What! Didn’t anybody miss me!!
I’m dangling in life right now..and even though am online often..writing about my thoughts seems like an unnerving experience
(thats cuz when i write/type…i think simultaneously…and that could prove to be fatal)
Anyways one warning..do NOT watch salaam e ishq. like at any cost. even if your ticket is sponsored dont go.
Interviews are suchhh an experience lol
More later.

14 thoughts on “———

  1. hehe.. hmm… ok, i havnt heard of his m\’vie yet.. but now tht i have, i\’ll see it.. to know if it\’s see-able.. (duh!!) .. anyways, u got 36 comments on ur last blog, wasn\’t tht enuff for tht blog? or u were aiming for a hundred or something? lol!!! hehe.. hmm.. and hope ur interview went good..  yeah, they r definitely "such" an experience! lol..
    chalo, good tht u updated.. 🙂
    see u, SupOO!!

    Just want to say hi and to let u know I will not visit for a while "that is what I have to do but again u know me " coz FINALS are here  -_- I just want to finish …
    After exactly 5:30 hours from now I am going to have my first exam "biostatistics"
    GOD HELP ME  >_<
    I know this question: shouldn’t u be studying?
    Ammmm I know I should but I cantttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
    "Ok just to make it clear this is ME going craze"
    *_*            >_<     😦                -_-
    And this how I process
    First shock then denial then sad then restless

  3. lol!! i recently read an article on how our simultaneous work is hindered by a bottleneck in the brain.. our brain supposedly isn\’t "fast" enough for tat!! why shud i be depressed? and why shud WE be low? 😛

  4. wht do u mean no one misses me???? heck i miss you!!!!!!!!! i miss commin here 4 times a day and leaving comments on every syllable tht tumbles outta ur mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i WILL watch Salaam-e-Ishq…………….!!!!! hahahahaha………!!!! dont worry, all secrets shall be revealed to you in good time ma dear cookie???!!!!! So wassssup???? whtcha upto??!!!!!

  5. secrets secrets…………! ah! i tell you!!!! its  dammm goood funnn to irk you!!!!!!!!! hahahahahah……….!!!!! ma dear dear coookiieeee!!!!!!! gald for you!
    = ),

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