So cold that you miss the warmth!!!

BroSpeak: Clothes are like play station cd’s. Every week something new comes out, and you are never satisfied with the ones you have.
He said another smartass quote, which i cant remember right now!! lol
*what is it with certain people never being there when you need them and then they end up more than making up for it*
I think I’m about to be sick of sick of chocolates, but yet i’m not ready to part with my after eight’s and nilgiri’s mint chocolate.
‘Chuck it’ is a very negative, arrogant, misrepresented, lazy, insulting, criticisizing, unhappy, cowardly phrase.
(i hope you got the message) 😛
What is it with me, not writing in paragraphs???!!!
I think i should write poetry. But it never happens when i want to.
Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd will be a good movie.
I like sad eyes 😀 (everybody please make a sad expression)
I’m so blank blank dot dot.
And last but not the least, if anybody wants to know how to dig their own grave, they can contact me right here.

11 thoughts on “So cold that you miss the warmth!!!

  1. never ever ever insult the word "chuck"
    guys should be like play station cds not clothes
    😦 thats my sad expression for you
    the best way to get over this melancholy is to play a prank on someone. lets concoct another rajiv for kanu 😀

  2. i just digged.. don worry..
    ai!! wats with the orkut pic?? kisike saath koi bet haar gayi kya?? lol… kiddin..
    now why i do want to tease u… i dunno.. just yesday i was telling to Mehzules about limits n all… hahahaha
    anyways, ur pic was so damn close to tat girl in Silent Hill!!  especially in the last scene!!! 😛 😛

  3. its when the cold is around you, that you actually start enjoying the warmth… just need to find it thats all…
    scared we all are; those who are stationary are scared of movement and change… those who are moving are scared of becoming stationary and also of the new changes that might crop up? so? so ? so – o – o?
    u need to take the plunge once… after that… just do it once and see?

  4. ouch!! i\’d make sure not to use "chuck it" with you.. that\’s my pet phrase.. lol :Dm looking fwd to seeing honeymoon travels.. looks interesting :)bad ya i cudnt meet u :(never mind.. are u on orkut too?if yes, im trouble bubble there :)**********************************************here\’s a msg frm Ipsh:Glittering GirlDivOO,
    one request, since ur space is one common link between a few tht i am
    trying to access, could u pls tell – Bittersweet (sups), sweeti (chika
    102), pritz (prithvi), aniruddh, mandy, rohit( geekstud) – that
    whenever i am trying to open thr space, some random crap sites start
    opening up and its hard for me to read or eve see the chehra of thr
    space for evn a second. and its getting very hard for me to comment on
    thr space. ?
    pls help, someone!!? !#$%^&*()(&%^$%$#!#%%&&%&   @ %^&&***&^&%$#@#$^&**(*^$%$# $% #
    see u! n all the best, u\’ll do jus fine with the shifting of places.. 🙂 have faith. n thanks!
     January 09 11:39 AM (

  5. oye, don\’t worry. i guess i can access ur space , hopefully (fingers crossed) with no probs or spywares! $%^&
    hmm.. this blog of urs was random like my latest one. ya, i jus posted one. 🙂
    and, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, dont even go near poetry, its saddest thing.. dont get near to it, Supooo, plssssssszzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ok, i cant be sad, sorry dear, coz i am in a mood for simple celebration!! :):):):):)
    oh, well, if u insist,     😦 😦    but it will be less.
    chalo, n if u need any help in digging ur grave, am sorry, am busy for sometime! 🙂 hope u dont mind. do u? lol lol lol
    see u!

  6. kya ho gaya? new yr aa gaya hai n still u in a jittery mood, aisa kyu? its the high time of the yr!! abhi sirf das din to huey hain.. hehe!
    chalo, cheer up! n m looking 4ward to a bright n light n full fun blog from u on ur space sometime in future! dunno when. but hope is thr! theek hai. its ok if u dont wana. i cnt force u to write something fun. 🙂
    chalo, see u!

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