So overly random…no longer funny.

Empty spaces.
Blank minds.
Never ending miles…life beside.
Sounds around,
Echoing crowds,
Spinning thoughts in the silent heart.
Never alone, yet lonely-
The skies above, the feet below…
A little glimmer of hope and fear,
Old roads and new ones
Criss crossing
Creeping into me, making me type out random shit, so why dont you go have tea or coffee while i plan my next booze outing.
thank you.

11 thoughts on “So overly random…no longer funny.

  1. i didn\’t get it. lol. even tho i read the comment to get wht ur post meant, still , sorry, i didn\’t get it.
    but ya, whtever. Supoo, r u fine? hope things r fine by ur end. 🙂 take care..
    Ipsh!   Ipsiieee as u like. lol

  2. dear bittersweet, i dont know you neither you know me. you put comment on ipsh space almost at the same time with me and i read it. and that made me come here to discuss with you something. why you girls blame yrself for most of the faults. my best friend is a woman. i\’m tired of explaining her that whatever she had done is okay. she\’s a brave woman holding very important positions at work and in society. its only me who face all the cries. i\’ve to reassure her again n again the entire world could go wrong, but not her. but only after two days she comes back to her usual track. i know its man dominated society who is always ready to point its finger towards a woman. but why cant you girls make yourself strong. and above it – why you care. i\’m very very confused. forgive me if i\’m rude. regards, noor

  3. aha!! welcome to my world!!!random, criss-crossing roads, lonely… u r marked for the membership!! join the club!!p.s. on a serious thought, try to avoid whatever you are thinking right now. Just plain ignore, avoid, keep urself busy and everything shud be back on track 🙂 just suggesting, no brickbats needed.

  4. BroSpeak: Clothes are like play station cd\’s. Every week something new comes out, and you are never satisfied with the ones you have.
    Can we be friends? Me and your bro. We could write a philosophical and metaphorical book on new age world critcism.

  5. longer funny..hey sups dont dont delve into such mental states…cheer up..bounce back..
    *nice to see the star surely shows me easy way here*

  6. u cud do one thing, just select the text as u do in copying.. just highlight it and LO!! the colors are inverted to read to ur comfort..  by the way did u know, its actually better to read light on a dark background?? i knew by reading somewhere, so try it for urself 😀
    and temme u r not thinking abt it anymore.. c\’mon cheer up!! off u go to the orphanage!
    take care! (gosh.. when did i last say tat to someone on spaces???? uff!!)

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