No I am honestly not all that sad!!!

Yes I know I’ve been giving the impression that I’m depressed and sad and pissed and angry and bugged and irritated..probably disappointed as well… maybe i am a tad bit but not all that badly and yes I have been doing everything in my capability to cheer myself up (for what i duno… its not like my life has ended..infact I’m doing all the things i enjoy doing these days)
And you mister viking have been making me very very jealous cuz all u do is sit and watch movies. I can do that too only i never get around to doing it. Whatever.
So i saw Guru…great bargain at inox for 120 bucks. I rechecked the ticket twice cuz i couldn’t believe a new movie at a multiplex would be anything below 200! And i think i can go for another morning show…its hardly morning 11.15 am show! The shots..Mr. Mani Ratnam and his cinematographer i forgot his name 😦 deserve applause…
Abhishek Bachchan is good. Ok he’s very good! In the 2nd half u might be reminded of amitabh bachchan but i cant blame aby jr. for that…His voice..his dialogue delivery is super..In the first half he’s funny,mischievous,  with yes this is the gurly part- cute smiles and everything… enthusiastic young chap with dreams in his eyes. The confidence of Guru’s character comes out perfectly through abhishek’s body language..
Ash for a change does not weep too much neither does she laugh too much (for she CANT do both!!) she’s just right…
The movie could probably be perfect save a few songs…one song was useless in the end…and the other songs had they not been shot well would be a waste too…But the music goes so well…one can’t really complain…A.R. Rahman is a magician. I’m not being able to find flaws..loved the movie so much!
The last sequence where abhishek speaks non-stop is typical killer stuff which hindi movie buffs thrive on…all the right dialogues for whistles and hoots…good stuff (in the words of Ekta)
Ok maybe I’ll talk more about this movie once the initial Wow factor drives down.
But abhishekkkkk 😀 😀 okok im sure u get the point.

15 thoughts on “No I am honestly not all that sad!!!

  1. u repeated whatever ud told me word to word in ur blog! i almost have that memorised by now… everyones sayin the movies great, so i guess i will go and watch the movie…alone. thursday i have my exam in coll so maybe after that 🙂 cant wait. and yes a.r. rahman is a genius. im so glad the world is waking up to this fact. genius genius genius

  2. Ok I will try to find this movie but I know it is new right so I will have to wait like half a year ^_^ LOL really to be translated and then put up for sale here  it will take awhile  ^_^ and I if u care for my thoughts think that u r normal happy and sad all the time all the time just like ME ^_^
    I think it have something to do with university " ok ok I know I blame every thing on this wicked evil university "
    So how r u ? ^_^

  3. hehehehe.. all i do is go to mininova download the torrent which has highest number of seeders and get it.. usuallly overnight. it\’s been long overdue tat i watch movies.. c\’mon a year (or two) is a long time without watchin \’em
    guru.. let him come here..

  4. ur review will surely bring ppl to theatres..:D
    the film is supposedly based on the life onf Dhirubhai Ambani.. I will surely watch it for mani, Rehman & of course Abhi BTW shiney\’s Metro is in offing 😀
    be happy…one shud flow, contemplate but not analyse overly too much ..each day is nt same..some day are perfect while others are totally cant be same alws..isnt it?

  5. hehe!! great! 🙂 yea yea.. movies reviews mirch masala.. all is fine.. good. dekho dekho jitna chahey utna dekho.. well, Guru.. i duno about tht coz it\’s not come here yet.. will hav to wait for tht.. hmm…
    chalo, am good knowing u r " Not honestly all tht sad" ! :):)
    see u!  hehe.. see u , Supoo!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ok well this cat is another cat I told u before that we give it bake I mean the last cat not the one I have now and the new cat is older than the old one coz we found out that we cant handle a kitten coz it will go into all weird places soooooo I know u understood nothing from what I wrote here ^_^ any way this cat is another cat
    And it is a boy I called him tiger but the other member of my family don’t agree
    so the poor cat will grow with no identity… and yah some times I talk to him as if he was she so he is totally lost
    But I really realy love him and I think my family is thinking of giving him back : (
    I don’t know why they do this they bring a cat then give it back again
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    But Hello that is what cats do u can try to train them but that’s how cat work !!!
    Soooo right now I am kind fighting but I don’t know who is going to win …

  7. wat??? i din say that!!! thats from!!!now.. did julia roberts get her guy or not? yes or no? now u now the answer :Pok i seriously dunno wats the matter with happy feet!!

  8. Well the backyard is somehow bigger than the house "I know that is really weird " and I live in a compound so there is like 100 cats here mostly street cats "which I have no problems with" and other home cats that blended with them
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    I knew this would happen they told me not to wary and now WHAT!!
    So times I feel like I am the only thinking some time I feel like letting go maybe they will be responsible…
    Any way sorry for the long comment >.< and to bother u with this

  9. again!! that was a definition from!!
    most of the movies (95%) of them have happy ending (5% is cos of differences in people\’s mentality)

    anyway, thanx. i haven\’t seen happy feet 😀

  10. dear little sis
    with pain & grief I inform you that dear Abhi has been taken by Ash..plz plz don\’t shed any tears! *my Hugs*…M with u in this hour of extreme sadness..
    lol lol
    in BTW lemme answer Saan why Abhi doesnt shave ever!! hehe

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