Things i wont do:
1. Crib
2. Crib
3. Crib
4. Think too much
5. Self criticism
6. Jump to conclusions.
7. Be restless
Dear God
I need miracles.

36 thoughts on “

  1. Oye SupOO, u know miracles happen, yes, they do. and not the fancy ones like they show on tv n in movies n stuff but real ones do happen. God is there. u only need to have faith.. 🙂
    n how do i manage, man, i can\’t tell you- life is such a big n long lige, dhat teri k.. i mean probs n probs n probs.. but then if probs r thr, thr MUST definitely b a solution, isn\’t it? else whats the point of the whole thing tht thr is s prob? lol. life to me seems like maths, probs n solve n thr u go, its over, its done. ok. yea, all my crap.. do they make sense? i duno but well, they do, for me. hehehe.. !! 🙂 :p
    chalo, it is postive blog coming from ur side, n its good. u knw, who doesn\’t have truobles? none. everybody has. so then how does everybody is smiling n keeps on fighting.. yea.. u can do it. jus make negative thots or things work for u n not let them make u feel low AT ALL. 🙂
    Ipsiieee!!  ;P

  2. we just need to keep on going, keep fighting against all odds, and find that solution coz thr is one and its the best thing tht we know tht thr IS a solution to the problem!!!! :):)
    😀 see u!
    all the best!
    never give up!

  3. oye, dont think i was giving any advice but the probs tht i am facing makes me write such blogs.. and yea, so, no preaching frm my side. coz u knw, ppl dont like it when they r being adviced without being asked for it. lol lol.. hehee!!
    ok, i stop now! but when i add a comment, then i realise tht i forgot one more thing. hope u dont mind me adding comments aftr comments. yup. 🙂
    see u! ( final wala see u tha yeh!  )

  4. NOT to think too much
    NOT To think and talk to myself while I am doing a presentation
    NOT to listen or care about what ppl say
    AND FINALLY NOT TO replay every single thing happened in that day in my mind when I am too exhausted and want to sleep

  5. Dear god,
    please note the fact that i need help in those same areas.
    P.S: i need my dog back too.
    hehe 🙂 wats up?

  6. Dear Sup,Please pay your dues for the previous miracle. All future miracles have been put on hold until you clear off the old payments or stick to whatever you said you won\’t do.Peace, till then keep drinking Manilkara zapota juice.

  7. miracles happen…but did you know it happens not cus god gave it to us but because we decided to get it for ourselves??
    you can crib sometime..i think its perfectly ok and nirvanisizes the soul…
    biggie hugs…you could use one…

  8. chrsitmas is over, so the miracle is not gonna happen till next december…n i say that u shuld DO everything mentioned above…..we are human , we\’re supposed to be stupid

  9. Only the theme is Canadian… the posts are still on regular topics…You want miracles… I want immigration sponsorship… and I don\’t think god will sponsor me 🙂

  10. aha.. waiting for 25th or waiting for the golden jubilee comment on ur space 😛 😛 (now get offended :P)

    sometimes green, sometimes moves on, but landmarks remain.we are all in the end, in the same place.sometimes happy, sometimes moves on, but hope remains.we are all in the end, in the same rut.P.S. The above has nothing to do with my state of mind.

  11. ahh, I land here after so long and I see THIS 🙂
    why why why do we repeat the same things?
    why why do we let these funny things and people bother us?
    Life is about changes ya. Otherwise it gets so boring!
    I\’ve recently started my "moving" business 🙂 Just Delhi, Kolkata, and Pune as of now.. wud like to spend lotsa time here.. lets c!

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