i make no sense!

Simple recipe to join a rat race
Take 3 cups of quantam
2 tablespoons of DI
2 teaspoons of logical reasoning
3 teaspoons of general awareness
Stir it with lots of mad geeks, nerds, insane herd followers, mba-holics (inspired by M’s nudgeoholic who btw is me) and sprinkle reading comprehension and knowledge of english for taste.
Add questions u have never heard of, questions that you will never require for the rest of your life.
And voila! You have your very own Ratty Crackling Cat!
Oh well Just give CAT exams.
psst: am NOT giving them…i still need to study all dat tho 😦 argh
And if i have hurt the sentiments of all the religious CAT-o-holics then I’m really sorry. sniff. May u get through IIM! Amen.

Moving on I was trying to find out more about jinxed people/things…if anyone has any information please contact me here.

Seems like suddenly Gandhi has become the talk of the town, atleast in the papers…Munnabhai effect. Brand Gandhi. Gandhigiri.
Really like this one quote on non-violence
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

One hope,
In the eyes
Seeking life..away from life.
Dangling hopes,
In mid air-
Looking down, rising high.
AND i dont know why i wrote that.

26 thoughts on “i make no sense!

  1. unhhhh! How I hated them – the IITians and IIM ppl – the tests always showed a high IQ yet never got past the mediocre in studies – must have used it elsewhere…

    Jinxed? find a man who never one a single tiny prise in Lottery ever! never been on the lucky side – ever…

    hey – missing homeland – heard a lot of new movies has come up…

    "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
    Love it ^^

    But loved this one more ^_^Seeking life..away from life.  

  3. u bet I love my India – everything I have or can have is here only… how can I not love it? Can it possibly be more beautiful anywhere?

    am sitting in the Chicago Ohare airport – catching up on all the spaces that I have and the ones from where people have visited… and sending some mails (mandatory – life depends on it)

    poem – well its just what I felt on the spot… who was the friend you mentioned??

  4. UURRRGHHHHH………………….u hate mBA ppl!!!!bboohooo does tht mean mee tooo????
    Its a phase, once u write the exam, u\’ll be fine………..willgive u all da peptalks u need and also some advice and also tellu some awesome things i am learining at school so u wontthink tht mba is just another crassy thing……….coolio?
    Wht u wrote? Ilike……………be well….i see da hearts in the O & D……………wasssup? tsk tsk*
    lub ya coookie!!!!!

  5. Ohh nice small poemlet after long.. lol.. interesting and bingo btw! :)i\’ve been thru the pain of studying fr CAT.. uff.. i dont understand how ppl study so much and actually get theu IIMs 😀

  6. oye! u preparin 4d CAT bt not takin it?? why so da?
    n dude, u watchd Munnabhai? its damn good nah? i wanna watch..
    jinxed? im jinxed once in a while…
    (PS: i lik such random posts…heheh)
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  7. oooh d poem……jus read it….dude, all poetic n all haan *wink wink*…same pinch…:D..chal tadaa
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  8. Bravo Bravo!!!I like this random ramble post Soup.. It\’s refreshingly interesting..& Yes! Booo all the CAT nerds.. May they be so humiliated by this post that they commit suicide… Thereby, helping my chances.. Lol..But don\’t boo me already! I\’m YET to start studying.. Hyuk hyuk..Just passing by..Cheers!

  9. hmmm… avg found 53 infected files in my pc while symantec found only one :Dawrite, my pc\’s almost up n running now!watched mbhai yest.. gandhigiri sounds cool 😀

  10. will u quit looking at it like a rat race?
    its all a matter of perception. not everyone who takes the cat does it because everyone else is doing it. im not a cat-a-holic and u havent hurt my feelings, but whatever…n i still havent watched munna bhai. dont know what the gandhi talk is all about…

  11. one of my favsif somebody insults you, forget it..if you cant forget it, ignore it.if you cant ignore it, forgive him,and if you cant forgive him, you really deserve it…just remember it while reading ur post, so i think of jolt it down…

  12. yep.. agreed that it sounds dramatic.. actually too dramatic but that\’s what the reality is.. may be you\’ve not seen it happen. to this extent.. ive seen it and that\’s why i mentioned.. it\’s a voice, AS IS 🙂 without any manipulations.. this is one thing tht i cannot tolerate.. and wud never..m in offc today.. shucks :(:(

  13. Jinxed na? Ask me. Everytime Tweedle Dum (him) and Tweedle Dee (I) decide to go out, it rains.
    Even in 48 friggin degrees it rains.

  14. Hello there remember when I told you about the pictures for your space
    The crazy pictures that I made ><
    Ok first promise that if you did not like them you will not put them…
    I have to trust you … plz if you did not like them or was not your style DON’T put them I swear I will not feel bad
    Ok here you go

    plz be honest ><

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