When I am gone
Remember the jokes, the smiles
and the walks that we took for miles..
Remember the faint cracks in my heart,
The shadow on my conscience..
The rustle, the panic, the burst of excitement.
But when I am gone
Forget my eyes, not my tears.
Forget the faces, not my fears..
Build your dreams
on the hopes i leave, unfulfilled.

And for those of you who thought that i’ve stopped using my camera..there are a few pics in the photo album…which i clicked at this Cemetery i went to. Couldn’t take too many pics since i was trying to help record footage (do not remind me of which, since its not of the best quality) so clicked a few clicks from the camera cell nokia 6270! they’re available here

20 thoughts on “wtf

  1. beautiful poem, i suddenly realised I say this to every person who writes good and quality poems.. but then, it\’s also because I really apprecitae when people do so.
    🙂 I had seen that you had come to my space in statistics.. so gave you a visit too!
    🙂 see you!
    i did notice the changed look of your space! yup!

  2. oh noo are you becoming an adult?? you turn around and march to infancy this very minute…:p
    lovely poem tho i agre with nidhi…sniff sniff..i feel all sombre now…let me go help my sister in the ktichen…fasting the whole month..can you imagine me without food?? cranky is the word!!

  3. Hello there
    How r u
    Niceeeeeeee I like what you have here ^_^
    And I love love your comment ^_^
    And about the pic I might send some old pic if I found them ^_^

  4. the smiles that mingled with the miles
    when the cracks have the emotions in piles

    the sunsets which mixed with the sunrises
    the teardrops which never expected surprises

    time pauses, for those who dare to dream
    smile, glide, reach and the hope love to lean

  5. Hello there
    Ammm ok let me explain the options
    1) MOMO: like I said more than beautiful if you can find the book you are lucky it talks about time in a very beautiful way… but to be able to love this book you have to love imagination OMG I love this book… I wish I have wrote it ^_^
    2) Sophie\’s world: if you like philosophy this is a "sum up" its history of philosophy in a nice way but you have to love philosophy
    3) The Prophet: is a really good book with different subjects amm like family, Work
    Pain …… and my favorite topic "it is nicely written"… Giving ….
    These are some of the subjects that the "prophet of Orphalese " is talking about
     And it represents the author opinion in each subject … so I don’t think it is like the alchemist
    4) The old man and the sea: ammm I am just in the beginning so I don’t really know ^_^
    So I will write some of the prophet so u can understand what the book is all about
    "You give but little when you give of your possessions
    It is when you give of yourself that you truly give"
    "And what is fear of need but need itself"
    I am off to bed … I woke up to pray so now I am going back it is 5:44 in the morning
     ^_^ So if you need anything or want to ask about something go ahead and if I remember something I will let you knowTc and have fun

  6. Tht is beautifully written sups 🙂 lemme not call it a poem coz tht\’s gonna ruin what you\’ve expressed :)ye I\’m one of those who were waiting fr smthing new in that photo album..! 😀

  7. you wrote that?? its amazin. but why so senti..mumma dont write senti stuff. theres too much sadness in life as it is. dont tell me ur feeling so down that this is all that comes out

  8. I don\’t know what said …YES one ways it is beautiful poem than it \’s so sadness with cemetary?
    there\’s nothing wrong with having a LOW DAY, lots of times those times are followed by HAPPIER TIMES.
    Enjoy your day,

  9. hmm.. so what do I wanna become? I dunno! uff thts just a stupid anonymity prblm sups! cant help it.. it just comes and makes you think think think … and when you\’ve lost all your hair on it, it vanishes! :-s

  10. u cheat…. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkksssssssssssssss!!!lol jus kiddin!! well there was a debate sometime back on whether a computer was a girl or a boy.. or male or female 😛 😛

  11. isnt food craves in the midle of night fantastic? I love it… when everyone is sleeping I can silently go take out my stuff and have undisturbed… provided u have enough stock of what you want… 😀

  12. Hi Supriya!!!
    what\’s up yaar? I mean, how\’s life and such? I am bilkul bindaas (I am tryna sound like a cool person but am I really sounding so? lol lol ) just was browsing thru and saw this poem of urs, and re-read it and ya, I knew I had commented on it, once again, a beautiful poem.. 🙂
    chalo, see you later then, bye! 🙂

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