Finally argghh challenges.

After clicking on refresh for atleast 10 times this window has managed to come up. I dont understand this new change its irritating me…Every menu seems stretched, my space looks diff. feels diff I want old spaces again. hmph
As for your challenges….Ima do as much as I want to, the rest can keep waiitng for all i care ๐Ÿ˜›
You asked me to tell everyone bout the most do-able guy on spaces.
The most do-able guys are not on my stopovers list.
Those few guys (seems like there are very few on spaces) who are on my list can only be called do-able if i get to know them better ๐Ÿ˜‰
Those few on my list whom I DO know can only qualify for do-able once they know me even more better than i know myself ๐Ÿ˜›
You asked me to stay away from the internet for 2 whole days.
You never mentioned if you wanted it at a stretch ๐Ÿ˜›
I’ve completed one part of your challenge. I was not online for one whole day last week. And for the next part of your challenge please wait till 17th august. thank you.
You want me to write a poem on how i love sex.
Here goes my horrible attempt at poetry, and this is all i could come up with… ๐Ÿ˜›

From Adam and Eve

To Jack and Rose

From Brazilian soccer players

and their skinny starving damsels..

From Brad and Jolie

To Britney and her backup dancer

Everybody claims ย to be in love,

But all they really want is good hot sex.

So loving sex is natural to allย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ( be it gays, straights, you or me)

But its true love thats actually tough to fall for!

So now i have two kinds to hunt for..

Cuz am surely not as lucky as you, to find both ๐Ÿ˜›

You asked me not to ask you about that secret. I lost your challenge I’m a curious cat ๐Ÿ˜€ I couldn’t help myself.
But your secret is safe with me ๐Ÿ˜‰ Don’t worry.
You challenged me to give you my cellphone number. Well I’m definitely not posting it here. And you’re CERTAINLY not getting it now..what did you call me huh..blonde?? Now there’s no way your getting it ๐Ÿ˜›
You want me to use the camera in front of the mirror.
Now if i post my picture I wont have any secrets left about me :P;)
Haha Though this is fun..i did this once do all of you who have not seen my pic imagine me to be like?
I remember kriti had told me tht she thought I had shoulder length hair and wear salwaars with glasses et all ๐Ÿ˜€
lololol it sounded so hilarious tht i had to clear her doubts ..Kriti if you’re readng this..we miss u on spaces!
and thats it if anyone’s throwing ANY more challenges at me I am NOT accepting them.
people…Omkara rocks!! do not watch it with your mother, father, grandmother, granddaughter, aunt, uncle, son-in-law, dog ,cat -unless they’re chilled enough to tolerate hindi abuses in your company :P;)

16 thoughts on “Finally argghh challenges.

  1. ok omkara amar to things to do er list e . thats that . also a lot of movies to catch up on . fever niye no kotha . we also had the "all fall down " syndrome and stil recovering in domino effect .. dominos ……. khabo ……
    sorry back to write trak – i m abused – by msn – me and pink – bolteyo parchi na , in so much pain … cant wait to return home and wring thier neck in style from the solitude of my room . though does nt seem like its going to be possible cos others in my team have pre planned to wring my neck in andhra ishtyle for taking too many leaves this fortnight – my to be list is becoming more like the scoobyee ddooo bee do streching tune . jai kaaj kori or till next fortnight i ll be trying to understand the difference between cognitive structuring and metacognitive structuring in the hypothamic zone 24 and its impact on human creatvity . beats me y cant we just say people are creative and stop y – this dimaag ka dahi .

    cant believe i m working on somthing so dry . and which 23 years old is going to understand this is my other big question . but i guess my grandfather does nt own this university ( thak god) god bless the students i m writng this matter for ..

    by the way y am i telling y all this ?? hunger and anger ( that s also a hypothalamic phenomenon) chal r bore korbo na c ya .

    by the way give me a few more visits and i ll tell you what you look like –

  2. I dared you to use… I dont think I said anything about posting! did I? hmmm seems that somewhere deep inside, you, yourself have thateagerness to post – afraid? fear of regret? Never do anything which you may regret later…

    So I guess you passed the challenge… cool;

  3. Hmmm

    good now all done with the tags.
    My God! sups this comment box is too small!
    In BTW I love the sex one! Good God! Sups u come out brilliant with it!

  4. Good Job Sups! ๐Ÿ˜€ The poem\’s cool! :p See I knew you can come up with a nice one like this :D:DSo finally a new look huh? I\’ve been trying all kinda themes on my space since yest and I\’m so confused. I just jope that they improve this look a bit!

  5. good to know that you are not afraid – and if you feel there is any chance of regretting for something, dont do it, till all chances of regret vanishes…

    changing the space – theme has become compulsary for most after the MSN storm – luckily I am spared the pain…

  6. aiaiayaiy..I Dont like this new look! bring back the old spaces !!! PuhLEASE!!!
    and yeah,you know I shared kriti\’s idea of what u might look like! I\’m curious…drop a hint nah!

  7. Ps : This sucks ! plus it hangs up all the time and is sooo slow and shitty… in ref to the new space.
    Pps : I have seen ur pics !!!!

  8. do able guys…oooo now thts a thought…hmmmm hyuck your why i love sex poem was the most decent poem i read about sex…err not tht i read too amny poems about sex….ahh well you know…:p
    i hve been busy chasing little rotten sudanese kids…cuz one of them stole my PHONEEEEEEEEEEEE…WAAAAAAAAAAAAH….i lost all the pictures of my friends…the paintings i sold…and one erotic pic of some porn star…sighhh
    and i do not like the new msn…as it is the connection is frickin slow here and this does not make my already irritatable life any easier ….its like they createdspaces for giants everythings sp uglylily hugeย  and dont tell me the wrod doesnt exist..i invent themย  remember?? apart from that i am enjpying the blue green sea…yep we hve blue green sea unlike india which is grey…the underwater life is very interesting too apart fromt eh upperwater life …droool worthy men i tell you…my better half seems to be drooling over the women so much he reminds me of a german shepard with his toungue hanging out…ughh…
    and how are you cookie apart from thinking about do able men and sex..??? hollabackkkkkk

  9. How come you wont accept mine – I\’m going to update my space with the tag and you are doing it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Do-able guys! Hmm…wonder where the list would have taken you if you had published one ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. out of all the challenges, I honestly liked Horus\’s the most, of course you cud click ur pic in the mirror, just make sure that u cover ur hair, face, eyes, ears with the camera.
    You could get a manicure done and show off ur newly polished nails though, wot say ;)#
    I hadn\’t read this post earlier, forget about reading the mention of my name, thats really sweet of you, no wonder you\’re one of the few people that have lingered on as my friend…anyways, with or without the mention of my name, you rock gurl! ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. And also to add OMKARA DOES ROCK PEEPULLSS!!
    watch it if ur family#s cool with abuses AND obscenity AND some dirty gestures AND some real hard core vulgar language, but I guess thats what makes the movie so awesum
    Tis female sitting next to me in the hall cud not stop laffing each time somthin like this happened, during interval i saw her husband\’s face had turned beet root red! LOL! Gud movie, universally agreed!

  12. i still have to post that thing (embarrassed smiley). ill do it day after. pakka. btw ur attempt at that poem is really quite decent. i dodnt think i would have been able to come up with ANYTHING. lol

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