jUST wheN u ThInk LiFe is a Beautiful drop of icicle
you’re hit by the snowballs!
Don’t understand why they have college exams. What an utter waste of time!!
Somethings in life make you feel so good that you want to strangle them or yourself.
The previous comment was not meant to make sense. So don’t bother.
If I ever decide to rename my blog..which ain’t happening for sometime now…it will be called The FrustyExpress or Life and Times of the eternally jumpy soul from bugsbunnyland or BuggedTimes.
Good Food and Good Guys are related. One is always available and one is rarely available.
I just realised over the last couple of days..that some of my spacer mates would be such good friends in real life that its a pity that I haven’t even met them! (yes yes viking you too, we’ll be irritated buddies)
I wish I had a dessert factory!
And now I shall take your leave since my mother has done what every mother is best at: Don’t you have to study??!!
Wretched college exams. ARGH. this too shall pass. No No No dont get bugged. Relax. Just a few days. you can cheat. sit next to some brain. Make up stories ur not that bad..chill…Enjoy life. Big dealll. So many things to look forward to. Just relax. Its all good. Ok Ok. Calm down. Yeah…

10 thoughts on “RumbleRamble

  1. that\’s how life comes to you my dear…dont bother…the exams will pass..& enjoy them ..honestly, I alws loved exam time..its like test of what u imbibed all the year round..:D
    great luck for exams..shine shine

  2. that comment made sense to me that comment made sense to me!!!! 😀
    do rename your blog…you\’ve thought of some pretty interesting names!
    i liked the life and times wala title 😀
    what a nice day its been 😀

  3. I\’m shocked at reading Icy\’s comment! she loved exam times!! ??? but how come?? oh my god! i hate exams n exam times.. n anything related to this squiggly exams!!! $%&*
    anyways, u have pretty cool ideas thr.. 🙂 change is always for the better, or atleast it makes u feel better if thst coz of u.. lol.. did tht make sensE? lolzz.. hehe.. yea, n mothers r best at tht.. hehe.. i was giggling after reading tht.. lol  and yea, space frnds.. hmm.. i haven\’t met any one of them too.. not evn one single spacer!!! hehe.. but ya, hope we can meet someday- all of us, i mean! 😀
    chalo, all the best for ur exams.. 🙂
    see u!

  4. phir se bugs bunny?? u imposter?? bugged, buggy, bugs are all copyprotected in my name.. :PWTH is irritated buddies?? i thought we were confused buddies

  5. hey SupOO!
    hmm.. yea, i deleted it.. dhat teri k.. u knw wht is the prob wid me thse days- $%&*, i jus cnt get the right thing in my blog.. i mean, u knw a deep essence seems to be missing.. uff.. well, yea, i cn start the tag.. hehe, hnks for da idea! 🙂 may be i\’ll update again soon.. 🙂
    see u!

  6. You and Viking would make an irritating duo 😛
    You know, there is this Priyagold biscuit factory near my work place an it smells like HEAVEN there!
    The Charlie [living near the chocolate factory] in me comes out alive.

    And I have.

  7. Hiiiii there
    And now I shall take your leave since my mother has done what every mother is best at: Don\’t you have to study??!!" 

    So u r in the same misery U_U  any way I really don’t care about exams right now I am like reading lectures  …

  8. Yes, college exams, amen. Do well
    Can we construct a dessert factory in partnership? I\’ll supply the raw materials, you manage the finance. Yeh, me studying. My boards comin up in 17 days! Kinda happy they\’ll get over soon.
    Cheers \\m/, (+.+) ,\\m/

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