Tips to develop attitude and ego:
Maybe i need help.

8 thoughts on “:s

  1. 1) devote 10 mins everyday towards the act of making a list of the shortcomings of the people around you.
    2) stand in front of the mirror, look at ur reflection, pout, flip ur hair back, say ur the best at least 5 times everyday
    3) never pass up the opportunity to humiliate or degrade someone,  preferably done by passing sarcastic comments
    4) try to obtain an interview with aishwarya rai and make her your role model
    5) think only and only about urself.
    i guarantee success if u follow the above instrutions to the t. however, its one of the worst things that you could do to urself.

  2. Oh I thought that a pic was gonna come up or sumthing thus waited a full 30 seconds.
    Nahh…attitudeshud always be positive (which u already have) and theres no need for ego!
    there, ur perfect the way u r! ….and Dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

  3. hehe.. I thot there\’s some picture or something and i waited.. hehe.. even right clicked and chose \’open in new window" but nothing.. happend!!! lol. and then yea, got it tht u were asking the readers to suggest some tips..!!! how funny!!!!! < giggling!!>
    anyways, thnks supoo (i\’ll call u supoo., u mind? i dont care coz i like supoo as a name as its cute n sweet!! :):D) for ur budday wishes!! hehe.. yea, 18 is such a big age.. i can vote, man, the govt tht they\’ll form will be based on my opinion as well, how is tht!!!!!!!!!!:):)  haha!! and yea, thnks once again!
    tips? i have no idea (with a pause between each wrd!) !! i dunno.. just act being an idiot- and look down on others.. yeah, i dunno any nmore. lol. yes, u need an appointment from a psychologist  (god, be with that psychologist…!! 🙂   )
    chalo, new yr wishes to u in advance! have full masti and dance a lot!!! 🙂

  4. become a bimbo! :Pthere is no need to develop an attitude, or ego.. if u don take shit from ppl, thats your "ego" at work, if you are positive enough, tats an attitude in itself, and btw, being pessimistic is also an atti…

  5. and yes, i don\’t midn tht at all.. lol. ipsiee.. sounds good enough! lolzz..
    hmm… don\’t develop an attitude.. it\’s bad. bad.. B A D ! and ego.. we all hav it in some amounts and tht takes over at some point in our lives.. dont let it tke over for long.. and yes, think positive, be positive ( no, tht wasn\’t me telling u ur blood group!) .. it was philosophical. 🙂
    be a happy go lucky girl. its much better, better, B E T T E R! good! 🙂 just be urself! and then its gona be gr8! gr8! G R E A T! 🙂 yes!
    chalo, supoo, see u!

  6. Hello there
    Ego what!! WHY it doesn\’t prove any thing or maybe in a bad way
    And about the attitude I think u already got it ^_^

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