some this and some that!

A certain someone i was friends with (and not quite in touch with now) had once told me- why can’t you girls stop judging people? One particular act/habit cannot be an excuse to judge a person and there was a bit more of blah blah blah to it. Oh yeah we were arguing that time, and i had mentally decided not to try and judge people instinctively, and to give them time and not to form opinions based on just a first impression. I still try to stick to it. Occasionally i cheat my mental decision and do form opinions, sometimes they’re right, sometime’s they’re not (God i sound like some multiple choice question!!) But it sure makes it easier for me to get along with people, i don’t have too many expectations that way and sometimes people surprise me by being better than i expected them to be probably just cuz i kept no expectations.
But despite whatever i tell myself to do, and whatever part of me doesn’t listen to me…I cant Help but categorising people sometimes when I’m observing them or interacting with them. And especially those people with whom i interact frequently. So here goes my list of some this and some that in no particular order…. and the list is definitely not complete!
  • The I have high standards and i will make the rest of the world my slave kinds. Now all they want is for their stuff to happen exactly how they want it to, by hook or by crook, by tears or by anger, by stubborn behaviour or by hunger strikes, by lying or by cribbing. Its almost always about me me me me me. I want fame, I want name, I want money I want honey I need a break.
  • The I am too smart for you and even if I dont get my way out I’m sure to make you feel guilty or pass negative judgements about you getting your way. Ok you’re smart, ok you have brains Ok you have experience Alright we know your smart again…but the rest of us are not that bad are we???
  • I’m the sweet poison. I’m smart but not over smart, I’m intelligent, hard working but i have little bullets up my out or even if u do watch out, I’m sure to fire a few here and there just to show that I’m capable of firing. sigh. people.
  • Queen Bitches. Term reserved especially for the likes of a certain few females who’re passionate about being the ultimate torturous knife. A flash of eyes, a comment a stare, the volley of words….somebody give them a whack PLEASE!!
  • Bad habits never die kinds, always late, always unavaialable, always forgetting….and not knowing any roads as well!!
  • Secretive yet outgoing…could be your best friend but yet you’ll discover things that might surprise you…or contradictions…seeming double faced at times, yet mature and understanding…mysterious yet so cliched.

And yeah though some traits might consciously or unconsciously match people mentioned earlier in a lot of my pevious ahem frustrated posts this is just a general observation about many other people as well. But then again there are so many people……



24 thoughts on “some this and some that!

  1. the bitchy nature of girls.. been there done that!.. hehe
    okay, so i noe its really tacky and stoopid and all o dat but i think its also kinda boring without it..
    i mean if we werent atleast a little judgemental, our minds would end up at one point or another, having NOTHING to analyse and we all know that an idle mind is a devil\’s workshop 😉 haha
    so yea.. its cute as a phase.. dontcha think? but after a point, i can come down to banging that bitchy woman\’s head just to shut her up! hehe.. 😉
    nice space.. been visiting for a few days now..

  2. ahhh… people people people!! u knw here in local national language of ppl, they ppl ppl ppl as "he tangata, he tangata, he tangata" its kool. ya now to ur blog, is duniya mein jitna bhi problems hum inassanon ki wajeh se hi toh hai!!! ab usemn do variety hai- men and women, donon apni perpspective mein highly complex hain.. koi cure nahi hai uska! sad hai na?!!! i knw
    aur un logon ka kya kehna jo bitching karte hain.. they r downright narrow minded ppl who have nothing better to do with their lives aur chale taang ladane doosri ki achci khaasi zindagi mein and become professional talented bitches!!!!!!!!!!!
    and judgement- i used todo tat most of the times… its a human nature, very humnaly human nature to judge.. but i don\’t form  permanent opinions coz i don\’t know that person fully (or rather better enough) coz that is how it is.. n its so damn true, u never knw who might surprise u.. and now i don\’t judge.. instantaneous bitching is everywhr, ppl envy u.. seldom they r happy with ur happy life.. but then again, not everyone is like that… u knw what i mean, ya?
    nice post and i like ur pic at the tope, resolutions.. lol gun powder wala funny that!!! lol
    see u~!  

  3. N today reminded me of viruses and the first thing to pop up into my head was…… U ofcourse!!! lol!!!someone\’s been observing a lotttttt!!!!!!

  4. umm.. judging ppl comes naturally to girls, isn\’t it? 😀 a lot of my friends have tried placing me in the last category at times! can u BELIEVE that? lol.. well, i can! :-|my todo fodo session is over.. :Pand yr new profile pic is cool 😀

  5. Which category do I fit in  Hain? Hain?
    Umm…lemme drop off a hint, \’I want fame, I want name, I want money I want honey I need a break.\’
    heee heee.
    Lesbian kisses ;P

  6. Absolutely judgement comes so naturally to us woman. you cant blame us for having an opinion. we are the more discerning sex for guys luckily for them they have their six inches which kind of has a mind of tis own and ofcourse is highly unjudgemental. as long as it sees female anything will do. well needless to say we came after them so we are more sophisticated. God actually gave us a brain which he was kind enuf to not lodge between our legs. hehe.  Hey thanks for the comment you left on my space. this story was the first story i tried to write. initially i gave it an ending that my family thought was a little to porn and since i was doing ti for the the readers diges contest they insisted that readers digest does not appprove of porn so i had to change the ending this is the second ending that I tried and you are so right it sounds very balaji or very yash chopra or a mix of the two. cant blame me really ive been practically bought up on that fare. hehe. now im wondering which part two should i post next the slightly porn ending or the balaji. okie ill let you pick alrite. my email address is so write me a mail and give me your mail id and i will send both the stories across to you and you can decide which one i should post alrite?????

  7. hello there
    "cool problem sovled :d am i good or what :)"
    u r super good LOL ^_^
     the cat is a male

    I think that we will not keep the kitten it\’s too small to be in our house >< I am kind like sad right now >.<

    And what about me in whish category am I? U saw this question coming did not u??

  8. the steel is tempered ninetimes in fire….
    we give at least 13 major exams to be termed as graduates…

    does it sound familiar… pain?

    cant help it… have to be there… the annual homecoming on Kalipujo…

    winter or no winter… may be this will be my harshest winter in life – both inside and outside…

  9. Should we ever call some Impressions…i would name them all "Digested". For they land up in veins. That\’s what makes me human…im proud of the impressions…wait that makes me girlie too…ouch!!!

  10. thinking hard as which one I fit in… can\’t figure out..tell me…or more categories to come??
    hugs & throwing kisses la bullet style..i hv bullets up my sleeves!hehehhe
    P.S.  …hmmm. lots of buried fantasy up there… drooling comments…poor Ab..Girls give him a breakkkkk..

  11. u knw what – this categorising thing is forever wrong and yet we indulge in it… once we categorize ppl , we believe them to behave that way and their each gesture is taken in fulfillment of that fallacy…so clear ur mind of them…as latest reports say that the word"schizophrenia" is losing its utility…becoming so over-used & much abused…we shudnt categorise yet we do.. but sometimes it is not such a bad thing too provided its for understnading ppl and not hold these categories against them…
    ok ok I hv confused u …i know babes..*grins*
    ok now tell me my category.. hehe
    lesbian kiss la krit style 😀

  12. LOL
    Come on ^_^
     I am sure that I am not that good at least not yet ^_^
    And I believe if there is any thing good in my writing  
     It is because I write about what I believe in…
    But really it is you …
    You r sooooooooooooooooo sweeeeeet so u think others are sweet too ^_^I am happy that I found your space that day ^_^ really

  13. i dont think i would want to meet any of those ppl you categorized….eegads!! although some ppl say i am a bitch like its a bad thing.. :-p
    its late and i am sick and i shouldnt be making these spaces pit stops but you know how it is sometimes….
    now get to work on a new category off ppl the good ones who we would like to know!! or i shall take the bottle of hershey syrup and drink it all up cookie dearest! hup hup hup….and a hug…:)

  14. waah! u sound like my mom! lol i can\’t study much. no no.. nahi, bilkul nahi.. noooo…. naaaa … na na na… nanana … lol lol
    HAPPY DIWALI and ENJOY UR HOLIDAYS! even if they r so short that i wont be able to realise when u r back! lol see u! hehe!!

  15. WHAAA…?
    Don\’t tell me, you DON\’T like queen bitches.

    And I never knew our relationship would end so soon.
    *sob sob*
    Better start liking them queen bitches okay!

  16. I mean..being ultimate torturous knife. A flash of eyes, a comment a stare, the volley of words..
    It can\’t be bad. It isn\’t!

  17. oh man how organised are you?!! i do lump people into categories, but by instinct, not by traits. for all i know all the people i dumped into a particular category may not have similar characteristics at all. btw, seems like u were in a bitchy mood ;-). thats alright..but to tell you the truth, i think all your above categories may be rolled into one nasty category..and while ur at it, how about categorizing some of the nice people in ur life. it will make u feel good. trust me.

  18. what happened? you lost or something? or the desease has made you invalid?

    couldnt help… am in town… guess you must have known seeing the rain that lashed the town this week? yes it was me…

    happy Diwali and Kali pujo

  19. "If you judge people, you willhave no time to love them"
                                                                          ……. Mother Teresa.

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