yea yea am here!

I can relate to all things blank.They remind me of myself. When the television cable gets disrupted, the screen is filled up by horizontal black electrical waves constantly in motion. I feel empty when I look at them. The state of affairs in my mind start running on the television screen. And then suddenly the channel frequency returns and I am distracted away from my blankness.

When i look up at the birds in the sky, I’m always in awe of them (I’m sorry not the ostriches and the peacock kinds 😛 ) Its the same damn reason everyone’s probably envious of them for-they can fly. I wonder if they’re scared..and even if they are, they still fly and return to their nests. But atleast they taste freedom. Can we taste freedom and return to our nests? And then continue the cycle all over again? I enjoyed a birds eye view once (thank god for parasailing)-it sure gave an all time high. Does life give that high too?

As much as I adore honesty and hyperexcitement (if there is any such word) of any sort, I hate deceptive calmness. The attitude doesn’t go too well with me i guess.

I bow down to everyone who can curb and tolerate my restlessness. I love you all.


On a more lighter note-

Anybody who is studying Indian Economy can write down the following points and reproduce them in ANY answer. It will somehow relate to the question:

-Agriculture suffers/improves due to blah blah blah

-Capital formation decreased/increased due to blah blah blah

-Industrialisation was needed/ was the backbone of/led to..blah blah blah

-The gorvernment of India undertook/passed/developed..blah blah blah

-PSU’s/Private sector undertook/led to/developed/were allowed to..blahhhhh

-Lack of education was the cause behind blahhhhhh

and end with..

Thus…. it helped to/ was the cause of Social and Economic development/underdevelopment of the country.


14 thoughts on “yea yea am here!

  1. MY sweet Pineapple… I miss you dear one…. I have been ill with nerve damage to arms and hands, going to have neck surgery so I have not been around to BUG you…. oh how I wanted to be added to your friends list even if I am ole lady hippie …. I care for you and your friends deeply.  Do not forget me please and I will in months be back in action and then I shall bring back the "light" of myself to shine on all of you.  much love
    000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000_00000000000000000000000000000___000000000000000000000000000_____0000000000000000000000000_______00000000000000000000000_________000000000000____________________________00000_______*TRUE FRIEND*___ _000000000 __________________ 0000000000000_________________0000000000000_________0_________00000000000_______0000000_______000000000_____0000000000000_____0000000___0000000000000000000___0

  2. Hello there
    @_@ Niccce picture… I don’t know why I was waiting for something with colors and kind bright but the one you have here is deeeep ^_^
    Thanx for explaining what is written
    And what a lovely Name you r lucky
    But not tooo lucky coz you have exams … and I am still in summer vacation :p
    On more question which I am afraid to ask
    What dose psssst mean?

  3. cheer up babes! we are all restless beings, sometimes blank and other times brimming.. Thank God for these temperamental fits that we are what we are!!
    Hope the trip comes thru..u need it

  4. lady, cheer up! one of those days when emptiness envelopes you…even this will pass…& when you wanna fly away, think of dumbasses lik myself who haven\’t yet gone parasailing (i sooooo wanna fly man!!)..& padhaai toh karni hi hai toh thodi si kar le!!…oye chakk de phatte!!
    & good to see myself as ur time wastin buddy…hehe…im gettin back to the books though 8-)..:P..major coll fests jussss got ovaa..:(…toh me doin the \’Agriculture suffers/improves due to blah blah blah…industrial policies blah blah…law of supply blah blah…& blah blah blah a li\’l more……….& therefore India is still so poor & WE have to know all about it!!"…*jeeeezzz..*
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/…& chakk de phatte!!

  5. Hyperexcitement 😀 I like this word.. come up with more of these kind sups! :p btw, I\’m underexcited these days 😀
    Oh how many times I\’ve wanted to be a bird.. to taste the freedom yes.. that\’s what I envy them for..
    It\’s okay to be restless.. everyone is.. at some or the other point of time.. about some or the other thing.. I wonder if someone can not be restless about something sometime! 😀 I bow down to you for writing whatever I\’ve not been able to write 😀 :p
    Abt me, I\’m fine 😀 umm.. dunno! 😐 may be it\’d take sometime for me to find out if I\’m really fine!

  6. ackkkkkkkkkk why did you bring economics into the picture just when i was getting pictures pf blue birds dropping pink bombs on certain people…..ewwwwwwwwwww industrializatoin haaalp…i despise the damn subject although we cant relly hve a good life without ppl who study the damn subject…..but stilllll do not expose me to such horror again sups…i implore you…
    your restless?? join the club…:-l….
    tsk tsk what a hyperactive non mobile bunch of ppl we turned out to be…tsk tsk once more…
    the suns shining as usual and you could try wearing suncreen and i could get into the whole baz luhrman dialogue but then you know….well you already know that suuuu my advice…
    put some music and dance to yourself… you cant dance to anyone else so dance to yourself…
    walk in the night looking at the stars…
    soak yourself in the tub…
    burn a  candle watch the flames…
    play with sand…
    wierd? it helps for some wierd reason too….
    hugs honey bunchy munchy…:)

  7. we are free…rnt we all???? coz we\’re free to think and behave accordingly and dats the biggest freedom…freedom of the mind , even ur blank thoughts on the disrupted tv screeen…u know with the whole independence day stuff…one thing we all forget is that ours is the biggest democracy in the world and it is , truly a democracy ..not like america where ppl are free ,supposedly ….but they are so constrained its not even funny …they are so shit scared…
    u know i get claustophobic when i land in heathrow and although ive gone back only once, the feeling when u land in delhi is awesome , u feel FREE …and there is no better feeling

  8. hi supriya,im like a bird……free to fly anywhere…hey hey wait im not talking abt flying around the world (which i generally do)…im talking abt my thoughts which takes me anywhere to the whole new world…..beleive me dear…"whenever you are at the lower side,close ur eyes and take a fly..the peak of mountain is now ur destinaton,the wind flows there, will soothens ur temper…"take care

  9. i always liked the static in the TV.. it always scares me that life could one day jus be this… and thank for the lively life we have.. stare into the screen and u ll know waht i am saying.. can u imagine the TV alone to be that way… permanently?? or atleast when ur fav prog is comin? or when the prog u ve been waiting so eagerly for the past 4 hrs go phiss… when the wait was into the night???? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!the guy unfortunately was my roomie 😀

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