Girls- any discussions regarding rebonding and straightening hair..please refer to the post below.
Guys you can join too if u plan to be metrosexual/gay or just plainly helpful 😛
Everytime I’m standing alone (which is generally at the mall), and waiting; I end up observing every single random average person who catches my eye. A few even make me curious enough to imagine what they are like and what course their life must be taking. Now obviously none of it might be true, might be?? it isn’t, but whats life without imagination??!!
Take for example, the good looking forgeiner with an arm fully tattoed. (yes girls he was quite hot) 😀 I thought he’s a German tourist(duno why german), having fun in India…there suddenly seems to be an outpour of firangs..but wtf are they doing in the mall..shouldn’t they be at the temple or Victoria Memorial? Seems like they’ve all become smart enough not to fall for the overpriced sightseeing they were being fed with and have decided to catch a typical bollywood movie complete with item songs and dhishum dhishum… 😛
Then i saw this group who seemed like they have landed directly from a wedding. Glittery clothes, loud, jarring colours, sequins and stars. I assumed that they were visiting the mall for the first time.
 Ok so i started writing this and now I’m bored so to hell with random losers.
Tarot cards are fun! hehe Although it said that my future love life will be kinda miserable. Hmph!
(psst it said nice things about my present one tho..please god delay the future haha)

I cant remember what i did for new years last year..

6 thoughts on “Imagine!

  1. DONT straighten your hair… wavy curly hair is more fun and if you care for a strait hair you can use a good Hairdryer  and like " mysticalnightpixie " said you can use anti frizz serum
    LOL … yah I do it too…. imagine all the time ^_^
    It is kind of fun  especially when you are bored…
    " Tarot cards" ahhh I don’t believe on  things like that I don’t even do it for fun
    " why is that everything u write has some deep hidden meaning which makes bang on sense to me!"
    I am glad that I do ^_^ and thanx for telling me that  … coz I did not even know it
    Really I am trying to find what type am I… I mean what I write and I find the answers in your comments so thanx

  2. yeah.. all guys stay away from sups space.. one fine day she might just call us all something else for commenting on her space 😛 😛
    and wat abt random ppl?? i see random me in everything and so is everybody.
    oh ho.. current love life.. i never read that b4 😀

  3. Lots to notice in Bangalore malls too…sometimes gets a little bit too much with all the crowds having nothing to do but mall hop 🙂
    Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy new year!

  4. thanks for your frank opinions 😛
    well i agree i need few colors in my life, but i don think i need virtual colors.. so let it be black till the next drastic mood change.
    and music… well.. i know it kinda eats up bandwidth, but it loads pretty fast here and then.. its only 700k file.. tats not big deal, is it?

  5. Incidentally I do that ALOT too!
    But I usually imagine what it must be like for poor/unpriviledged people.
    U wanna no wat I did last yr for new yrs?
    Which is exactly whar I\’ve done this yr round too.

  6. hey u know what i do for fun…stand in fromt of the mirror and imagine who i might have been in my past life. till date i\’ve come up with walt disney, hitler and even an upside down cake(why the hell not?!) neways the next time u update, please let me know…u said u would
    and tarot cards are EXTREMELY misleading. where did u get ur consultation neway?

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