I bow down to go getters..
…atleast when I get what i want and probably more, thanks to them!

I dont understand why they have gears in cars!! That too so many of them. They should just not have so many gears.
God give me an automatic car
God please dont make me leave the clutch
God please teach me parking by default.
Or I guess God you could make me a little less absent minded or lazy..
So that I’d remember to change the gear at the right time and not leave the clutch!
Its weird…I have some good driving days and some such horrible driving days where I’ve almost banged into another car or made horrible turns bad that i wanna push the car into a well and jump in it too..or I have had such good driving days that i felt like a pro..and felt like i dont need the driver or my dad or anyone sitting beside me and I can run away with the car 😀
damn learning and being restless is so tough!!

Ahh since its Raksha bandhan I just wanna say–i love you my sweetheart my bro. Not that i dont repeat it everyday lol You’ve been the sweetest thing in my life since the day you were born. I remember seeing you the next morning when you were born (and no body bothered to inform us the previous night that you were born) I know you have sneaked up and peeped around my space..and you started your own too..and I’m sure not bothered to open it after posting that entry on cheat codes. I wish you grow up to be a success and get everything you dream of, and please please dont be a Play station potatoe. Even though you might not read this I just wish at times i could throw that thing out of the window. Love you.


11 thoughts on “brimming

  1. yes and also hope that he won\’t download any more spywares. 😀

    lol.. how u been? well i myt post the pictures tonight, cos its 18.18hrs right now. clever huh? challenge and all??? i bet aksha isn\’t happy either!! 😛

    hey the new look is fine by me. i mean the commenting and all.. its soooooo easy!! am using mozilla now, cos firefox can\’t seem to tackle this new avatar.

  2. Sweet! Makes me wish i had a bro too 🙂
    What is it with men and playstations huh? Men and their toys! Dont worry, its a myth that women are lousy drivers, its just with time you\’ll tune in to it.You get better with experience and not cuz of ur gender (Are you lissening sweetie…..ahem! :P)
    Happy Rakshabandhan! I am sitting at home, enjoying a chutti even tho it is not!Try enjoyin ur chutti sumtime with ebay… 😉

  3. hey happy rakhi. And whats with the playstation potato thingy. He ust might invent the next biggest playstation game. Watch out for gamers like us we rule the planet. period.

  4. Hey Supriya!
    Ya, it was Rakshabandhan yesterday.. I love my little 8 year old brother too. Ya, guys and Playstation, in my case, guys and Pokemon!!!!!!! uffooo.
    Anyways, I just love him don\’t know how much!!!!!!! That\’s infinity..
    Your last poem "Sick an dtired" was wonderful.. simple yet so convincing! I have observed that many people on msn spaces are good poets! lol. don\’t mind but they really write poems , amazing ones and you are one of them!!!!!!Hooray!
    Chalo, see you later.

  5. driving is easy. chill. after some time ull start feeling like ur car is a part of you when ur driving. and thats the best part! 🙂

  6. Lady….ageezzz since ive been 2 ur space (sorry) …read d last 5 posts (all tat id missd)..ok, really liked Sick n Tired (yeh, this too shall mantra too!) ok, u shud try harder at poems on sex or =w= that was..yeh…i find d new space weird too (is MSN listenin!!?!?!)..yaay u drive! 😀 yeh i lurrve rains at nite too…me too dyin 2 watch movie…Omkara…KANK…aarrgghh…will I ever watch KANK!?!?…aarrggh…ok, bitchy whining aint good (hehe..naaice..i agree!)..ok den…tadaa…n i shall frequent thy NEW space ( 😦 ) more often…
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  7. hey, added you on flickr…my head had beeb infiltrated by le germs of le cold commun…hence i shall not type much…hot chocolate…….thats what i need..
    its been SO bloody long since my last visit to spaces that i didnt know what was happeneing..when did the new look come about??
 beverage is desperatly needed

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