No M… am gona keep all those comments (even tho they’re the same) its a record. no one has left me the same comment like 10 times
Oh yea i was sp2 write about the good qualities of people around me…yep some of them exist..afterall im not the only good one here 😀 😛
Now if you’re reading this I’m quite sure you’d be mentally judging yourself according to these now that i’ve said wont judge yourself yeah?
LOL (pretend that u never read the last line)
Good qualities of people around me, since i’ve probably written piles and piles of notes and explanations about their other ahem qualities…in no particular order..or maybe in some particular order..
1) Patience: Yes Yes yes that thing called patience and loads and loads and loads of it. People who have seen/heard me whining & seen me frustrated have actually witnessed a tsunami/earthquake/volcano eruption/ blood bath/ accident and lived through it..maybe to remind me of my own tales during my next fit of frustration. I dont know how they do it, cause im low on patience and i can never truly understand how they sit through my moanings and me. *Bows down to all those brave, valiant soldiers* Be it my low spirits, my frustrations regarding the course of my life, my difficulties in choices, my slaughters on my own character, my issues with others which are not many but still..yes my problems with my computer..virus attacks..everything needs the P word. (i meant patience) And here i’d like to add that my mother and probably all mothers in the world epitomise patience (note: mother does not include grandmother). Ofcourse my good buddies included in this category as well..and praps ur the queen of patience and tolerance..
2) Funny Bone and the lack of it : Yes i’d be incomplete without people with a sense of humor. I dont think i need to elaborate. And ofcourse people who cant take a joke sometimes suffer on my account…ok maybe more than sometimes..but my jokes would be a waste without them so they’re equally important…as much as my partners in crime 😀 Muwaaah muhahahaha *insert gabbar laugh* lol
3) Good decision making skills: Oh yeah I need them all the time. Strangely i can make decisions for others but not for myself.
4) Gluttons : If you do not have glutton buddies in your life you’re surely missing out smthin. Those ‘come down i wanna have puchka’ or lets have aloo chat in the middle of college or share a dosa? or what thats ALL the pudding u have??? Or lets go have cheese fondue or lets have a cookout..or I’m still hungry..and then..shit I’ve put on weight!! Or oh great my tyres out..or How did u loose weight ..ahh its a gurl thing guys u can chuck this part 😛
5) Conflicting creatures: as long as i have decent conflict (and not extreme conflict) im game 😀
6) Understanding morons: Yeah they are morons cuz they’re sweet and understanding and all that blah but sometimes so understanding that u’d wish that the situation you are in would never ever happen. Then u feel dumb cuz the other persons all understanding and says- oh i know it happens. Bloody if u knew that it happens why in the world did u not prevent me from falling into the same pit!! And they have an answer for that as well- Life is a learning experience. Bahh Didnt understand? u were not meant to 😛
7) Sarcastic souls & Dumbos: They’re good to have around sometimes..both kinds…pure entertaintment value 😀 And ofcourse the dumb ones are nice to make fun of…and even better when they’re a good sport bout it…and the sarcastic ones nice to have a verbal volley with them 😀
8) Ok fine i like caring people. there i said it. But not overly touchy sensitive Grandmotherly (strange she always fits in anywhere!!) kinds. They’re kinda scary. but Just  caring,thoughtful people who know how to make your day once in a while would do 🙂 (sometimes i like to be pampered too)
9) Fellow irritating buddies. we love bugging others. its just pure fun
10) errrr i wonder if the above points are true. Lastly, all confused souls are automatically connected to me through the bond of common confused traits.

28 thoughts on “peoplessss

  1. i looouuuu my glutton buddies! i think im the one in our group here :Pand i too find those overly sensitive people kinda freaky…which one are you? :Dcheers!

  2. Ohhh God U_U
    I know that what your are saying is true but when you are inside the box you cant think beyond
    Or maybe some ppl can
    I think I am the kind of person who is in between I am like opening a hole inside and looking out side and calling for help or even some light … I know it is coming but through this dark moments I cant stop feeling…bad & stressed >.<
    Awww I love it when you call me "Not you of all the positive people i know"
    But I am not really positive and still not negative I am in between ^_^
    i miss being here >< I blame the bad ugly unrealistic evil university
    " yah I know lots of hate ^_^"
    I will have to come back and read what you have here ^_^ I am keeping you as a dessert …. I hope you understand what I mean coz really I feel like losing the ability to explain ^_^

  3. I love bitter chocolates
    I love opening up the fridge and dipping my finger in the milk maid can and licking the finger
    I love to be glutton
    I love meaning less crazy jokes….
    so which category do you think I fall in?

  4. Glutton buddies are fun!Patient ones are sick! :DNicely compiled list btw :DWe\’d surely meet in december. It\’s not that I didn\’t like Kolkata.. errr.. Calcutta :p  It\’s all about moving on 😀 awrite, that\’s sounds kinda funny and BIG words types :p

  5. long time since sisters connected…me updated after ages..with Shiney..evil evil me..i gonna do voodoo on him..*wicked grin* gabbar laugh ..hahhaa
    missing you

  6. hahaha thank you for the compliment. to tell u the truth, more than patience i think its laziness…im just too lazy to bother gettin worked up 😉 the only thing which runs through my mind everytime u crib or downplay urself is this…that you would be much better off if u didnt complain so much, but just did ur best. trust me, ive been there and done that. i know what im talking about

  7. gluttons for me too..
    sigh dont hve enough of those…i seem to be the on who tempt my friends to sin and indulge themselves in that extra heavenly chocolate cake with extra whipped cream cherries and nuts even after a full meal….and they call me the devil..muhahahahaha
    damnit where are the ppl who are made to tempt me to eat food???….
    cookie your mean….grrrrrr fine keep my ten repetitive comments as a reminder to what msn can do to tarnish your image as a wonderfully sane person…..:p

  8. Yeaaaaahhh…. thats what I do for a living… live to love… love what? – dont ask!
    OMG! I get to choose my category! Wow… how about….??? nyah… well may be this one and that one and……. nooooo…. may be all of them!
    hmmmm… so u want those last four lines…… lemme see if I can give em to you….. may be if you can give me the right kind of rib crushing hug…. it can be yours!! including the copyright!

  9. hmm.. m actually going :)n i\’ll miss cal 😦 but we\’ll always stay in touch here.. like we\’ve had since a year :D*hug*

  10. Who am I kidding – yes, I\’m a Geek and I\’m gonna take over the world!! :-)Yeah I will take your compliment 🙂 I\’m easy to please really.

  11. I agree totally that good idea to read this 10 command for before opend space who ever want to became glue to the computer…
    Make sure it very carefully to in your head before comments ….I try ….
    Enjoy your day,

  12. I am back like I promised ^_^ and guess what on my lap there is a cuteeeeeeeeeee cute cat string at the keyboard wondering?
    "yep some of them exist..afterall im not the only good one here 😀 :P"
    "(note: mother does not include grandmother)."
    LOL ^_^
    Conflicting creatures & Good decision making skills
    I got this 2 on my friends so I think I am lucky

  13. Roughly, I turned Grandma around to face me, and pushed her back against the wall. Holding her upper arms tightly in my hands, I heard myself tell her that I could look after her and service all her desires. I will never be the same, again.

  14. Well well life is fine I guess ^_^
    University is alright or I don’t care both ways I am doing what I can do and wishing for the best.
     I found out that there is no use of whining
    And I found that I got to do what I think is right and Try "coz it is not easy " to not care about what ppl think and say "did not figure how to do this yet if you got any ideas I would appreciate it "
    Bottom line life is GOOD ^_^
    How r u doing ?

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