Random facts about Random losers.

Note: Random losers includes yours truly as well.
Its truly dumb to actually imagine.
Its even more truly dumb to worry about things you want to do when you’re not at all trying to do them because then you would want to do that thing which you are doing right now.
Someday the doormats would take revenge.
Fools don’t realise and smart fools realise too much.
Gay love stories are hilarious.
‘Hamein tanha chod dijiye'(wtf)– Ash repeats this line like THRICE in Umrao Jaan. I have given up on remakes and i wont watch Don now.
Sometimes you just want to beat people up. Why is it, that in my case its mostly guys? 😛
Patience is a virtue which a lot of us forgot to collect.
Sometimes you just dont do what you want to and crib about it.
Never ever ever ever ever Look back.(repeat 10 times)
Ex crushes always make you feel, why you ever liked them in the first place.
If working hard pays off, why doesn’t anyone work hard to do nothing!
ENOUGH supriya..Shut up.

33 thoughts on “Random facts about Random losers.

  1. I don\’t have patience…does it make me a loser? Aww!! 🙂

    Even Mizter K doesn\’t, he gets blamed for it…like last week 😦 I have given up on them!! Also on moustaches. Every time I go past a mirror, I crack up. Now I\’m clean shaven and just about to break another gal\’s heart 😀

  2. Muah! at times you say what i want to but cannot! :)Don was sick! as usual, I hate Shahrukh. Never ever ever ever ever look back! 😀 why why why why why do i keep looking back? :|kno wot, you dropping in to say hi sounded funny. formally funny.. hehe :):)

  3. Hello there
    “Its even more truly dumb to worry about things you want to do when you\’re not at all trying to do them because then you would want to do that thing which you are doing right now.”
    Bigggggggg time
    OoooohMG all the time
    Especially when I have to study and don’t want to
     Does that makes me a LOSER ?

  4. Never ever ever ever ever Look back
        as in back in life… whats happened or as in behind while you walk on road… !
    which kinda looking back ?

  5. Doormats will rise someday… but Looking back is good…ex-crushes definitely make u queasy as what made u so infatuated..*winks* thank God they didnt see light of the day…remakes are hopeless..humhe tanha chhid dijiyee…arre aap Abhi ko chhod di kiye ne  (for dear Sups).oooolalalaa..
    studying well na!

  6. woohoo!does that woohoo mean that I\’m back to a good or not-so-bad mood?may be. dunno.mood is a lot better waise.life is uff. no words hehe.

  7. ´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´17¢ø¢oø1 ´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´¢¶¶oooo´1o¶ ´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´$¶¶$ø¢¢øø17¶$ ´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´¶¢1´7oøoø´o7¶1´ ´11¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ø´´´´´´´´´´´ø¶ø´1oø¢o1ø´o¶¢ ¶¶¢¶ø¢¢¢¢77oø¶¶¶´´´´´´´´¶¢7ø$øoo7o$77¶o ¶¶7´7o77177777oø¶¶1´´´´¶øooo77777oø7¶¶ ´¶¶¶7o¢øø77ø¢ooooø¶¶¶¶¶¶¢oooo7177¢7o¶7 ´´´¶¶7´oooooooo77177o7øø¢¢ø¢ooooøø¢¶ ´´´´7¶¢o7¢øoo7717oøø¶¶øoø¢ooo¢¢ooooo$7 ´´´´´7¶¶ø17oo7oø¶øøooøooooo777o¢oo71´o¶1 ´´´´´´´1¶¶$oø$$¢111¢1o¶¶ø7oøøo7ooooø7¢1¶ ´´´´´´´´´ø177´o1´ooo´¢ø´¶ø7oooø¢oo1¢1ø7¶ ´´´´´´´´¶¢¢7o7oo¢oøo´ø¶´´¶¶ooo77o7ø¶1´o¶ ´´´´´´´1ø$oøo1øø¢¢7o´¶ø´´´ø¶¢$$¢$¶77oø¶7 ´´´´´´´7¶17ø77¢7711¶7¶´´´´´´¢¢ø´´´71¢¶1 ´´´´´´´´ø¶$¢øø71oøø¢¢¶´´´´´´´´øø¶¶¶¶¶o ´´´´´´´´´7¶oø¶¶¶¢77¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´ ´´´´´´´´´´´$¶¶ø¢¶¶¶7´´´´´´´´´´´´hello PINEAPPLE      sending my love and reading your poetic heart beat in words……..ha yes!  the beat of the worlds pulse is in each beat of your heart dear one.
    love from linda in california

  8.  Someday the doormats would take revenge…. 🙂 … First time at ur "space" . Thought you would want a comment from a fellow loser :)..
     Vinod R iyer

  9. damn it! my right eye is winking for like last ten bloody minutes and i can\’t stop it! uff!!!!!
    Supriya, is there anything wrong with my eyes reading this entry of urs or wht? lol. just curious!! omg, look at my eyes.. i just cant stop them frm winking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol but m honest, ya, its still winking!
    anyway, about ur blogs, u knw why u wanan beta guys- coz they provoke us to do so! guys r very complex!
    ya, so.. i shut up now.. damn it, it is still the same – my eyes!! i neeed a brk!

  10. so, wots up with u these days? hws life and everything? hope, good..
    am fine yaar.
    hopefully, my eyes r a little better now.. but still winking slightly. i need sleep, i guess tht\’s wht mum says..
    chalo, see u!

  11. i am not a bathroom person, who would shower for an hour on monday morning…. so why the hell not wait.. thats my point…….. well as u said may be their minds work differently…………

  12. ok i am a smart fool!
    i didn\’t watch Don either, no plans of doing it either.
    I want to beat up ppl too, in my case, it\’s gender-independent 😛
    i keep forgetting that I collected my patience. pch!

  13. oh i still have more to add,
    i don\’t want to study hard and crib too 😀
    look back?? where? i am always in the back!
    err.. no comments.
    i dunno!
    yes, right SHUT UP SUPRIYA.. u r making me feel like a random loser 😛

  14. i knew it…the doormats will conspire!! and then we will be the ones on our faces and they willl wipe themselves over us and laugh muhahahahaha take that you scum of the universe…now since i imagined too much i am a looser right? ah well we cant all be winners….
    actually we had a door mat on our step that was kinda big and it kept raining and everyone who didnt know about the door mat being too big slipped…muhahahaha…entertainment for me at least…
    needless to say my sister changed it…the spoilt sport…grumble grumble…
    hallo cookie…i know it should be in the beggining but why not say it in the end so we would never have to say goodbye because we are always saying hello??..the hallo is british…as in hallo..
    oh pls dont sshhhh i liked this random you must write more…
    hugs and lots of random kisses in the most non lesbian way of course….i dont want to be a funny love story you know!!

  15. Well ironically she is indian…..
    I know too many americans.. they will never do this……. NEVER…..
    Its a big deal to intrude in one\’s privacy.. their is a known saying of 4 year here.. MOM you are intruding into my privacy….  4 year old damn thats too early for privacy 🙂 so americans will never do that……
    I hated americans when i was in india.. well not any more though….. humans are humans everywhere….

  16. You should\’ve written some more. Its so true!
    I hate the ex crushes wala part, I mean they will Always do somethign to make u feel stupid to have liked them in the first place like dig their nose in front of you…no no, dont look at me like that, thats seriously happened to me.

  17. ok first of all tell me how did u manage to remove ur space address from ur contact card coz the little orange star no longer shows ne updates. secondly sup if u want my frank unadulterated opinion… snap and one other person is making u absolutely useless not to mention very very miserable. nobodys worth it. trust me.

  18. hey sups!
    how u been? i\’m back after what seems like forever.. 🙂
    yes ex-crushes so make you feel like fools.. now i dont know whether its the smart fool or the foolish fool i feel like.. 😛
    and re-makes suck! all of them completely and totally suck! whats the point of a "re-make" anyway?
    please tell me..
    now i feel like a fool.. 😦 lol..
    pay me a visit sometime..

  19. ha ha you can add one more to the list of truly dumb, dats me by the way ….
    even i feel like beating up people but then i cant beat up girls (stupid morals) 😛
    i still like my ex\’s otherwise i would be like why the hell did i go out with them in the first place and consequently dat would mean that im dumb (not that i deny it)
    my latest nick on msn reads "bored agitated frustrated confused angry pissed off", i think its gonna be like that for a while
    since when have gay love stories started being published, send me a copy
    "hamien tanha chhod dijiye" should be "hamein ek zor ka thappad mariye", i shall happily oblige

  20. Its not enough Supriya…………….!
    Tell me more…..its like hmm…thts wht i think……shattering!
    hows u?

  21. lolz….. swippy im best in wastin time.*winks*..oye madam nowadays u neva cum 2 my blog na..boohoo i missed u all a lot…madam..wat u doin nowadays..*thinkin*…
    hmm. abt me?? i jus loiteri around b\’lore..shopin..
    newazz tc…:)

  22. hi swippy…ggullpp..u luk red now..smokin wid anger kya….madam maaf kar do….agar nahi to bhi koi prob nahi..lolz…aare im not gettin time..coz of mostly travelin….i jus went 2 kerala last week now i hav 2 go 2 hyd nxt week..phew..i hav been shuttli between these places 4 quite a few months \’ work is also hectic… hmm. ay wat u doi..higher studies ya jus loiterin i n\’ around kolkatta(lolz i know u hate da word) jus chargin u up..neazz i tryin 2 update 4m now onwards..tc.:)
    u know me na….lolz

  23. hey Supriya! guess wht? i saw don and umrao jaan, both!
    my opinion- both were as usual- crap crap!!!!!! bakwaas, i mean umrao jaan was too much, extreme , got to my nerves!!!!! and don- waah, daag deni chahiye don!!!!  crap crap crap!!!!!!!!
    and, i think , no, ma sure big ppl in bollywood have ran out of any innovative ideas and so yeh remake ka zamana hai!!!! uff!
    anyways, see u!
    🙂 bye 

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