anyone into dream analysis??

The stage is set.
The battle is about to begin.
Power. Ego. Recognition. Attention. Politics.
Some people fail to realise that they are very transparent. Each attempt at conviction sheds another layer of the mask they appear to be wearing. You can’t do much about it, apart from observe and maybe enjoy the act, marvelling at people and their convicning powers.  But its not one person- telling stories, thinking that his version is the right one, is the truth. They all have their stories, reasons, logics and they all think its the ultimate truth. They are not lying, they just have their beliefs they want to follow.
Ultimately there is no truth, cause what one claims to call truth is probably supported by someone’s reasoning and logic as well!
I think i have blogged bout this earlier…

I dreamt of my friend in Delhi getting married next month and inviting me to her wedding!! It seemd soo real :S and i was feeling bad cause in the dream i told her that i won’t be able to make it cuz i have college!!!! And i really wanted to go. sheesh
I also dreamt that my mum is arguing with a store owner of a place, where I’m shopping for clothes, and she wants me to buy tiny clothes!! This is soo weird lolol I cracked up when i thought of the idea in the morning!

I like feeling light in the head, despite any tension. It makes me feel positive. I don’t know what the f*** positivity is cuz i never seem to be in that state, or even if i am, i come out of it sooner than the time taken for 2 rounds of a rollercoaster ride…but i like being this way. Whatever the way is.

My inkblot test, courtesy tickle and Divoo for discovering it says that
supriya, your subconscious mind is driven most by Love (bahhhhhhhhh)

Everyone has a desire to love. But your desire is rooted very deeply in your unconscious and affects many of the decisions you make in life — whether you are aware of it or not.

(well i sure am not aware of that)

You have an energy about you that inspires people to experience their true feelings of love and act kindly towards others. In this way, you and your drive for loving relationships start a chain reaction of positive experiences.

(there you go again..positive :P)

The reason you are driven by love, may be because your unconscious is trying to avoid the opposite of love — hate. You, more than others, may be afraid of experiencing severe discord with others. That may, in turn, heavily influence your choices about relationships and the way you communicate your ideas, wants, and desires to others.

(yeah k maybe this could be true)

With such a strong orientation towards loving others, your relationships hold a very special place in your life. Your capacity to love may be greater than those around you, and therefore you may have more to give in relationships than your romantic partner does. Remember that this is a gift you have and one most others don’t possess.

(hehe now am i good or what!) 😛 😀 haha 

Though your unconscious mind is driven most strongly by Love, there is much more to who you are at your core.

(well i sure hope so) 😛


16 thoughts on “anyone into dream analysis??

  1. well dream analysis is not for me – usually I dont dream while I am asleep; some time I do – but they are mostly action flicks 😉 and some crazy ones with mom and a few others… usually my sleep is so deep that I dont dream in sleep.. though I dream a lot when awake…

    my tickle inkblot test told me "your subconscious mind is driven most by Curiosity" – "Unconsciously, your curiosity presses you to learn more, experience more, and get the most out of life." – guess its true…

    you are positive and do seem like driven by love…

    dream and dont "expect" it to be tru – right.. dont "expect" but dream and hope… at least I do, consciously – as I want them to come true…

  2. hi supriya,dreams..the another reality of our life..every dream has its meaning, as i like to know abt human psychology i have read some books on dreams..and thats much hidden power is there in dreams, that has the ability to change ur life..well i like ur post really…hope u welcome me in this new world..take care

  3. I hv conducted Rorschach ink blot tests on my subjects…they rock!!
    well well nice analysis u got..otherwise I hv come across such complicated ppl
    *dare to dream and fulfill them*

  4. Now I\’m sure that you\’d be able to match my score in the bipolar test 😀
    Dreams.. eh.. i always think that i get the most weird ones!! :-s
    A long chain of kids descending from the sky.. that\’s the last one I saw.. cant make anything out of it!

  5. I dreamt of meeting my great uncle, my nephews and someone else. I don\’t know whether its in Melbourne or not but i will be so pissed if its Melbourne. Its my town and I don\’t want any of my relatives within 500 KM of Melbourne 😀

    About Transparent – Yeah. True. My friend tells me that I\’m most uncomplicated being but I make myself so complicated. Mystery works you know 🙂 😛

    And wat bout the gory act?

  6. It nice to have dreams that you said your Mum arguing with the store owner …..maybe one day your mum that  she doesn\’t agree with your new clothes? you were lucky to remembers all the details of the dreamed.
    Enjoy keep it sweets dreaming,
    Hace a nice weekend,

  7. dreams do come true….i had the most divine cheesecake ever…i am sure i dreamt of it a hundred times…
    and here i thought you were always positively negative and negatively positive….tsk tsk i shouldnt think ….
    i am very much here wherever here is but out there here seems to doing a pretty good job when you feel your somewhere adnt not nowhere like how we sometimes feel…
    hugsies dear cookie did you miss me like  i missed you?? there is no doubt about it your the sweetest little cookie i know…cholate chips and yummy nuts….:)

  8. So as long as i stay in any of your dream vacation places its fine aye? I love this place…but lets see how it goes. One step at a time 😉

    Yea you told me that if i don\’t come back there will be come gory act to follow. That is one of the reasons that got me back on the blogs 🙂 In past one week I have been seeing the other side of the ladies – coped a big fist on my left hand! Girls are violent!!

  9. ha but ofcourse i had a firangi friend…kevin came down you should read his write up on india tho and you could find out what he thought about the whole experience…it was fun…back in cocnut land now hes leaving today…
    ooo spiga rocks…there are more fantastic restaurants open now….man your so right bglore is wonderful…!!
    and my dear cookie i shall promise to apply choclate sauce liberally on the hugs that i leave behind…:)

  10. inkblot test??? the ones with weird shapes and ask u to interpret them??? gimme the link.
    wat happened to spaces? nothing. why??
    btw, remembering dreams could mean that you hve a gooood memory. i read that somewhere, it means ur neural networks are working just fine!!

  11. Aww.. you\’re just 54% bipolar .. shucks 😦 :pam i depressed? nope :Dbeen busy with the stupid work so i\’d not been coming on msn.. ive been trying today and it\’s giving me sm error :(:(:(

  12. Aaanh, good ol\’ blog pal-o\’ rite hit my own space once in a while too.. 🙂
    *apologies* i hvnt read the above post..but commentin nonetheless :P…yeh life\’s like that Good..err..Evil..err..(*…*)
    so much 2 u lik Euphoria? they performed at a coll fest here recently…i went…it ws awesome! tryin my hand at books..\’tis that time of the year again..exams starin at me in the eye..hmm..odrwise…this life is okay …wait…now im all inspired 2 blog…& i shall do just that….cya soon…(damn ..ive rambled a lot in this comment!)
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/
    -Peru *euphoric*

  13. let me tell you something: tickle tests are CRAP. they sound very interesting,but in reality are extremely stupid. but i think for you, surprisingly enough, they hit something thats not totally crap..hehe. neways i dont believe in dreams nemore. if i did i would have been convinced by now that i am going to be chased by an alligator in a dark tunnel, cause a building to crumble down by driving a maruti car into it…run down deserted mountain paths in pursuit of strangers etc etc etc. i suggest u dont pay attention to dreams either.

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