El Matador.

At the crack of dawn the little warrior wakes up, ready to take on a battle, which could vary from a WWE fight to a pirate’s shipwreck, it could be some god awful play station game or some other mumbo jumbo battle. Thank god for a ban on counter strike by the senior. And this is absolutely the best time to grab the empty arena, afterall the bulls are fast asleep, otherwise the scene is similar to a spanish bullfight during the day time, with each bull ready to charge on the sole matador. Ofcourse after the little warrior is sent away to school or pushed away from the sole matador (who god knows how manages to control the bulls and warriors..err you must be wondering what the warriors have to do with the matador..don’t worry even i don’t know) And then comes the senior warrior charging through the share market sites and cnbc news online. And if its a holiday its travel and health sites.
Obviously the bulls have their own time all throughout the day to surf and browse, converse and contact, chat and relax, study, do research and download music. And every single person apart from yours truly never ever bothers to restart the sole matador if its hung OR for that matter switch it off!
And to think that we are all vying for the sole matador’s undivided attention.
As Juhi Chawla puts it in the kurkure ad- Kya family hai!!

12 thoughts on “El Matador.

  1. my matador is very ill and ailing. it needs some serious medical attention which i can only provide after diwali. hats off to your matador!

  2. poor me im not sure i understand any of this. firstly these video games are beyond me. i cant imagine ho wyou guys manage to sit glued to it for that long. amazing really your patience levels – your generations that is when it comes to gaming. i assumme there are too many people vying in your place for the play station. well all the best.

  3. Tryin to do a Klebe? hmm??

    You kind of got me bit confused!! I can\’t find you anywhere. Where are you hiding these days mademoiselle??

  4. Ammm I know what you are talking about but just imagine
    The next vacation and u happy and satisfy with your top marks and your parents proud of you
     It is a good push of motivation 😉

  5. Games? Nah, not my cup of tea.. not at all! :(Awrite m back after spending 2 weird days in shanti niketan 😀 why weird? dunno!tht pic on the top is beeeeautiful!

  6. lucky are those who gets such attention
    pitty those who bear such brunt
    lucky are those who has that access
    pitty those who are left out
    Luck are mates for some
    for some its always a few salty drops…

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