jelly dreams.

There are times when you are confused.
There are times when others are confused.
There are times when others confuse you.
And when all 3 happen at the same time…either you help yourself or nobody will.
Some people are good at fits. they just are. dont question. dont ask.

Sorta been rocking on some imaginary pirate haven’t been blogging and visiting you all…will be back to it…. Yes sometimes even a blogAddict feels so jumpy that they dont have words to express themselves and neither do they have the thought process to collect their thoughts in one place.
I am talking shit. shut up shut up shut up.

If i had to analyse myself..not that i dont do anyways..I’d say I’m like jelly. Yes i know somhow food always enters into my conversations. But some kinda frozen jelly which is soft and hard and when u drop it, it falls apart but doesnt turn to water, remains spongy, sticks but is not easily removable yet easily gulpable. Wow i guess i wanna be red coloured jelly.
Some of my dreams are getting dumber and freakier. If anyone can tell m how not to have dreams PLEASE tell me.

17 thoughts on “jelly dreams.

  1. keep on dreaming,specially weird ones(well dreams arnt under ur control).dreams ar like alice\’s rabit hole u knw there is a hole but dont knw how deep it.i love 2 dream cause thts where my subconcious speaks.
    well keep on bloging i love reading ur blogs

  2. alright your jelly description confused me so you are one of those ppl who confuse and confusion is another of those but then i am just confused so forget it…
    your going through blogging withdrawals too?? tsk tsk what is the blogdom coming to?? pretty soon it will be devoid of all intelligent life forms and only amoeba like creatures will be on it..sighhhhhh
    i miss the old days…dont you?

  3. uh oh! awrite, happens at times.. how not to get dreams? umm… I\’m one victim of weird and freaky dreams.. awrite, here\’s sm stupid advice..! drink water before going to sleep, read a boring book, chat with a boring friend, or watch a crap hindi movie :Dchao have a nice weekend jelly!love,divoo

  4. Hello there
    And sometimes we are all confused … I agree
    Ammm bad dreams ….. Have no idea but I can tell u this I dream a lot like minimum 1 to 2 dreams a day …….
    And I don’t mind … not yet ^_^
    Ooooooooooooh I have a hard home work plus a quiz tomorrow >.< I hate statistic I hate university I just love my friends there nothing else…..  

  5. Ha ha ha me positive no wayyyy
    No really I try to be but still I am not ^_^
    One of the ways to improve your "positive thinking"
    Is by visiting this space
    This space helped me a lot and I am sure u will like it too
    And for the most important thing that keeps me going on is "believing"
    ^_^ so how is life "life in our age means study"…. yaaa right ^_^

  6.  What I will suggest you to keep dreaming. Dreams are good for you and for all. You never know your destiny lies in one of those dreams.
      About avoiding it ..hummmmmmmm…. always go to the bed when you are too tired not when you feel it is time to go for bed. With so much tired body which is crying for rest, I don\’t think that you will have dreams then .. 🙂

  7. two negatives make on positive… isnt it? so if someone tries to confuse you – make sure they are confused too, so in their own confusion and effort to confuse you, they will clear your confusion….

    pirate ship! not in a mood to blog! confusion – jumpy? symptom of a certain desease that starts with L…

    U know theres another property of jelly – if its of right consistency and depending upon from how high up its dropped… it might not break and land like a cat… and even if it breaks its easy to put them back together again…

  8. its just a period that you want to have rest..ur mind wanna relax..dont confuse urself with too many questions just chill this festive season..

  9. So you hated that post hmm? 🙂 I hate everything that forced me to write it :|How have you been sups? You\’ve been quite inactive in the last coupla days!

  10. arrey namaskaaram red jelly! ehh ppl confusing u eh? well, if all 3 happen simultaneously..erm…i dunno :S (ref: Case II: when others are confused)
    yaa man, sum ppl are naturals at fits.. :S
    *same pinch* guess we hav been sailing on the same ship..
    love the pic up there..i love random retro circles..(& exactly why did i call em that?)
    ahan..if u dun wanna dream, dun sleep, if u dun wanna sleep: believe me caffeine works (ok dun believe..blah)..arrey but ya kno wht, seriously, if u hav a good hot water bath(or whichever water YOU LIKE the most) & hav a cuppa coffee or hot chocolate b4 sleepin, u get a-w-esome dreams..lik good ones..
    so dont \’not want to have dreams\’..have them…control your dream quality..(yess..if ANY of that makes sense..)
    pardon the senseless rambles…
    evry1 goin 2 blogger eh? i got one there too…random pics..
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  11. God save all those who fall in this desease and pity all those who cant…

    btw – the trick is not to keep the heart and head healthy… they will always fight; for everything else follow the head, but in this case let the heart loose… and the time to rule…

    remember living life in a moment?

    jelly and jelly beans… that reminds me to try baking jelly filled cookies next…

  12. i can i can! but im sure u wont follow my advice…neways here goes…eat at least 3 hrs before going to bed, dont come online, and sleep early…say by 9 pm..:-D. i dont think ur like jelly at all..i think ur like…ummm…yes! ur like coke…theres a lot of fizz to disguise the sweetness, yet cant be hidden if u taste it…one swallow could either relieve you from ur heavy meal or keep u uneasy for ages 😀 wondering what im talkin about? great! if u figure out, let me know as well.

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