I wish i could blog everyday.

She asked me, what is maturity?
Like some rapid fire questions.
Maturity is thinking how you did not think like…
WHY is it that my old photographs make me cringe now??!!! seems to happen all the time. When am i gonna grow out of that!
When you see trouble ahead you panic, what do you see when you’re calm?
Certainly dont get this about people..when i tell them something they dont listen and then after a while they throw the same things i told them back at me! hmph. 2 people have done this its getting to my nerves!
I’m so in love with the songs by Beach boys–wouldn’t it be nicee ost 50 first dates and songs by lifehouse…
and life is calling where are you?

18 thoughts on “I wish i could blog everyday.

  1. bloggin everyday ?? possible if ya  hav no work at all but not possible…\’coz all hav sum or da other work 2do..gee life callin w r u!!!!
     no comments abt tat

  2. I challenge you to blog everyday. for a week straight!
    i am calm when i see ice cream, a computer with net connection, cakes, and….. free time.

  3. Hey Sups!
    yea.. cool. one.. do blog everyday, who stops ya? time? other commitments? studies? wht? u can blog regularly, doesnt necessarily havto be evryday.. does it? lol.
    and yes, when i am calm.. i reflect/think about soo mnay things- in spare time, i see fun, family, I observe,.. hmm… i see myself sleeping till 10 or 11 in the morning.. i see so mnay good things tht i shud even when i am in a panicky situation but who does when they actually in sch situations???!! none! so me isn\’t an exception.
    and ur photographs, they improve everyday, coz u learn eevryday somethng new.. dont ya? so.. keep it as a collection… ok 😀
    see ya! all gud at my end!

  4. the grass is definitely greener on the other side. trust me. there u go, u killed the challenge already 😛
    am no god for tat conversation to be with myself, but yes.. in a way.
    ok i ignore u… 😛 JK.. i dunno why.. cos to the extent i know u guys and u guys know me.. it\’s just perfect.. not close enough, not distant either

  5. hi,saw our comments on a few of spaces and decided to visit it finally. and to be honest I jsut love ur attitude and outlook on life 🙂  I could say I like them all, even tough I don\’t agree on everything u say, but since I agree with u that our spaces are our "ideas and look about this world" then I can just say well done and carry on :)take care,nally

  6. Hey there…have a double expresso on me and while you\’re at
    it,if i say yer Space sucks, then it does!! Oh, and the only
    thing i have on..is my webcam!

  7. "Aruba, jamaica..ooh i wanna take ya.."
    i jus wish i cud blog more often..
    yes, life is calling..i dont pay no heed..
    cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/
    (ps: added ur blog on my blogger list..check it aauut)

  8. this comment only has to do with the second line of ur entry. rapid fire questions can be great fun. all you need to do is let ur mind n tongue go loose. you\’ll be surprised what you can come up with. rapid fire questions are a great way to spend a vella half an hour. lets get together n try it sometime 😀

  9. Introspection. well thats the way to go i guess. but really sometimes i wonder myself. contradictions. yes. i guess im just as confused as you are Supriya. but really when you foresee calm there is something nice to look forward to unless you aspire to live an adrenalin charged life. jeez if i continue with this comment im going to really psyche myself out .

  10. Hello there ^_^

    How r u ?
    Ammmmm "u get that when I am ammmming I am thinking coz if you don’t then it is just weird"
    Maturity = is something kids or old or young ppl can have I think it is just taking responsibility and dealing with LIFE I am mature your are mature …coz I say so….." so not mature "
    "What do you see when you\’re calm?"
      a kid smiling I cant stop smiling actually even if I am sooo angry ammm when I go to sleep with no wearies ammm full moon sooo beautiful ammm the RAIN ammm nice weather when there is  Chocolate when I am 100 % sure I did the right thing ^_^"     
    " and life is calling where are you?"
    Trying to understand exactly what life wants to tell me
    Coffee Guy
    " u r just so jealous "
    <<< this is how girls fight ^_^

  11. hey :)hehe an annoying neighbour? that\’s not nice, but I am flad to hear that u can always search for the horizon! it happens not that often nowadays. jope that you are satisfied with your life :)many warm  greetings from unfortunately cold and rainy Poland atm :/Nal

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