How bout a date?

Some dates, i don’t wanna remember and some dates I just cant seem to forget!
Its funny! Like I just might remember a random person’s birthday, but i definitely dont want to remember say an exam date or a date on which something maybe due. But in the latter’s case-I’m in state when i want something as well as i don’t want the same thing.
We’re checking our calenders forever, planning for this big thing on this day or that big thing on that day.
And then that date is erased from our memory like a file is deleted from the recycle bin. I think the back of my head is like a recyle bin. It contains data i dont need but i have to keep anyways, and the minute I’ve confirmed that i dont need that particular file anymore,out it goes from the recycle bin.
Never forgotten certain birthdays, always been confused about some. Oh well maybe its my mind’s way of telling me whom i like and whom i dont 😀 😛

Ok here’s some shitty pastime or timepass…places I’ve never been to and am dying to go to..well the list could be endless but I’m being nice to myself and writing bout places which on hearing bout wont make my dad go…’Where do you get such ideas….’
1. Goa
2. Pondicherry
3. Mykonos (oh heck i’m allowed to keep dream destinations am i not!)
4. Scotland
5. Hawaii (NO list of mine is complete without this place)
6. Kashmir
7. Aussie+NZ
8. Venice
9. Scandinavia
10. Spain or Greece or Alaska (i cant choose)
Enough dreaming. You guys are free to write your own.

  • If there ever was an oscar award for bitching, it would go to a person who would first encourage you and then completely tear you apart after you are done with whatever you had to do. Like some self monitered game!!
  • A nagger is merely pointing out your laziness. Why then does nobody question your laziness??
  • For the nth time- as you grow up, your tolerance level reduces.
  • Life is a cycle. You are riding it. Use the bloody horn.

Naww am all right, the last few were mere observations 😛


11 thoughts on “How bout a date?

  1. hello there
    I am studying Health information management technology
    And about where I want to go heeemmm
    Okay ready for my list

    1) Japan

    2) China

    3) Maldives

    4) Malaysia

    5) France

    6) Russia

    7) Spain

    8) Egypt

    9) India

    10) Loudoun

    11) Sri lanka
    "Life is a cycle. You are riding it. Use the bloody horn"
    just LOVE it ^_^

  2. Our memory has three layers, I prefer to keep the easy access one as much free as possible – so write down dates – dont remember most of them-huh? where is Mykonos??my list?  – CherapunjiAmazonian Rain forestLahshaMt KilimanjaroGeezaPompeiBenarasmmmm one more thing – now its shud read – "London return and Toronto return and NY return and….."

  3. Here\’s mine:GoaLeh/Ladakh/Lahaul and SpitiKashmirKanyakumariParisSpainEgyptNZSydneyLas VegasNew YorkDisneylandSeoulShanghai/Tokyo/Taiwanphew! awrite.. that\’s it fr nw 😀 interesting observations sups :DI havent visited the VM frm inside yet.. jst seen it frm outside n the fountains and all.. and here\’s a sweet <hug> fr yr bitter mood 😀

  4. >.< so you are finding more about me with every comment first I have bad memory and now bad spelling >.<
    I meant London
    Yaaa and see what you have done every body knows my name now
    LoL it is ok I really don’t mind ^_^

  5. Well, as of now, my dream destination would be…1. Home2. Home3. Home4. Home5. Home6. Home7. Home8. Home9. Home10.HomeAhem ahem!! Was it so easy??? the bicycle quote got me,.. 😀

  6. hey ur rite bt the dates thing…lol…n also the random observations
    n y nt add moon to the list of places……v r allowed 2 dream rite?!

  7. Ye have fun with those tests.. they\’re a good time pass :Dwhen there\’s nothing to do, hv fun with them :p84% bipolar! mummmyy :((( i still cant take that 😐

  8. oh yes, it\’d be very easy you see.
    That 17 year old Hyderabadi Shweta put MY photo on HER profile claiming it to be HER photo.
    Oh and she doesn\’t react to threats/messages and abuses.
    She just won\’t take it off.
    This ain\’t the first time. I\’ve found profiles who have stolen stuff from the "about me" section too. I mean, how many people actually love U2…coldplay…rain…chocolates…whining…stalking…train rides…and all in the same order?

  9. if ur mind is like a recycle bin, let me congratulate you. u have the most organised mind ever! and ur observations made no sense to me 😦

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