Ladies and Gentlemen, today I’m going to tell you about how bad luck is a good friend of mine.
I wish life were an illusion which we never had to come out of!
Fine am Lazy. I want to be on vacation permanently argggh.
Uncertainity is a shiny coin amidst sand, u dig deeper and u create a hole for yourself.
Golmaal Golmaaal everything’s gonna be golmaal…I dunno why I’m humming this song.
Bawarchi is one of my favourite films. They don’t make those anymore..Hrishida you will be remembered.
Why am i rambling??
Peace…as some people say. Saying it again and again doesn’t help Or does it!!

10 thoughts on “dot

  1. Hello there How r u ?
    Ammm I don’t know this movie though I watch Indian movies but don’t remember their names
    Actuality I am not really good with remembering names …. Even ppl >.<
    But I remember Black made me cry ><
    "Fine am Lazy. I want to be on vacation permanently argggh"
    Join the club ^_^

  2. if not bro then who??? falcu? or someone from outside the spaces??? yeah.. that entry was messy, i think i need a break.. thinking too much abt confusion.

  3. hmmm..guess we all need breaks but arent we taking them?
    My PC still screwed up *sigh*
    & me too alws loved Hrishida\’s films..certainly God doesnt make ppl like them anymore.

  4. Permanent vacation <sigh> wish something like that existed!Btw, I was watching golmaal (the new one) yesterday and couldn\’t watch it completely bcuz of the frequent bugging breaks :-|Hrishi Da was great ye.. golmaal, bawarchi, and anand.. my favs..Bittersweet seems to be in a bitter mood hmm? 🙂

  5. Hello there SUPRIYA n_n
    "Trying to show u that I remember your name 2 :p "
    But to be honest I had to check for spelling >.<
    Thanx for your lovely comment I am glad you like it
    And no unlucky me >.< can\’t understand the language I have to read the subtitle
    But some times I can understand the words coz they are similar to Arabic
    Super = is a word in Arabic means patient that’s why I don’t forget your name ^_^
    Tc and have FUN ^^

  6. so it proves being different in perspectives can also lead to same fate – I can not sit still without falling asleep, yet one of my favorite quote – "I dont believe in good luck, but only bad luck; if anything good happens its my hard work; if anything bad happens its my bad luck working; and my bad luck works as hard as i do"

    thinking about a character similar to Bawarchi in real life? who can change the lives so easily; life is not a fairy tale dear. It has lots of consequences. Shoulder bearer falls pray to people who love to keep on leaning…

    Peace – saying doesnt help, but thinking might…

  7. change the way u think for heavens sake! theres no such thing as bad luck. whatever happens, happens for ur own good ok. and what do u mean that u wish that life was an illusion u didnt have to come out of? that kind of phrase is used for things u never want to end. oh never mind. im getting grumpy. god knows why.

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