Independence dayyyyyy!

Pray, bring some income to the sugarcane juice seller and coconut sellers…
say no to coke, pepsi and their brothers and sisters.
Have been hearing shocking news about the girl child–15 foetuses found in a well in Punjab/ No takers for girls even at adoption agencies
Wake up fellas!
Since lil utsav cant open his blog- here is his message- (k am not sure if it was this)
–May you live independent, stay independent and die independent! lol
My sincere request to indians being educated abraaad:
Parrty, pretend to study, Earn and give it back to your country atleast 😛
Oh its 12…Happy independence day spacers!
My list is nt complete tho..
Maybe i should vote next time lol Dadddd get my id card made next time.
Mile sur meraaa tumhara–the best patriotic ad….they showed it on tv a while back…
K enough of rambles..
I’m Indian. Be jealous.
(thats my friends display picture on msn–dude u might not read it..but it rocks!)

29 thoughts on “Independence dayyyyyy!

  1. happy independence day to you too…and for all the losers out there who believe that india is going nowhere n never will, 2 smacks across their idiotic faces, and i hope they live to eat their own words.
    as for ur answers,
    1.u talk a lot, u think a lot, u click amazing snaps and u write amazing stuff…what were you doing in school? i mean now that i look back, the only thing i remember about you in school is meeting you at peoples parties.
    2.this one rocks… dont fight with prateek for one whole week AT A STRETCH. instead flirt with him and call him sugary names without letting on why u are doing so..(wicked am i not?…hehehehe)…im sure you know this.
    4.hmm that would be ur ability to get along with virtually any kind of person. am the kind of person who lives in her own world and so really admire the people who are "out there doing their stuff"…did u understand what im trying to say?
    5.hmm that would be you in ur glasses with ur long hair braided and tied with a red ribbon..dun remember which class but has to be lower, upper 1 or 2. why did u cut off ur hair neways?
    6.bunny!!!!!!!!!! lol..common answer..sure u were expecting this.
    7.hmm ill save this one for later and get u in a fix someday.
    8. i took a long time, but i did it.

  2. and they still dont let ppl adopt a girl easily…cant blame them fully though…

    the goosebumps will stay today… tomorrow will be a busy day to forget the day thts today!

  3. yo!
    & I hv put up a whys list..:D
    sisters think alike.. & our blogs today match!!
    Happy Independence Day & let us all respect our country!

  4. One of my fav blogs by you! 🙂
    To hell with people who cant be patriotic! I am still proud to my country, no matter what…lol,nice list 😉
    Muah! Happy Independence Day woman!

  5. happy independance day a little late…sorry i guess im slow in tese antional holidays although i thought i will wake up and get to the embassy for flag hoisting…well partly because of the free icecram and choclates they give…but unfortunately sleep and laziness got the better of me and i got up only to find myself being transported into a car and a beach resort…so i sepdn independance throwing rocks at parrot fishes..beautiful fishes so i wanted to throw rocks at them…no dont try to understand me…andyways hugs my dear little indian friend…me as of now currently without mad at the whole world..humans in general…:p

  6. Ok remember you have brought this to your self ;p
    First the White is much much better
    I remember that it was White and red right correct me if I am wrong
    You need a picture and then I will tell you if I like the layout
    It depend on the picture try to find something that represent you or something that you like
    Like a flower or a color any thing
    If you don’t know how to add the picture in the beginning of your space just let me know … it is easy
    This is a website with beautiful art search for something:
    if you search for " India" you will find many beautiful picturestc

  7. This theme looks neat. And the pic looks chweet :DI\’m in the pondering mode these days.. it\’s so stupid to feel stupid when you know that you know that you\’re stupid but in an uncommon way!

  8. Hello there Supriya
    Ok the website is in Arabic but stile I think the pictures are clear
    First put the code in the right place like it is shown in the picture
    Then press enter then go to customize then modules then power toy" Power Toy: Custom HTML" add then save
    Now a window or a table will appear in the upper side of the space
    Put the code + your picture link:
    <div style="width:170;height:205" align=Center>
    <img src="here add your picture link " align=Center>
    And u can -Show border- and even name then finally
    ^_^ I hope every thing is clear if you have any other questions just ask
    Thanx for linking me ^^ and my name is Sherifa it means honor and dignity BTW what is the meaning of ur name ?

  9. Woke up today to the lovely ‘Mile sur mera tumhara’ Doordarshan song. Been in love with it since the first time I saw it. If you have, please give it to me na. Been looking all over for it.

  10. happy independence day, a bit late but then as we make other occasions in advance and belated then why not independence day dear..jai hind!!!

  11. hey there
    Nice message there  for independence day. im proud to be an INdian too!! happy belated independence day . can one wish like that. i dont know but dont blame a gal for trying. hey im here at your space after a really long hiatus. so im going to do some snooping around see yah.

  12. hey there
    Nice message there  for independence day. im proud to be an INdian too!! happy belated independence day . can one wish like that. i dont know but dont blame a gal for trying. hey im here at your space after a really long hiatus. so im going to do some snooping around see yah.

  13. Yoohoo! Am back in a bubbly mood sups! I know that post sounded funny.. sheeesh! :p But, at times, things like that irritate me and I talk all nonsense out of irritation. That\’s what happened. Granma didn\’t cause any trouble. Trouble Bubble itself is good enough to cause troubles for herself and everyone else 😀
    So whssup? No nothing new? 🙂

  14. Hey Supriya!
    don\’t worry! I found the link and all u were saying you were unable to find coz u were honest, its like one of the commnets by sweetsherry in this blog only written by u on Aug 15th and its like long long its obvious, it would have been hard for me to find as well.. so, don\’t worry.  ya, any ways, thanks for ur comment! 🙂
    I have done it on my space.. just have to upload pic on image shack and then it will be displayed on my space..
    when u visit nxt time, do let me knw what u think, i havent uploaded it now, but i will soon do that.. ya.
    chalo, see u later!

  15. and mere exams aa rahe hain, and i hate them all just so much!!!!!!!!!!! hate them like anything, sAchchii yaar! man kare toh goli maar doon exams ko par they r importat na.. so cant help it but go thru hell!!!!!!!

  16. Oye Supriya! I did upload a pic but it looks so small.. and it\’s siz eis also displayed, help karogi? pls yaar.. i have that small box thing and all that with the code andlink but then i don\’t know how to make the picture more bigger.. now, it looks like a tiny rectangle dot on my space..  lol .. hehe..
    hope i am not irritating u much.. lol.
    see u

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