Ahhhh Puri!

Not those fried ones you eat with aloo dum PLEASE!
And for a lot of souls who still dont know (yes i did encounter like 3 people who did not know) Puri is a beach in Orissa, near its capital Bhubaneshwar..and it is the home of the famous Jagannath temple. It is also Lord Krishna’s in-laws place. lol random trivia jeez i sound like some guide.
But the bestestttttt part about that place is its beach (not the main beach, as usual that is the story of how we indians dirty everything we have and make it overcrowded and it lies around for the whole world to criticise and comment upon and for foreigners to come and observe and experience)
But thank god for resorts and their own section of the beach which is clean and clear and empty and almost begging you to jump into the waves!! The first few minutesyou just cant see beyond the lovely blue waters..crashing down..and then you slowly wet your feet..oh well and before you can enjoy it slowly you have someone pushing you into the waves or throwing a blob of goeey wet sand at you. But its fun!
Fun. Beach. Water. Waves.
If you need a break..this IS is the place!
And the oversmart fisherman, well if you want to sit on a huge tube and float on the high waves, you gotta tolerate his know it all attitude!
The foodie in me enjoyed eggs everyday, and now i feel like an egg.
And they claim that there are about 110 dolphins in the Chilka lake. We probably saw the same 2 dolphins jumping around 110 times. But yeah before they could be captured on the camera, they decided to jump into the water again. Tried feeding them bread as well as candy…but typically indian the dolphins..stubborns would make a guest appearance and dive right into the water.
And yeah Aksha your right (shucks people are getting to know me pretty well in here) I cannot write about it in like 2 lines, although i am writing in a hurry.
But the greatest spectacle, actually there was no spectacle…. was the Temple! Now will somebody PLEASE explain the concept of blind faith.
I mean the place is a corruption center!!! First you have these 20 year olds acting like pandas promising to show u this and that and blah (basically will make u shell out money, they even bargain amazing what faith) Then you see please dont spit signs and dirty red walls right below it! And people and some more people and some more people just running around wildly, crazily trying to pray..in lines.. no place to stand. AND they’ve all come to pray!! I mean for the love of god HOW can u pray like this. Like how!!!
And come to think of it, you cant even walk properly outside the temple, I almost bumped into a black bull sitting in the middle of the road. It was dark.
But there’s something about the beach..there just is..it pulls you. Even if you’re a scary crow, you cannot not get wet and get crazy in the beach! I love the beach!
I recommend a beach vacation to everyone..once a year atleast! Dont make it 6 years like me or you’ll be crying to see water!!
Hmm what else did we do..endless food and chocolates, cards, books.. (praps u gonna be very angry when i tell you what i read LOL naww its no penthhouse novel relax haha)
And train journeys- I have come to the conclusion that no matter where you go what train you take, there will ALWAYS be a baby crying in the next compartment all night. Always.
Oh my dad adopted a dog for 3 days and it folowed us around all over the resort scaring my cousin like crazy!
But sigh the beach…at night..OMg it is like THE most romantic thing ever. And guess who i see sititng and enjoying the lovely waves at night…. old uncles and aunties and i was wondering oh well romance yeah right whatever.
So well i could go on and on cuz well i can write on and on, but im in a hurry so well…enjoy the pic i’ll upload a few more later.

26 thoughts on “Ahhhh Puri!

  1. I\’m going to beaches next week! Its in Melbourne but I will be in beach for 5 days!!

    I have been asked to take a short vacation – stress leave at work. I got wrinkles, dark circles and constant bad mood – I love work but right now its full on!!

    I started to download here!! I better find something to eat and get some sleep. Sigh its 7 and its a Friday!!

    I want to go to the beach… I want to
     I even don’t mind feeling the sands on my shoes
    Ahhhhhha I miss the smell the colors every thing I have to go
    I felt happy when I was reading your description of the beach but then my friend reminded my of that 2 homework\’s that we are suppose to submit in our first day back to university " from the vacation " and know I feel sad though I am not going to do it coz if I am planning to do it I will not just feel sad I will Panic
    Too so sad is better than sad & Panicking don’t you think 
    I hate university

  3. beaches- meri jaan! kahaan hai tu!? bagal mein hai tu par fir bhi yeh modern slave aa nahi pa rahi tumhare paas! lol
    i love beaches too. u knw what, we r meant to be at ease with nature and its every offerings.. and see, that\’s y we feel so good between luch greenary.. sea beaches, rain..  et cetera! ya ur description was amazing!
    and ya, we both having fun.. sachchi yaar, its horrible to study for long, insaan ke dimaag ki creativity bhang ho jaayegi kuch samay baad, need something good like blogging,  going out.. having pies.. masti, gol gappas and samosas- we dont get here but still.. u kwn i mean fun hona bahut zaroori hai!
    I reside in New Zealand with my family. thsi is a beautiful pace! 🙂
    thanks for dropping by Supriya!

  4. wowie! have never been near the sea and would love to…is Prav listening?? oh! the deaf he is!
    loved the pics… the feeel of waterrrrr…everywhere I see there is water & just water & some sand..
    next time pack me along!

  5. Yea flowers and poetry is OK. But you insulted me with \’Surprisingly good\’ line. I always strive for good!! 😀

    Nothing is happening with flower girl though – I couldn\’t produce enough chemistry to \’whoo\’ her. All I have is lot of liking here. Need to find the position!!

  6. i like the eating one better ……..n btw , i didnt get a KEEDA, all three were written in a span of 15 minutes …..while my friends were busy making jackasses outta each other

  7. Shamelessly I did forwarded her this one and she said its beautiful!! Flower girl wont happen I guess – two weeks was grt but its time to move on!

    Btw, I have few poem on my belt – Check my previous blogs mademoiselle!! Still I\’m insulted 😛 Did u realise that this is poem is bout Dragula? Neck..moon turning red!!

  8. Ok its fun to read the enthusiasm of the beach. Oh sorry i was to comment here. :p (Dee taught me this expression) The finest beach, in relation relative to ur tolerence for the crowd, is the one where a club named Amnesia stands. The Ochi expression of music shall command your camera to collect all the photons as possible. Mark your way someday. The simplicity may be absent. But i asure you, a MUCH bigger post would be writtent about it. Have a great Sunday.

  9. First I did not know where Puri was……so ahem.
    Second You had a super cool time…..! yaaaay for tht.
    The WAS a baby crying even when i took the train for da first time last year to Delhi!!!! OMG…….forget i said tht!!! *shreak*
    : P : P
    The pictures are oh! so awesome…..
    I am delivering on ma promise to start bloggin from today! Send me slapson the back at me blog : P
    Am having a good day! Saw Jaan-e-mann!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!! Its like an indian version of a super cool musical!!!!  watch it if u havent alreday!= )
    more l8r…..

  10. Just 3 days? where the fudge did did you leave him after that you evel? Get him here!P.S – i wanna go for a really really short holiday to puri. boo hoo.

  11. Ahh Puri! I\’ve heard about its virgin beaches! I\’m J! :pI HAVE to visit Puri before I leave Kol :DOh btw, galat jawab :p sahi jawab is air sahara 😀

  12. last memory of Puri beaches… guess said a number of times – yet, beach festival at night, with a pillow of sand and a bottle of alcohol hidden under the sand with a straw peeping out… the Puri beach is much better than that of Mumbai- the sand is much less sticky, but the best beach in India I have seen (Ahem! I have not been to Goa!!) is at Deegha…

    Personally I am not a sea man – but hills and forest guy – for me its much much more romantic… neways… seems u r still on the surf and sand…

  13. Hello there
    Ooh no I will never ask you to stop searching just stop wondering why some hates us love us coz you don’t want to change your self just to be loved or not hated
    Lets say one day you discover that your best best friend love you for something she think you did though you did not do it you will feel bad right! this will be the first phase the other move will be changing your self to fit the picture that your best friend had about you and girl that hurt even more sooo just be hated or loved don’t ask why and thank God for who love you and for every thing else
    Sooo search fro every thing else just stop when you know that it will hurt
    So how are you ^_^
    I don’t know why I can\’t comment on pictures *_* any way love them especially pic number 6 and 1 ^_^ and yaaaaa you are good with shots you are a pro

  14. my flight to delhi was kinda good.. i got a window seat and there was no one on the middle seat 😀 anyway, hota hai aisa bhi 😀 koi baat nai :p

  15. i know what you read and its k lol. i know what you mean ive been dying to go to puri since a long long time, although whatever little memories i have of the beach are not too great…they include nearly drowning (ok i thought i was drowning) in the sea and staying awake late into the night fearing the occurrences of tsunamis (i was a well informed kid and even at the age of 8 knew what a tsunami was all about). and talking about faith, religion and god, well yes, you could call it blind faith… and trust me, thats the only faith which works. doesnt matter whether you are in the desert, marooned on an island, on the swiss alps, in a dirty temple or even in your bathroom. if u pray with sincerity or rather, with "blind faith" He is sure to listen 🙂

  16. oh wow you sure sound like a beach bum. and you sound like you had a whole lot of fun. i lov e the water too and dont need an excuse to get in to it. hey ive posted part two of my story. thought i d request you to come read it. hmmm ive gotten down to canvassing for my space. ehehe.

  17. beaches are always romantic…and ur pics are amazing…never been to puri but ur post push me to go and have a vacation out there….lets see…when im going to join that fishermen….take care….

  18. hhhm by the way ms supriya. i love the puri with dum aloo. fantabulous.
    nice vivid description and all that.
    looks like someone had the time of her life.
    next time you can take lola kutty along.
    heard she likes the beach too.

  19. pls!!!!!!!!!!!! temples have become centres of excellence in Con-ning. Last time I was in Shani-Shinganapur (near shirdi) the vendors there took advantage of public\’s fear of "shani" and literally conned them into buying all sorta puja material only to realise that inside the temple there is no such ritual!!  and they come in all shapes and sizes mind u!!not even shirdi is safe now!!god save us! it\’s been a long time tat i had seen a beach… i guess june 6th was the last time i was close to one.. (not on beach) an of course if u deduct the beach u see from a plane.

  20. o ye, putting vicks and taking steam… that\’s it! :Dis better and hopefully, wud be gone by Monday! chao cya n happy weekend!

  21. Hi Supriya!
    wot\’s up?
    went thru the pics and also ur assignment pics, well.. they r nice.. 🙂 why dont u put some of ur pics. ..
    anyway.. i m listening to a tamil song @ the moemnt, and i m loving it.. i dont understand even a word but doesnt really matter as long as i am in the flow..
    i was wondering.. r u studying photography? that is so amazing if u r .. coz i love photography and my parents were to give me a camera after my 10th board exams and i never gave one! coz we shifted a lot of places during that time.. and now my camera is in India.!!!!!!!!!
    anyway.. woh sab chodo.. hope u had a masti full trip, i said this b4 i knw but saying again.. ki fadak painda hai
    chalo, see u later then

  22. Hi…
    Are u a photography student? I saw the photographs…but none of them is much impressive… do u always take this kind of snaps..or are u saving ur better photos to sell? (those of them which has a good subject — the picture is shaken!)
    NEways… ur description of Puri is impressive…

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