Yoooohooo-in the words of divoo.

Dear Mizter Amitabh Bachchan,
Happy Birthday!
ps: i love your son.

Yeah folks (folks? eww) I’m back! Come to think of it i was not really gone.
Was just wondering about how selfish are we? or are we not? I mean I do things which i want to do….study what i want to….talk to whoever i want to, sometimes not though but most of the times….I’m not talking about stuff like i live for myself- obv we all live for ourselves or our family or spouse or whatever blah. But most of the simple things we do- its our personal choice- what I’m trying to say- we’re all selfish when it comes to our little needs….the music thatw e listen to, the way we do things, our habits, our clothes..whatever…so does that mean our addictions are out of selfishness too? I mean even if we know things are bad why would you want to selfishly stay hooked to it? Its not easy to explain certain needs as selfishness but what about those addictions which lead nowhere…
I’m just wondering how selfish is very selfish!
There i’ve confused you all and myself. awesome.

A vacation
-can bring a smile to your face
-makes you want to look forward to something
-makes time seem so so so slow
-fills your head with excited thoughts.
I cant wait!

17 thoughts on “Yoooohooo-in the words of divoo.

  1. Hmm.. yes we\’re selfish at some or the other point… selfishness is quite like love (huh?) like there\’s nothing like less love or more love, similarly, there\’s nothing like a little selfish or very selfish 😀 I hope I understand wht I\’m writing! :pTherefore, very selfish is just selfish like selfish is :DChao good to see you arnd! 🙂

  2. Black doesn\’t suit me :-s :((
    No prb. I\’ll keep it for sometime and see if it feels good to me 😀
    Agreed that I\’m the orange kinds 😀
    Listening to the heart is what I\’m questioning. How exactly do we do that? I too say that I listen to my heart most of the time and I actually dunno how I do that! Am I getting too technical? :-s uff. kno wot, mera dimagh kharab ho chuka hai 😐

  3. Hmm..understood sups… but still, I\’m so confused.. and it\’s stupid when you know that you dunno why you\’re confused! :DI keep checking spaces in between while working thts why I reply so soon 😀 I come on msn at times but whenever I do, you\’re not online 😛 awrite will try today.. yest, msn was acting crazy though!

  4. hey u knw i just observed one thing ki aajkal black n white ka zamaaana hai.. lol .. see Divoo\’s display pic, my display pic and ur display pic , all r in black n white… kuch toh theme season chal raha hai!!! lol

  5. hey one thing more, just wanted to ask u and also i was wondering how u do that cute images on the top of ur space.. ??like as in how exactly u do that? could u pls tel me that? it would be appreciated! 🙂

  6. selfish as selfish as selfish can get..:) and yep i am selfish…
    sigh you beat me to the i love youu abhishekkkkk..;p,,,damn aishwarya rai..;p
    cookieeee i do miss you here on the blogs…why is everyone being selfish and just moving out of spaces??

  7. thanks Supriya!! thanks a lot yaar!!! thanks ^10000… (= thanks to the power of 10000… ).
    and haan, one more thing, how do u get that small text (something written in thr beside the main picture) ?? is it already in picture or u add it in that window when u r in edit mode?? ur help is appreciated. 😀
    and haa, one more thing, thanks once more! once more! 🙂
    thanks a lot again!
    Ipsh! 🙂

  8. hey you
    how you been.
    sorry the only thing i noticed in the blog was Abhishek umm yeah this one i can drool over. i dont even have to try to visualise him making hot love to me on a love seat. Jeez and i am a happily married women for eleven years. aah but i aint going to apologize if hubby can drool over anjelina jolie i can do my visualising with abhishek. remember taht movie he did with Rani.
    he gave he a full on kiss. God how i wanted to be Rani. Damn im not. too bad. okie i think i better get out of your space before one thing leads to ano ther. hehe.

  9. A Vacation ….can make you do loadsa things…
    But a vacation with Mizter Amitabh Bachan\’s son…..ummm
    (Got you thinking, haven\’t I)
    Take Care

  10. ahh your here?? then who need anyone else??? 🙂 awwwwwww hugs old cookie girl..and your absolutely right no usse being ona d iet if we are going to hog everyday and i am not talking about only chocolates!!!!
    there is also no use trying to do work with the msnspaces open..[:p]…
    buggy and gunnie has dissapeared!! you think its because they rhyme..;)…leaving you an entire gallon of hersheys syrup to show i love you in the most non lesbian way…:)

  11. Ash has her ears picking up..be safe dear girl!
    Being selfish is very necessary..if we aren\’t selfish in certain doses, will we be able to have our own individual identities? I beleive in individualism, selfishness as much as I believe in collectivism..ultimately, all co-exist in one harmonious circle!
    where is vacation to??

  12. I guess confusion is also contagious. I can also guess that one Viking as its source 🙂

    Its all right to be selfish Sups. It is not as bad as ppl say it is to be. You want to eat something you want go for it. Expensive clothes? Go for it!! Its all life\’s simple pleasure. Of course there are hungry and clothe-less ppl in Africa. Its destiny. Don\’t confuse it with your selfishness. As long as your selfishness doesn\’t kill anyone or harm the freewill its fine. But then in a round about way, ppl die of hunger in Africa. Are you killing them with your selfishness?

    Vacation is selfish too – lot of ppl in Vietnam work their arse off without a day off!! You are selfish Sups!!

  13. Well, I know the potential to have a short role but I\’m a believer. I think it will lost sometime and i would kick myself so hard if its end because of me!!

    Right now, I\’m going to spend a week in bliss + caution but heck i dont care. Right now i feel good and that\’s all i care about. It feels good ta da, ta da. Remind me by a scrap that I have to buy some flowers tomorrow 😀

  14. hmm … somethings are really confusing; like if you wanna be unselfish and doing things for others, you are doing that also because you love doing tht- hence you are doing it for yourself – so u r selfish???

    yessss – vacations and breaks… much much needed… its good to be with people waiting for you… but its even better if its to or with those you want to be with…

    going to kolkata for more than a week – yeeyyyyy!!

  15. lady, all of us are selfish to the core. and thats the only way to live. and people who say they are not are either ignorant or liars of the first order. i should give you a few richard bach books to read…that would answer a lot of ur questions. there is a quote that is always at the tip of my tongue and would be quite appropriate here..but im forgettin what it was..neways..whats the harm in being selfish…as long as u dont hurt neone else in the process?
    ps. i love him too

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