the D word.

I wanna sit into one of those and swim/fly/run away at jet speed!!!
Depression is nice.
It gives you
-sad songs
-painful songs
-a right to talk shit.
-a right to abuse everyone around you and say -I’m not in the right moods.
-games that your mind can play
-a right to hold your tummy and wonder-when the hell did this bulge out!
-a memoryless mind.
-a power to forget all other depressive moments of the past and focus on one or many current depressions.
-a right to repeat.
-oh some more chocolatey cravings
-an urge to kill anyone and everyone
-ok not the right, but the feeling atleast
-a chance to close your eyes for seconds
-and then to open them and look around and see that nothings changed
-a reason to remind yourself to sleep
-a reason to share depressions with your other depressed friends. (this one’s for you)
-a chance to blame the WHOLE world. (especially guys hehehe)
-gives you dreams of Hawaii
-and those awesome looking water scooters on which you’d wanna run away!
Don’t you just love being depressed??!! (say it in stephani style-like in full house)


12 thoughts on “the D word.

  1. we love being what we are not always – so thats a positive thought that you love being depresed, as you must be not depressed always!! On the contrary I love being blank – or may be….

  2. what the ?????? you like being depressed. the only part which i do agree and that to o whole heartedly is the part about the chocolate though i also manage to eat it when im happy really i only just need a reason to eat chocolate.

  3. hmmmm…u get to booze happily under the excuse dat ur depressed , break stuff around u …its happenin….:) btw , dumbo…..i said the same thing but in different words …why do girls always have to argue ? 😛 anyways , my bharat was mahaan even before i left it …..always been dat way

  4. Woohoo! finally there\’s smone who likes getting depressed.. don\’t you jst love being pampered by yr friends when you\’re depressed! 😀 even if it\’s jst another reason to get chocolates :pI wanna be depressed!! :D:D:DCoool pic btw 😀

  5. coffee,chocolate and icecream… (lethal combination)
    dim lights,soft music and a grt book
    cheesy pepperoni pizza (bad for the waistline 😦   )
    a soft romantic movie ( cry…cry)
    scream loudly ( at?)
    dance like a maniac (grt wrk ouy)
    soak in a hot tub with a disc man plugged to the ears, singing loudly when the knocking on the door starts…..(bliss block out the noise)
    Go to a nursery to soak in the nature especially when it  is drizzling (my favourite,under normal circumstances)
    blame the world…i am a paragon of virtues  ( ofcourse  🙂    )
    the orange one looks inviting, MINE if not already booked  🙂
    are some of my favourite things to beat the blahs and the blues……
    Hi how are you doing? Long time…hope things are brighter now and you are doing good! What else is happening?
    tc and remain happy

  6. hehe!!! read my current post and u shall realise that i m sailing in the same boat! anyway.. i m  back 2 my blogging now. so beep soon!!!

  7. hahahaahaaha
    WEll thats one way of looking at things 🙂
    And as for my name lets see wht YOu come up with :0

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