Yes i know i havent been blogging off late that often but im busy and that sucks but i cant help it so well whatever will be back soon no am not going still it makes it sound important

Lol how would life be without full stops and pauses. And jerks and bumps! 🙂
I dont have time to be idle right now, but Idle thoughts always end up on my mind, just somehow. I sound very much like my HOD when i say this (which is like omggg) but i was just wondering about the evolution of photographs/ value of photographs over time.
Those old well maintained albums, black and white pictures of my grandmum’s age, preserved, stocked and kept over years have suddenly turned into folders and folders on desktops, random pictures in the cellphone- probably never developed, emailed and attached in a jiffy but no hard copy to preserve for generations (what would we be passing along- pen drives, cd’s and floppies?? or hell attachment pics or snapfish and yahoo photos links??)
Life’s so convenient right now that we dont take the pains to develop half of these pictures and preserve half of these memories. But come to think of it, how often do we actually get time to open up those old albums?Or Do you view those snaps on your desktop more often?
Yes I am going to do precisely that this time- throw questions and sit back folding my hands. lol
err isnt that bad body language. come to think of it, am tired so i cant sit that way…so umm best to lie down my green cow pillow awaits me…