When God was handing out common sense, he gave me some of it and asked me to use it with a dash of humor, ok maybe pots full of humor, but that don’t mean that being funny is dumb.
whatevers..eww i hate that phrase.

I remember incidents from my childhood vividly (like duh we all do) But sometimes certain incidents just flash across my eyes, when they might not be connected to my present state of mind. I was this whole innocently serious kid at times, and I used to ask questions that sometimes even i wonder why i must have asked. I wish I could go back and check my mind and heart at those particular moments.
Once my dad’s aunt came over, and she stayed overnight. She was putting me to sleep. I think i was about 10 or 12- and then I started asking her questions like- Why is everyone so happy when a boy child is born? Why don’t they value girls? Its not a crime that we were born? Why are they distributing sweets?
Now i have NO clue where that came from, or why I asked all that to her. She was probably a little stunned at first (god knows if she remembers now)- she gave me an explanation and a sort of lecture (which i don’t rememebr now obviously haha) But i just dont remember where that came from..No I am no deprived child and neither have i faced any discrimination (though i do exaggerate at times to tease my family members bout how they do this and tht for my bro) 😀

Have this horrible urge to go clicking anything..any road..any object.

my bloggign style has changed.
i have changed

wanted to list my 10 fav desserts..its 1.23 am..dunno hw much i remember..but here goes
1) chocolate mousse
2) apple pie
3) black currant pudding
4) monte carlo (ask me what it is!)
5) chocolate bomb @ little italy
6) sizzling brownie
7) gooey chocolate @ moccha
8) orange souffle
9) bon bon ice cream
10) death by chocolate


7 thoughts on “bizzare@me

  1. hmmm that\’s a lot to contemplate in the wee hours of night..ah! morning..missing desserts?
    Talking of seriousness, I was such a damn serious chil inspite of my abandonment to laughter .. Who said u are bizzare??Humour is a trait which most people dont have… It will save many a calamities that afflict humans any day..Go on! you hv the best virtue! & by the way, I heard common sense was so come you have so much of it??!
    & what is Monte Carlo??
    much love
    Indian Economy!! soon the blues will be over..chew it babes!

  2. A curious child hmm 🙂 I see you pondering over stupid yet not-so-stupid things 😀 Btw, it\’s fun to tease the parents about not pampering the girls as much as they pamper the bouys :p
    M back as you u can c 😀 .. now temme what\’s monte carlo 😀

  3. First time i come here  Through Divoo
    OMG Yes the girl-boy topic….I read a good entry abt this on Mandeep\’s space I living in Belgium
    I did not know these things  are so living in ur country…
    Every birth is a party if its a boy or girl…if its ehalthy thats important…

  4. Hi Bitter Sweet,
    Read your blog and really loved it especially your cravings for chocolate and other deserts.Please visit my space and read my story .Love Radz.Please dont get depressed regarding not having a job ,but good things are coming ahead for you and thats how I felt after reading your Blog.Have a great day.

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