A walk down the food memory lane!

When we were kids (thats how my grandfather begins every single anecdote of his) we used to gobble down 10 rotis/ basketfull of mangoes/ uncountable sweets especially barfis and rasgullas (what is this fascination with rasgullas hmph)
No i don’t do that and my generally small appetite (which is small only at home) never really permits me to and if you add it with diet control and waistline management then i would consciously avoid every high calorie food.
But the truth is, I’m a Foodie. Atleast the love for food has passed on, lets leave the cribbing for Good food to my mother’s woeful stories.
I can recall only 2 things which i used to eat regularly, and I’ve had them so much that I’m sick of it.
Every single day i used to have banana’s, cut cround with rock salt sprinkled on it. I only realised how used to I had become to this form of fruit, when I asked me little cousins- What! How can you have it without rock salt! So now I’ve got them hooked to this combination too.
(Ok perverts-you’re not sup2 take tht in the other sense) 😛
Another regular on my menu was lady’s finger or bhindi or okra (its called okra right?) And this vegetable is precisely the reason why i never learnt to eat any other vegetable. And now my nose invariably turns up at the slightest mention of bhindi. I still like it fried though 😀
My taste buds are such that, if i taste something new and I like it, then i want to have it as regularly as possible, until i get super saturated.
You must be wondering, why the hell am i talking about food.
Oh well Go on a fast and you’ll be dreaming, craving n hanging your tongue out for food!!!

Currently reading-Family Matter’s by Rohinton Mistry and I’m quite liking it. After a long time, a book which is keeping me hooked! The typical Parsi family and their attitudes, the words they use and the entire setting appeals, making it an interesting read!

Has anyone tasted the new pizza hut dishes-kabab on pizza and rolls and stuff??
k there i go again!!

14 thoughts on “A walk down the food memory lane!

  1. Yo ! I hv gathered ur food hangover..everytime we are on chat..this is hw u sign out mostly, esp around lunchtime..
    & I love rock salt in evrything – be it fruit chaat or curds.. & again I binge on anything that catches the fancy of my taste buds to the point of repulsion..once I binged on rasgullas so much that I cant even stand their sight now..
    eat on…

  2. I have been faithful to anything fried golden brown esp potatos (all kinds of those :). Pizza hut paneer makhni pizza works for me 🙂 "Sillygloop" Vijay here (in case u didn\’t figure that out already)…Started another space (this one\’s on uniquely Indian experiences)…take a dekko when u find time. Have a great weekened 🙂

  3. Hi Sups,glad you are feeling better! We all go through these phases 🙂
    Ahhhhh food,it does dominate our senses…doesn\’t it ? Fruit chats are grt yummm
    My daughter has tried some stuff in Pizza Hut,she and her gang enjoyed the experience! Give me Dominos any time 🙂
    What else has been happening?

  4. 10 chapatis? just 10? I used to start with 10 when i was in college – a good side dish like dal and achar or Kima muttar from Ammi usually used to see 20 – 25 vanishing…

    hmm – I am very much here, just a bit busy in preparation and now half a globe away… but my heart is back there –

  5. It\’s my 5th one on Spaces 🙂 Did catch the metro when I was in Cal and it was definitely much less crowded. The fact that it was well maintained speaks volumes of Calcuttan pride in the metro. Sadly outer Cal is a different story with crowds surging on the trains there. The circular railway was pretty empty and I even toyed with the idea of just hiring a boat and drifting down hoogly. Deserted roads n car breakdowns…lemme quickly think of another thought to replace that on my next trip somewhere 🙂

  6. nooooooooooooooooooooooo not home fooddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!! plsssssssssssssss
    lol. i am avoiding every thing thats available here in subway or mcdonalds or anything else. they all seem to think beef is some kind of salt which needs to be added to everything!!! ahhhh!!!
    anyways, fasting kyu?? anything special??
    special in my space, niagara trip!!!

  7. Awwww cookieee\’s been mulling abt foos with da abstemiousness of da fasting weeek!!!!! hugs and pats on da back…..but today its alll ova right??????????soooooooooo yaaaaaaaaaaaaay for you!!!!!!!!!!!!1 u be da biggest hogger to eva walk dis earth today, and dont worry bout dat waitline……….ur da prettiest thing, and nothing will eva change dat!!!! and Bhindi!!!! wht r u saying??? thts brain food dont u knw? its supposed to be real good for da brain and all dat, now i knw where all thr bheja has come frm!!! hahaha : P : P am kidddinggggg!!!!! and i\’ve had banana wid rocksalt, my dadimamma like i tht way…….kinda yummm….
    And wht is this tht i am seeeing? wht? wht? MUMBAI BABE!!!!!!!!!!!! uhuhhuhuhuhuhuhuh booooohooooooooo…………rona dhona……..wht ya cookie *sniff sniff* : P : P : P
    u take care, and bon appetite!!!!
    love ya,

  8. i want bhindi ……now now now been like ages since i had it ….i can kill you for reminding me how much i miss it and i can cook it , but these fucking firangis dont have proper bhindi 😦 😦
    im gonna go sulk now

  9. what? u have bananas sprinkled with rock salt and not add lemon to it? what is wrong with you? try it..it rocks. even mom goes on about her childhood cravings/consumption like that..not the quantity, but the quality…the churan n the sour mangoes n what not..all part of her daily diet..imagine..daiily! i would to die of stomach aches…sigh

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