World…Hold on!

I feel like im in the air, being pulled in several directions…but there isn’t any major trouble YET.
Tiny bumps here and there..few ups and downs and am back on track. I don’t know what’s working behind all this, but whatever it is…i hope it works.
And what was I about to type…ummm forgot.
How is it that even when I don’t shop like a maniac I end up having an overflowing cupboard and not to mention the need for new clothes or something as random as a new belt or purse!!
(Is it some female trait??)
Would a gas cylinder be male or female?
I suddenly want to classify everything as male or female. A printer could be male. I paper napkin could be female.What about books?
I feel like dancingggg.
That Bob Sinclair song seems to be everywhere I am!! TV, my cellphone…computer…
I’m talking so randomly 😦 WHY?

13 thoughts on “World…Hold on!

  1. Some human needs are insatiable.. happens mostly with females, i guess ! :p
    waise books have male looks but are referred to as females.. at least in hindi.. in english, it\’s all unisexual.. thts why it\’s a good language 😀
    chao u keep dancinggg.. I too feel like but can\’t 😦

  2. wow! Thats a very very big question you have put in front of me – how am I? guess you should go and ask time about it…Seems like randomness has pushed you off the hill and you are rolling now – all the way from new Jalaiguritowards Digha… where have you reached… get some phuchka when you ass by Kolkata…

  3. journey? again going on a vacation – are you? lucky you!!!
    am sure you will witness many of em – marriages…
    btw – are you aware if a PC is male or female?

  4. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii there

    Finally I am done ^_^ how r u
    Don’t worry I am not capable of studying hard even if I want to the last exams I just read any way how is your studies going ?
    "What about books?" ammmmm I think books can be male or female but they cant be young people they are either old people or kids  either wise or full of life  
    Again I making no sense at all right ^_^

    Cool your exams are over too ^_^
    Ahh me too I have a lots of things to do like tomorrow is one of my friends wedding ^_________________________^
    "…wouldn\’t it be great if there were no religions at all. sometimes i really wonder how much easier lif would be"" "
    Believe me religion is not the reason why ppl fight
    It is ppl fault if it is not religions then it will be countries if not countries then color if neither it will be about poor and rich or …….ect
    Ppl will always find a reason to fight… and that is really sad
    And for me religion is really the only thing that keeps me going THE ONLY THING ^_^
    Have FUN now and thanx for liking what I write  ^_^

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