane were you like that?
Everybody likes to talk. Not many like to listen. And those who like to listen deserve Oscar awards.
I’m dying to watch a movie. Any movie.
Ok one should never visit the Indian style toilet wearing jeans.
I love rains at night.
I feel like having french fries and onion pakodas right now.
Compliments are a matter of suspicion.
If i could fly away somewhere I would go to Darjeeling now. I dont know why.
Guys are soo confused.. (and i thought i was bad) 😛

17 thoughts on “Frsutrated Nothings and Somethings about everything.

  1. hey sups but I alws heard girls are so cotradictory & confused..guys have been lauded since ages for their crystal thinking..ok girls I m ready for the tomatoes..spare me the eggs..i m a veg you see!
    But very clear observations these are..from a girl..I change my!yes, me thinks control freaks are frustrated lot..go & color them purple..what stops u ??
    very nice rambles..I cant do these…I m so incapacitated in this regard

  2. koala bear is unique – I like tht…

    I think there are a number of posts which is totally unlike me..

    how old am I? I think I have told you… 3? 5? or may be 35?

  3. hmmmph… so it was an ordeal for you huh?

    but yeah… Amen – u\’ll definitely go one day and as Sups not as or with anyone…

    hmm… I like being a koala…errr, I think I have several posts which was quite unique and diff; now if you tell ht being diff and unique is normal for me – then thts difficult to beat… isnt it?

    the two you have guessed… 😀

  4. 1. Don’t be afraid of life
    2. Use your camera in front of the mirror
    3. Autumn sky – blue
    4. One of the most consistent visitor of my space
    5. Your first photo assignment
    6. Squirrel
    7. A tough one – How old did you expected me to be?

  5. Hey!! waz up?
    And, now! Yeah, guys are, according me and my life so far that I have lived (lol), straight forward and talk to the point. lol Guys are the most complex creatures on Earth, world, universe, space, infinity!!!!!!
    and, yeah, girls are a little bit confused at times too, no argument! and, yeah.. being frank, I have visited your space for the first time, but I like the look of your page. 🙂 and 🙂 again!
    all this for now,
    see you laterz!:-)

  6. How true how true :p did you actually go to an indian one without folding yr jeans?? lol :Dcolor yr hair purple. shades of brown are so common!guys are contradictory and confused.. bingo!! :Dgood luck fr d exams again 😀 m still so uninterested in writing that poem :p

  7. women have the clearest memory when it come to remembering the mistakes a guy made
    hate knowing the truth , they\’re happy being complimented even if its fake 🙂
    if u colour ur hair brown n put chocoloate flavoured mousse on it , someone might get tempted to eat it 😛
    obv, they dont like to show it , coz they want it , but it shows most clearly , notice a girl\’s body language when she around guys trying to get attention, its hilarious
    no, controls freaks are happiest coz they piss the other person off till the time they dont have it their way 🙂
    quest for power comes out if GREED , coz we all want thing our way, we\’re egoist who never want it OUR way, atleat i do ..but i know i dont have the power so have to accept it but else , i wuld love to have POWER, so i could have it my way
    i should get atleast 30 oscars then
    take them off before sitting
    rain …anytime , anywhere …but heavy rain
    its the perfect weather here for pakodas n chai …n then sutta …waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    i wanna go home, my hills
    guys are congused coz they are trying to figure out women all the time , trying to get laid too, doesnt work , does it ????
    one more , I dunno why i wrote all this shit 🙂

  8. oooh I had pink hair for a short period!! 😛
    I loved it..and love the stares from all the auntji\’s on the road even MORE 🙂
    maybe guys are contradictory,but they\’re still  the uncomplicated sex..Easier to be with than gals..SEir

  9. ok . i ll tell u somthing – i am so glad there z finally someone who can say – i hate rain . i hate it too . given my space name and some of the entries pple kinda assumed that i was a rain lover , o god ! puh leaaaaaaa jjjjeee . i hate the kada pech pechey byapar that rains have . i mean just cos i am called bristi i dont have to love rains . watever . not really sure y i m telling u . i mean how can pple just assume – assumptions are the mother of all ******* . jai hok . though once in a while , at nights i ts not that bad but then even geting fever is not that bad once in a while that does nt mean one loves fever . watsay.

  10. some guys, some girls
    is that u?
    purple?? hmm y don u try red? or pink??
    some want it, but once they get it, can\’t handle it.
    some unfortunate ppl get frustrated even when everything goes according to their plans.
    i agree.
    no comments.
    I like rains during the day, especially torrential ones jus b4 i go out to college or school.
    I want anything edible!!!! No food since morning (except for Hide N Seek)… partial fasting.
    I am goin to see Niagara Falls!!!!
    I am a guy. I am confused. Then its true that guy are confused and yes Rahul\’s explanation is PERFECT!!!

  11. hello dear…telling u the truth i ave been given, not an oscar award, but a cnpliment same to it….my frens call me dustbin n thats all without leakage (confused) that wat u r?ok let me clear…im a vrgud listener n who evr of my frens wants to tell me anything r always welcome..n they r assured im not going to vomit it anywhere….ok thats all…n ya i agree with one of ur commenters thats girls r more clear in thinking then guys….take care …–mojindro

  12. i noticed one thing. all troubles start with with guys and end there too. and whatevers there in between…is not all that important. i dont have answers to all ur questions…but yes…we\’re going for kank on friday!!

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