I wish i could blog everyday-II & i love being tagged lol

Unfortunately I cant.
And I might not be checking my space for the next few days (who am i kiddin maybe i will)
but im gonna be really busy…
so u guys can leave me some welcome back messages for when i return …i’ll be back with a bang
So dont worry Krits and others..update will happen soon soon soon but before that u gotta wait wait wait.
Yeah well thats how weak i am. I cant live without my space for a single day. Did i say I’m nuts?
A.  Available or taken: When I want to be available I’m available and when i want to be taken I’m taken 😛
B.  Best Friend: I’d be pressurising people if i take a few names here 😉
C.  Cake or pie: Both. cHOCOLate cake and apple pie. deadly.
D.  Drink of choice: Virgin/Bloody Mary yeah i know normal ppl do not like it. but i doooo
E.  Essential item: lol my cellphone 😀
F.  Favorite color: green i guess.
G.  Gummi bears or worms: gummi bears please…im not too experimental
H.  Hometown:  kal cuttaaa
I.  Indulgence: my H2O bath gel which is fucking expensive.
J.  January or February: Feb cuz its closer to march 😉
K.  Kids and/or names: My hubby will decide..i’ll give him the options 😛
L.  Life is incomplete without:  good conversation, smiles, chocolates, frustrations, vacations, the computer with internet ofcourse, books, nice people, dumb people…
M.  Marriage date: errrrr i shall ask my astrologer and let you know.. 😛
N.  Number of siblings:  2…superbrat and brat in the making.
O.  Oranges or apples: apple a dayy
P.  Phobias/Fears: hmmmm i cant think of any phobias :S
Q.  Quote: Unquote.
R.  Reason to smile: 19th december right now..and a few things here and there.
S.  Season:  Spring and Winters
T.  Tag 3 /6 people: Kriti, Mehnaaz, Nidhi, Praps, Rahul, Sherifa, Divoo, Nikhil, Ekta, Hawky…(not mentioning people who are already tagged on vikings list)
U.  Unknown fact about me: Unknown to me as well.
V.  Vegetable you hate: I thought i’d never say this but currently its Bhindi!
W.  Worst habit:  Ahh thinking too much, gtting panicky and irritated, being impatient..
X.  X-rays:  Kiska?
Y.  Your favorite food:  Refer to the post on my fav foods…but i guess rumali roti and kali dal rocks.
Z.  Zodiac: Ariesssss yeah we’re the best 😛

17 thoughts on “I wish i could blog everyday-II & i love being tagged lol

  1. ok when u come back, am already ther to torment u.. u r TAGGED.. hehehe can\’t help.. i might have read this a zillion times tat most probably i can predict a few things.. but then.. u gotta do it.. here it goes, called the ABC\’s of life.
    I have tagged Anirudhh,Mani,Chintan,Zofo,Jeetender and viking…
    A.  Available or taken: B.  Best Friend: C.  Cake or pie: D.  Drink of choice: E.  Essential item:F.  Favorite color:G.  Gummi bears or worms:H.  Hometown:  I.  Indulgence: J.  January or February:K.  Kids and/or names: L.  Life is incomplete without: M.  Marriage date: N.  Number of siblings:  O.  Oranges or apples: P.  Phobias/Fears: Q.  Quote: R.  Reason to smile: S.  Season:  T.  Tag 3 /6 people: U.  Unknown fact about me: V.  Vegetable you hate: W.  Worst habit:  X.  X-rays:  Y.  Your favorite food:  Z.  Zodiac:
    I wudn mind if u do it later too, but its upto u 😛
    have a few nice busy days…

    Yup! This is what I was talking about…and the best part is that its a list.lol
    I\’ve gotta try bloody mary and H2O after you\’ve recommended it. (I keep readin abt how heavenly the H2O gel is in cosmo though)
    U dont like Bhindi ? :O
    Ahh…finally!…luv ya for the update 😀

  3. hehe.. me tagged u tagged duniya tagged in world of msn, har koi dekho kisi na kisis ko tag kiye ja raha hai.. lol.. anyways! thnsk for ur darshan on my space 🙂 and leaving ur pudh (foot) chinh (prints) thtr 🙂
    so, u have a super brat and a brat as sibs in making.. lol…. and true, life\’s incomplete without dumb ppl .. again lol.. and u dnt like bhindi.. its green too.. whts wrong? we like green but dnt like green sabzi.. ? !! kuch karna padega.. lol
    anyways, take care.. have fun..
    IPsh 🙂

  4. u dont like bhindi?? :p i love bhindi masala :Dand u like bloody mary? that\’s my last preference in cocktails :pmy tag\’s done.. tags are good when u dont know what to write :pchao come back soon.. havent seen u arnd since long!

  5. Hello there ^_^ how r u
    "My hubby will decide" WHAT !!! you r the one who suffer you name them !!
    "good conversation" I totally agree
    "Sherifa" thanx ammm should I be thankful for tagging me !! ^_^
    "Unknown to me as well." LOL ^_^

  6. welcome back supriya!
    oh, r u gone or r u back or r u in the way? lol.
    o, sorry, tht was for when u come back so as a welcome msg. lol. in advance.

  7. damn you – envying you right now… not because of anything else but because of having time and being close to whom you want to be… dont have either of them… sitting in other side of the world, freezing cold, without the time in hand and not being able to connect to those I miss… oooofff!

  8. me tagged twice as Krit says…
    love reading others tagged answers but find it diffy to put mine across…worst phobia?? no no
    come back soon to blogging..we knw little girl is busyy

  9. choices? When the grass seems greener on the other side, we have three choices… keep looking at the other side, move towards the other side OR make your grass even greener… the dreambreather chooses to make his meadow so enticing and good that the green on the otherside chooses to come to this side and make his meadow greener…
    thx for the hug – long pending… a bone crushing hug to you too…

  10. Hello there
    I know that what I am going to say will sound stupid ammm I was just opening my space when I found your 2 first comments "and yah I know you missed my birthday bad you >_<" so I just waited for 2 minutes then refreshed and saw your last one
    Ok I know there is nothing strange about that it can happen all the time and bla bla bla I mean there is actually something called messenger that exist on that idea 2 ppl talking in the same time ^_^ ok even me now don’t know what I am talking about
    And YAH we ARE freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    And I am Glad you liked the last post

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