Boys to Men(ace)

Naughty pranks shining in his eyes

Heady tales to fill his senses

Stubborn chin, mischievous grins

From tiny pests to tall legs…

He-mans, Supermans and Pokemons

Cars, cartoons and cricket

The bundle of trouble and boyhood blunders.


Oh what has changed?


Naughty pranks beneath those serious eyes,

Heady ladies to fill his senses

Stubborn chin below the new found stubble

Pests alright, but of the flattering kinds!

The heros now reside in the mirror…

The passions still unchanged,

The bundle retains the trouble, the madness-

and struts along like a sweet conflict.


12 thoughts on “jeez.


    Hello there
    How r u ?
    I am ok I guess  -_-  cant stand the idea of going back to university …don’t want to study not ready yet >_<
    and What u have here sound like bad >< boy 
    and the pic r nice i like the idea of changing …. 
    maybe soon i will give u one crazy pic … crazy coz i do them
    tc ^_^ 

  2. ur brother??joblessness?? ya.. i too remember those days… but i gotta support myself now. otherwise i ll have to rely on my backup resources which i wanna avoid. 😦

  3. Eyes still sparkle with mischief
    Hopes of a life filling the sense
    Overflowing moustache hiding snigger
    Dreaming for pest that are his own
    Heroes in his stories of yesterday
    Vault of passion keeps overflowing
    Bundle added yearnings to madness
    Marches on towards Amazonia on tired legs…

  4. if i comment on this post, ill end up abusin the subject of ur poem. personally i think all guys should be hung the moment they reach puberty. i cant stand guys n i dont want to be with females either. i wonder whats gonna become of me?

  5. does it really matter that they change from little boys to big men ???? I wonder really not much changes inside their brains the fascination for balls always remains. hmmmm may be a just a bit of variation happens  from swinging at balls to swinging balls.

  6. The bundle retains the trouble, the madness-
    and struts along like a sweet conflict
    oh and i forgot to tell you those lines were simply brilliant
    im still smiling at your insinuation!!!

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