Loser Tips

  • Dont try to help. Mind your own fucking business
  • The only person you can help is yourself.
  • Atleast thats the illusion forced down your throat.

Loser Question of the week

What is a mistake? Is it one of the following?

-An unintentional fault.

-A misunderstanding

-A miscommunication

Loser Mumblings

No matter how hard you try, there will atleast 5 people trying to pull you down or trying to make a discourse out of anything you do. Ignoring them is easier said than done, arguing with them requires the speed and smartness of a fighter plane, and even then you might be bombed down, not caring about them leaves you in a cloud. In the end you feel more stupid and worthless than the confidence and feel good factor you started out with.

Loser hall of fame

Will have the same name written over and over again, since in the end hardly anything changes and loser traits come back after all the pep talks, arguments, discussions, explanations. Even the loser brain remains the same, doesn’t grow smarter like a stubborn spring that comes back to rest after err springing around!!



21 thoughts on “Loserspeak

  1.  nice looserology . . .
     how cum u knw so much abt losers . . ?
     ur a looser ..  ? :-??
    happy new year . .
     .. . .

  2. anything changes and loser traits come back after all the pep talks, arguments, discussions, explanations. – I am such a Loser *sob*sniff*

  3. * thinking*…this is not you Sups…you were born to win..analyse winners, leave losers for others and another day!
    hugs…more hugs

  4. loser – Ve-loser (very loser)….
    usually they say, sometime to change somethng stubborn, you need to give life a jolt and 180 degree turn…
    just read "Ve-Loser"  the other way round and you\’ll know…

  5. hahahahaha… nice tips.. bet u stole \’em!! :Pi knew something wasn\’t right… u proved it.. am all years.. wat happened? if u can spare time that is.

  6. crap…why the loser-psyche-analysis?
    Yappy Nayaa Saal!
    hell, i blogged!!!
    well, the camera ain\’t broken 😛 its back..alive & clickin 😛
    dude u blog so much yaa..(random thought)
    cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

  7. I hate giving pep talk but check out the first sec of my recent blog…it might be something you want to understand. Everyone goes through it but don\’t just ponder why its happening. See how you can fix it 🙂

  8. hmmm.. long shot.. i seem to lose my composure, head, talk everything while am on phone.. talking to strangers-complete/incomplete. :(is this a lack of something called confidence???

  9. They eat the same goddam food, breathe the same goddam dust, and hell, kiss the same goddam people 😛
    Who needs them, losers?

  10. L O S E R strategy
    The grass in my neighbors lawn is always much better than mine. They switched my grass weeds when I was planting them

  11. tehn keep springing back and forth… resolve?? tire them till they have any energy left to spring you back to the self you dont want?

  12. oye, now write somethng new pls.. pls!?????????!!!!!!!!! somethng that is originally ur thought, not tht this is not but u kw w ht i mean.. lol.. ok, dnt frown, dont hate.. 🙂 am telling indirectly, rather requesting for an updae which is more like Supoo! lol. hehe:)
    see u! n thanks for ur compliments… 🙂

  13. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? i feel like shaking you good and proper. when will u learn the golden rule of life? it is  NEVER your mistake. you are NOT  a loser. YOU are right. OTHERS are wrong. if needs be tell urself a hundred times…but for heavens sake dont let such thoughts invade your mind. go buy urself another h2o . it just might help

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