The most do-able resolutions i could think of..for seems quite cheesy now that i’ve jotted them down…Resolutions never work but this time atleast let me make a list! 😮
I will clean my room once a day…despite having others dirtying it.
I will carry more cash with me when i go out.  Extra cash.
I will read 2 books a month.
I will not eat too many chocolates (ha ha ha ha ha)
I will not fuck up my phone balance.
I will not scream ( haaaaa haaaaaa)
I will be more patient.
I will not panic.
I will not let things affect me. (bullshit)
I will try to remember to brush my teeth at night as well.
I will get my hair coloured/straightened.
I will shop smarter.
I will speak softly..lolol
I will sleep through the above resolutions.

14 thoughts on “Resolutions???.

  1. dont straighten hair!! (not that i really know what suits you..) 😛 hehe
    read two books a month! damn woman..
    anyway besta luck with em resolutions..

  2. yes me too bored…and updating is a pain.. but yes before the year is done i shall update….that is a promise dear coookie monster…now i think i am just going to end up yawning myself intor glory…..
    i like the songs in kabul express….i just said it significance…
    maybe i should consider writing my blog in comment format…seem to write more then…:p

  3. oh and there are dangers of straightening hair…it might star falling…if you have a head full of hair and could affor to loose some by alll means go ahead..:p
    i suggest the rebound thing by shwarz…impossible spelling..grrrr…
    coloring…streaks…is better….
    straightening…invest in a good striaghtening iron made of ceramic plates…wont cause much damage annnnd you can straighten when you feel like…and it gives the same nice glossy finish…oh and use loreals anti frizz serum..and orangeish bottle before you use the iron….
    how do i know so much??
    you forget i am the all wise…:p…and i hve a sister with frizz…;)

  4. uh!! i didn\’t msg her cos i know it will lead to a mess… and i don want a \’phoenix-from-the-ashes\’ thingy happening … so .. i slept!

    ok.. the last of \’em is the best one.. but the thrill is in pickin a resolution and trying hard not to fulfill it. kinda reverse…

  5. Hello there
    Nice car … ^_^
    " I will clean my room once a day"
    Come on once a day!!!
    "I will be more patient.
    I will not panic.
    I will not let things affect me."
    I will join you ^_^
    I am fine thanx for asking
    Well you asked for update….i hope you will not regret it ^_^

  6. *giggle*
    wonderful resolutions sups! can I borrow some? :p

    Aww nthng.. im jst confused abt how to feel.. good or bad… i have a mixture of good n bad news…!

    Btw, when r we gonna meet????

  7. i will stay away from people who are mentally imbalanceD
    i will spend one hour everyday evaluating my positive points
    i will think little and not too much
    i will accept any decent proposal for marriage that might come my way so that my friends can hava fun at my wedding
    just helping you out there 😛

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