Sick and tired.

This too shall pass!!!!!!!!
Whining is alright.
Bitchy whining is not.
Mental Battles are stimulating
FRustrating mental battles are not.
Patience is like one of those rare treasures.
Impatience is like one of those uncontrollable addictions.
Music should comfort you.
Not give you a headache.
The future is a bad idea.
The past is a thinkers paradise.
Pain is romantic.
Pleasure is boring.
Death maybe tempting.
But it holds darkness.
Someday i will get out of this too..

15 thoughts on “Sick and tired.

  1. Each moment passes..nothing stays same..I think all these contradictions are what make living tempting..
    it will such monotony if we didnt experience pain, randomness..
    Where are u – msn chat misses u..

  2. Down in the dumps?
    ruined ur new pumps?
    life treating u bad?
    ur prince turned out to be a cad?
    worry not! the rhapsody is here……
    so come along and lend a ear…..
    tell ur tale and she shall lay……
    bare the way to happiness and all things dear!
    My sweet Sups!!!!! am sooooo glad to be here again!!!! gosh i missed so much here…………will catch up real fast……..and whts happeneing? why the gloom? i like the cookie crisp and happy better…………BIG bear hug!!!!!!!!!

  3. then why is it always bitchy whining. frustrated mental battles. Imaptience.
    Stuck in past n future.  pleasure n death I am alwayz in or looking for ?!

  4. aw cookie old crumble pie….although i like this poem an awful lot…why do they say awful lot? does tht mean your poem is an awful lot? its my love for your poem that is an awful lot…erri stop… i love your poem full stop.
    i just hope your mood is not the same for too llong and it has passed….things happen maybe so tht we can experience a wide range of emotions from sad happy angry flirty to hungry very hungry and ravenous….or something like tht….
    dearest cookie i shall send you a very large serving of buttery hugs and hershey syrupy kisses to get you floating on a nice huge sundae….loves youuuuuuuu in the most unlesbian way…and if it will make you really happy give that traitor arvind a good whack in the ahems,,:p…..

  5. ackkk i am not in sudan
    thats in africa….and i despise little sudanese kids…they are illegal immigrants here…i am in jeddah….its near the red sea…
    and hmmm you might be in the list…:p and you might hve guessed right…:p but i aint tellingggggggggggg hyuck hycuk thts the whole fun of it…:p
    i guess i shalll join the piggy community and be the one that cries wee wee wee all the way home…sighhh what about you? would you be the one tht has to go to the market?….perhaps the one that gives little sudanese kids a huffing and puffing and blow them down…err wait i think thts the wolf…i must relearn my fairy tales….

  6. its INTERESTING ,now interesting is a very INTERESTING to use coz anything and everything is INTERESTING ,something may be disgusting but INTERESTING ,someone may be beautiful, but still NOT INTERESTING ,something may smell bad,but still its INTERESTING, how the kids are made ,ALWAYS INTERESTING;women,ALWAYS INTERESTING,food :ALWAYS INTERESTING , stuck up people  never INTERESTING ,NATURE,ALWAYS INTERESTING , jokes ,ALWAYS INTERESTING , sex…always interesting , MONEY…VERY INTERESTING  …
    now im officially a psycho 🙂

  7. Hmmmm and some more Hmmmm…..
    When music gives u a headache, it is time to switch it off and go to sleep.
    To tell the truth that happened with me once and I just dozed off after that. but when ur in dat mood even sleep is not a good substitue/
    Y dont u get sum big life sized soft toys, instead of punchin bags, jab bhi aisa mood ho, dena EKKK!! :O

  8. I was bout to ask you what\’s wrong but I stunned to see a poem on that. cheater cheater aye? 🙂

    Not all the guys can be irritating…hope you shall find the one soon. You know what? I have a theory: Gals 0-12 are have no probs with guys. Then till 21/22 they hate them. After 22 they accept that they need one and not everyone are bad. I guess you got another 2 yrs to go.

    Ok I made that one now 🙂

  9. what happened????????!!!!!!!!
    u need a break!
    i feel so light headed. got over with ALL  my exams after like 2 months.
    dont worry. ull feel good after KANK.

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