Peopleeeeee I am Back!

Yes i never left but i like to announce 😉
Words of wisdom and Non wisdom (if there is any such word)
  • Bitching helps
  • Things dont change, we think they have, we’d like to believe they have, they might be altered but they dont like CHANGE never happens..and if it does then you’re living in an illusion.
  • Bitches exist.
  • When you look back, after you have been too hard on yourself,  if you carefully analyse then you might have made a fool of yourself by doing so.
  • Confidence is nothing but gas. Its how well you gas the gas and how well you can cover your gas with gas.
  • The above statement is not suppossed to make sense and yet make sense.
  • A backache is a bunch of horribly tangled knots which need a massage in the form of an expert pair of scissors.
  • Everybody is not what they appear to be, I am not. Only nobody knows.
  • If miracles on christmas existed then…. I have a bloody long list, please.
  • You can’t help liking certain people and you can’t help hating certain people.
  • Its strange that so many emotions exist!!
  • "…..and i dont want the world to see me, cause i don’t think that they’d understand…" I like quoting songs..


The year is coming to an end, wont say that it flew away. It certainly didn’t…But I’m just in a whatever mood right now. But the blogs are back sweethearts..don’t worry 😉 😛 And they wont stop. Ever.


18 thoughts on “Peopleeeeee I am Back!

  1. hey puncher!!"When you look back, after you have been
    too hard on yourself,  if you carefully analyse then you might have
    made a fool of yourself by doing so." – errr… by doing so?  so=? looking back or being hard on urself?so many emotions? damn.. think about it.. so much of complexity.. all through chemistry!!! GOD/NATURE is great!!wat the heck are a pair of scissors going to do backache?? i need to know, for i have both with me and the former is killing me at this moment.Bitches exist, so do dogs, if u don care abt the latter on the streets, don care abt the former in the class/office/circle/etc.And REMEMBER, always REMEMBER, you are cos you CHoSE to be. Dont deny that. U can\’t deny. Every change starts within you.*tang!!! a flying pan knocks me off*

  2. \’……….and when everythings made to be broken..I just want u to know who I am\’…One of my faves too 😀
    But we pretty hell will know exactly who u are thanks to this awesome place. I hope u dont ever stop writing too. Funny thing is I was wondering what if we blog till we get married and then show this to our kids. Boy, would they be startled lol. Acha, bloody mary is teekha and kadwa? I thought it had tomato juice or sumthin, thn na baba, I dont wanna try it…I think its cuz there is automatic chemistry with some poeple…tho god alone knows how many people i liked first and hated later.
    Take careKrits

  3. 🙂  
    <pause>   ?   <pause> ok. nice. < pause>
     <ending> – all\’s good. gr8 u r back altho u never were away! lol.
    see u!
    chalo, bye

  4. "When you look back, after you have been
    too hard on yourself,  if you carefully analyse then you might have
    made a fool of yourself by doing so."—- Exactly!!!!Good to see you back :DIt feels so umm….bland?.. no.. ummm.. dry?… i mean smthin like that without you!! :pabt the poem, it ain\’t inspired by the pic and vice versa.. 😀

  5. hmmm after effects of D-day…
    * yes bitching helps but dont overdo it. its not good for your karma
    *yes things do change and they change big time. and the biggest proof of this statement is…ur belief about point no 2 will CHANGE. COMPLETELY. it might take time tho
    *bitches exist, yes…but they dont get away with it
    *true true true
    *confidence is nothing but taking it easy. not being bothered. not worrying
    *i simplified the above statement for you
    *dont have enough experience to comment on this
    *everybody is not what they appear to be. i am not. and EVERYBODY knows
    *miracles exist. and they happen every day of the week, month and year. not just christmas.
    *true, but ur perceptions about people may also change over time
    *and isnt that wonderful!
    *"you are not alone..i am here with you…" i like quoting songs too 🙂
    the year did fly away for me…waiting for your next entry…ciao

  6. u CAN CAN CAN change.. just think about it..

    acha.. saaj aaya, damn now where should i find those "scissors"!! am dying!!!

    nice car 🙂
    arre.. yeda nahi.. boleto bilkul ek dam se thanda ho gaya.. kya kare mamu.. kuch jum nahi rahela..

  7. nice to read ur regular updates..people of all sorts exist and they make the world interesting and give others some material to read, write and talk about!
    everyone is picking gold these days! Klebe style!lol!
    enjoy each moment

  8. you  you you you!! you are the cookie mosnter that begin the tag business…i shoud drown you in choclate hersheys syrup..:p
    death by what you lvoe most …irony of life..;)
    for me it will be food…i just know it..sighh
    i like the lines…very vice..specially the confidence gas..makes a whole lot of sense…no wonder our atmopshere feels stuffy lately..:p
    but seriously as only seriously i can be…it does make sense..
    ahhh iris..what a loverly…song..
    words of wisdom indeed..oh wise one…will i ever get that ever elusive brain??
    hugs to the tag monster…:p

  9. coming here made me feel like i fell in a vanilla custard pot… referring to the bground… ! lolz..
    I hadda let him go… he was good :((

  10. Deck the halls with boughs of hollY! u\’re backkkk!!!..yours truly blogged after ages too!! *overly happy about that*
    ..& yehhh bitches exist..oh btw TOI had this lil thing once sayin Bitchology is GOOD…if u\’re called a \’bitch\’, its a good thing…it symbolized power at d workplace..or sum such stuff..anyway..
    yeh many hard to comprehend..such li\’l time..
    AND \’..I & I, in the sky, u make me feel lik i can high…e-l-e vation!!!.." (i lik doin this too..& this song is just stuck 2 ma head!!)
    "blog basanti, blog.."
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  11. "Christmas! The very word brings joy to our hearts. No matter how we may dread the rush, the long Christmas lists for gifts and cards to be bought and given-when Christmas Day comes there is still the same warm feeling we had as children, the same warmth that enfolds our hearts and our homes." Merry Christmas hugs and kisses Nally

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