to all you fools, morons, crazy women, donkeys, silly boys and good friends.

11 thoughts on “hny

  1. I guess I\’m the crazy woman!
    Happy New yr babe…muuuuuuuaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! *giant bear hug*
    Its 7 here right now and in Australia they\’ve already celebrated it lol

  2. thanQ, i prefer to be the donkey. it\’s by Keane – Is it any Wonder, Under the Iron Sea (album).black it is. for now. happy new year.

  3. yappy yappy yappy…
    new second – new mins – new hour – new day – week- month – year and seasons and everythin related to time?

  4. I know its a bit late, but i jus read the feedbcks i got, P.S. late is an understatement. And yes, I agree that my blog sucks at the moment. And guess what, im not gonna do anything about it, lol. Well, maybe, perhaps when i get some more free time on my hands. Anyways, thanx for dropping by.

  5. Hi there ^_^
    Wish u a happy and joyful time this year ^_^
    And less complicated questioning thoughts " a wish goes for u and me ^_^"
    And less bad, angry, annoying and irritating ppl for us to meet ^_^

  6. Hehe, I can be a fool, crazy woman, and a donkey 😀

    Happy New Year to you too ____ (fill in the blanks with yr fav category) :p

  7. caught up with ur New Year resolutions…so how are they going?? Broken na! They are meant to be borken *winks*..
    May the new Year bring cheer and add more sparkle to ur life..

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