What? does every title have to make sense??
Once upon a time..naww.
Never ever…nawww
Yes I am here…naww
Cant figure out how to start.
Cant figure out what to write and what not to write.
Memorable lines from my first official (or so others say) party experience-in no particular order..
I feel like jumping.
U could be a gay icon.
I have seen this guy somewhere..he’s famous..arre he’s that guy..that gay designer..
How can you dress up so much?
Ooh I love this song.
Ok i wish i don’t bump into relatives here atleast!!
Your Mom is calling!
What? your ex boyfriend?
Shhhh pretend like u nver heard all this Ok?


13 thoughts on “Yoweioeeooee

  1. Hahhaaa!! true! when u dont knw what to write and that too how if u have anything at worse, then that\’s the way it is!!! lol
    anyways , Hi~!
    wots up? am fine. ya.. thr\’s an update on my space.. just have a look when u get time! ya, take care, bye!

  2. hehehehehe
    some naughty ones i can think of…..
    every one comes to this club to get laid.. did you too?
    i am going to drink my heart out……….
    i just had a really bad work week…..

  3. Yes dear it’s a car park….. Its called infinity towers in Chicago..  It’s used in movies too. And you that photo I have taken from a boat in a canal. … So if you put reverse gear and push accelerator.. You will be breaking thru the wires and falling down in water…..Lake Michigan has a small canal that goes into the city…. its a transportation medium in summer..  So if you look closely all the bridges break in 2, and stand up so that the ships can pass by……There is also the Sears towers (tallest bldg) in USA and Chicago Tribune in one of the pic…That was a one liner….one of firangs used on me to try to pick me up….I was taken off guard… so I  said “nooooooooooooo I  didn’t..” Instead of saying sorry I am not interested… it took me while you realize what really happened.. and why he gave me a weird look… my frds laughed their heart out .. When they heard that.. Damn u r just tooo dumb is what they say.. It might be true tooo.. u never know 😉

  4. that guy looks cool.. ignore ignore…….. nawwwwwcan I take one more drink? will I be able to eat that dessert then??…….awwwthat title makes so much sense to me btw :Dthankx fr the great hug.. im behaving stupid these days… :-s

  5. haha I\’m so grown out of night club scene but it used to be fun!! Try to break the ice with a one liners, drinks and senseless dances till dawn. I\’m more of a pub man! Chicks are very chick in pubs too :DWonder why all male hair dressers and designers have to be gay? 😀 One of those God\’s mystery!!

  6. no third person 😀 I was quite stupid to think all that and be jealous.. actually, I knew that nothing was there, still, I was jealous.. you know how stupid one gets in love shove :p

  7. Few more pleash pleash
    Haw, did u see what she was wearing?
    Ewww…you cant see her face, soo much make up on
    Ooh that guy is so hott
    i\’m going to paris next week
    (who was he smooching?) ;P
    But the most popular is: "Ohh, i love this song" 😛

  8. My Lowe!!! It\’s been a while! I\’ve moved to blogger btw!!
    Getting drunk in party is semmmmma phenn (tamil slang,meaning awesome fun)!!!
    The only irritating bit is remembering the mad stuff u did, argggh. 😉

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